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Women nowadays are obsessing to become fair and glowing and there is a lot of whitening product that offered you to become one of it. Princess White drinks is one the product that offered their consumer to get a glowing pinkish skin! Yup, Glowing and Pinkish skin.. absolutely differ to other normal product that will end up make your skin looks white and pale...

But if you know me I actually never wish to had a pinkish skin cos it quite impossible.hahaha.. I had a tan skin that my husband love so much and he never wish I'll be fairer. If I'm tanner it is okay for him..haha.. However, this product fascinate me with the benefits of it is good for women who want to conceive a baby.. hew hew.. I do wanted a new baby..hihi.. So, apart of being more radiance and glowing, it can be a supplement for me to be healthy from the inside.

Princess White Drinks

Hence let me introduce you with Princess White Drinks. 

Princess White revealing the secret beauty of Sakura Flower Extract - delicate flowers and precious blooms came from Japan which only blooms for 7 days each year. Sakura extract reduces the production of melanin and help fight the darkness color/skin tone. The content of this extract was also tested suitable for sensitive skin. 

Princess white contains a mixture of &7 world's finest Super Fruits such as ; Acai berry, Strawberry, Cherry, Pomegranate, Dates, Olives and Grapes.

princess white drinks, supplement fact,
supplement facts

princess white drinks,

Princess White also using new Japan technology to formulate all the materials to affect up to 70% whiter skin, clean and Pinkish radiance. Princess White proven to treat acne prone skin, reduce dark spots, treating texture becomes smooth and shrink the pores of the skn, also strengthen nails and hair. Its formulation is suitable for sensitive skin. 

It also suitable for male and female and can be consumed by teenagers aged 14 years and above. Also consumable during menstrual period.

princess white drinks,
the packaging and the shaker

princess white drinks,
do alert with the expired date

princess white drinks,

How to consume the product :

2 times a day :

 - 1 hour before breakfast ( 2 scoop + plain/cold water in the shaker)
 - 1 hour before bed ( 2 scoop + plain/cold water in the shaker)

the mixture

the drink after mix with water

It have a sweet and sour taste and smell so delicious. My kids really wanna try it cos they felt tempting with the smell...but its not suitable for kids so I said this is adults drink, you can't have it..Luckily they understood... 

The Benefits of Princess White Drinks :

  • Provide a fairer face skin and whole body evenly. WHITEN,GLOW, with PINKISH RADIANCE.
  • Renew damaged and decreased body collagen cells.
  • Helps prevent blemishes skin by penetrating deep into pores to remove dirt and oil.
  • Solving the problem of acne, effect can be seen as early 7 days (1000 provn testimonial as proof).
  • To helps eliminate scars caused by acne, accidents and even old scars on the body.
  • To helps diminish and eliminate pigmentation problems due to aging process. Rejuvenate your skin 5 YEARS YOUNGER!
  • To helps improve your immunity, reduce inflammation of the joints, bones, nails and hair- stronger and shinier.
  • Restore damaged skin, improve skin texture and dull skin.
  • Refine pores and reduces oil on skin surface- skin become more soft, moisturize and smooth.
  • To help stabilize the internal female hormones, recommended for women who want to conceive baby.

Formulated for age 14 years and above including men and women, also safe to drink by :

  • Women who are pregnant, 4 months and above
  • Men or women who do not have diabetes, cancers
  • Suitable for sensitive skin type.
  • Nursing mothers.
  • Women who want to conceive baby.

Some of the wonderful testimony :

testimoni Princess White Drinks,

testimoni Princess White Drinks,
consumer after a bottle of princess white drinks

testimoni Princess White Drinks,

So basically this product does a great effect for acne skin where it can reduce your acne... As for me, I did not have any acne problem that serious, only once a month when the P day will come..huhu.. But, after a week I consume this product, it shows me a good effect to my skin. Where's my skin become more even and the pores also become smaller. And of cos if you met me you won't see become pinkish..How come dark skin can be pinkish right? haha.. but you never know unless you try it, right? If I maintain drink it for several weeks it might be happened... :P

For beautiful ladies who wanted to be glowing and have a pinkish skin like the beautiful Sakura you can try this product cos the price is reasonable. The market price will be at RM85 for SM/SS... Come lets have a drink! 

If you want to know more about this lovely product you can visit :

Instagram : @princesswhiteofficial 

Facebook : Princess White Beauty HQ 

Website :

Be Beautiful!

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  1. wow. menariknya. kita memang dah lama cari produk untuk putihkan kulit.

    tapi tertarik dengan ayat kak Ami pasal husband lebih suka kak Ami tan kan kulit. hahaha. rupanya ada lelaki yg x suka perempuan kulit putih eh. baru tau

    1. a'ah..husband akak xsuka poppuan putih2 ni..dia suka tan cam latino..haha

  2. Menarik.. tapi x disiplin sangat minum2 camnie.. mesti termiss la.. terlupa lah..

  3. kak ana pun review produk princess white ni, anak gunakan dan setakad ni nampak lah perubahan pada wajahnya :)