Air Asia Blogger's Community

By shamiera osment - 14:32:00

Have you ever heard about Air Asia Blogger's Community? It such a great community for blogger who wanted to gain experience in travelling also other cool activities. 

Air Asia Blogger's Community

The latest activities they held is Playing Escape Room at Berjaya Times Square. It such a great experience if you an adventures person. I hope I could join the next event soon... so excited about this community...

Thank you again Air Asia! and thank you my #EFG friend Wayne Harraz for the tips to becoming one of the Air Asia Blogger's Community... So check out his blogpost if you want to know how! 

Now Everyone Can Fly!:)

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  1. Wah, hebakk Kak Ami. Bravo bravo

  2. tahniah Ami... semoga makin success lepas ni... jadi blogger terkenal ok... :)