Food Review : Pak John Steamboat and BBQ

Most Malaysian love to eat steamboat and of cos barbeque! Wonder where to get 100% Halal Steamboat in town? Pak John Steamboat and Barbeque with a tagline “Truly Halal” are currently the biggest highlight in Halal market for Muslim. 

So before we head to the drooling food let me introduce you with Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo .There are two location of Pak John Steamboat and BBQ:
 (i) At Wangsa Walk Mall (a la carte) 
(ii) eCurve Mall (buffet)

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ received Halal Jakim with a reference number : MS 1500:2008 2 071-11/2013. Pak John Steamboat & BBQ serve more than 100 types of food included a variaties of vegetables, meat items, seafood, steamboat items, Dim Sum, Teppanyaki, burger, ice-cream and dessert, fruit drinks, fruit, coffee and a lot more to be mention here. All this high quality items can be eat without any limit!

choice of veggy

Fresh Norway Salmon 

Latest price for per person is RM46++ (Monday - Thursday) RM49++ (Friday - Sunday). This price has be continuos promotion price due to the good feedback from their Exclusive Menu for Christmas which brought in FRESH SALMON  that is imported from Norway.


There is also varities of soup that you can choose for your steamboat session which is include Beef Bone Soup, Chicken Soup, Miso Soup, Curry Soup and 2 special soup;Tomyam Soup dan Prawn Soup. The specialty of their Tom Yam soup is because it was home made from their special recipe. I'm the biggest fan of Tom Yam and I do love the Tom Yam soup from Pak John, it makes your steamboat session more flavoured with the sour and spicy feeling.

The specialty in here other than the fresh Salmon, Diners get to enjoy a free flow of 4 types Premium Item which is: 

1.  Abalones Slides 
2.  New Zealand Lamb Slices 
3.  Australia Beef Slice 
4.  Smoke Duck Breast 

Best kan? Free flow for anyone who enjoy grilling cam cerita Korea tu kan, syokkk ooo makan kat sini... The NZ Lamb Slices and Duck Breast is my favorite ever... You had to order this Premium item because it can over exposed to the outside for a long time because it will become dry, the meat moisture will be reduce and will effected their taste and quality. Pak John Steamboat & BBQ are really good in taking care their food quality.

Choice of drinks, included a coffee!
Other that steamboat and grilling items there is also ready made food at the buffet counter for you to eat. Nasi Goreng pon sape suka makan nasi dont worry k!

chilli crab! Ehem!

Dont forget to eat Dim Sum here ok... and roti canai pon ada...huhu

my sos selection that day

So for the sauces there is variety of sos that you should try... Nak rasa pedas-pedas, boleh cicah bahan-bahan steamboat yang telah direbus atau di grill di cecah bersama-sama Homemade Pak John Steamboat Signature Sauce. The variation of sauces included ; Thai Sauce, Belacan Sauce, Sweet Sauce, Thai Green Chili, Soya Sauce, Garlic Chili Sauce and also new sauces that is Pineapple Sauce

But then during that day I eat so much grilling item, and I don't eat so much sauces because the meat are good to eat just like that. Especially daging yang telah diperap dengan pelbagai perencah... Semua nya dah cukup rasa... and dont forget to take the margarine for grilling and also the Minyak Bawang Goreng.. That is my favorite. If u add in a little bit on your soup it will taste more superb!

fateh enoying his Chocolate Pudding.

Oh! jangan lupa untuk mencuba pencuci mulut ya! Dessert yang terdapat di Pak John Kaya Ball, Waffle, Ice Cream, Jelly, Buah-buahan dan banyak lagi. Free flow ice cream potong pelbagai perisa pon ada...!

Place for Event 
Pak John di Ecurve, beside being a place for family gathering, it is suitable for event. 

Pak John Steamboat cawangan eCurve Mall with 4700 sqft that can be fit to 260++ in one time had the great ambience which are elegant and comfortable, it is suitable for birthday party, company dinner, seminar, album press release and etc! 

There is also 2 VIP room that can be used for dining of course and private event. Pak John Steamboat it also one stop centre for you to organized an event here. They provide an extra services for photographer, videographer and music that being handle their social media partners - Kelab Komuniti Hai Blogger! 


The price for Buffet sets “All You Can Eat” are differ for weekdays and weekend.

Weekdays ( Monday till Thursdays ) = RM46.00++
Weekend (Friday till Sunday)= RM49.00++

For your information, Pak John Steamboat & BBQ are no longer using the name of Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo. They love to stick with their new name Pak John Steamboat & BBQ. Yeah!! because the BBQ experience are more amazing right?

Other than that,there is so many promotion at Pak John which included:

1. A birthday party at Pak John with 5 persons will be give free one persons for the birthday girl/boy.
2. Every Tuesday and Thursday are ladies night, 20% for the ladies.
3. Show them the students card for diskaunts of 30% everyday on 10am – 5pm.
4. 250 seats at Ecurve outlets, suitable for party, dinner night, annual dinner and so on.
5. They have 2 VIP rooms; VIP 1 can fits in 14 pax and VIP 2 can fit 8 pax. If insist in using both rooms, no charges will applied.

Sodont forget to invite all your family and friends to Pak John Steamboat. Do a birthday bash, reunion and what ever. With RM46++ you can enjoy the food as long as you wanted. And there is no extra charges to the soup refill... HUHUHU!

picture time with other bloggers!

Thank you again to Halim Brothers from Kelab Komuniti Hai Blogger! who kindly invited me to this great food review... I'm sure so full that day and sleep soundly that night...hihihi

Pak John Satisfied Customer,

Shamiera Osment.

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  1. This post was just fabulous. I really loved reading it. It seems like a wonderful event. At some popular venues San Francisco I also attended blogger’s meet up party last year. I completely enjoyed that party and want to be the part of such amazing party once again!

    1. Hi.. thanks for leaving a comment here.. I love to visit San Francisco one day.. hope to meet u someday.. :)

  2. Anyway this was some serious Korean BBQ, much better than anything I've had in center city or South Philly. Food Truck Catering

    1. hi Jade, you should come visit Malaysia and try it someday.. :)