5 Top Reason to Shop at Segi Fresh Market.

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5 Top Reason to Shop at Segi Fresh Market. | Last weekend, I'm planning to make a small birthday party for my son El-Fateh 7th birthday. It's been awhile we didn't made any birthday party, but since Aidil Adha we closed our door, my mother in law said why not?

After a menu planning me and my husband decide to went for groceries shopping but this time we went to Segi Fresh. I heard a lot of good feedback from my family and friend, so we decide to try out shopping our groceries in Segi Fresh Balakong. It took us about 30 minutes to drive to Segi Fresh Balakong but chill out, we manage to save plenty of time when shopping here.

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If you didn't familiar with Segi Fresh, Segi Fresh actually has been establish for more than 25 years in Malaysia. Company that belong to the Segi Group have more than 30 branch all over Malaysia. So why should we shop at Segi Fresh Market?

Top 5 Reason to Shop at Segi Fresh : 

1. Fresh Product

fresh tiger prawn
Just like their name, Segi Fresh promise to cater their customer with a fresh food everyday and that's can be seen when you entered their market. You can have fresh product ranging from the vegetable to the meat and poultry. 

In my experience buying the prawn and broccoli here, the prawn is still sweet after 6 days in my chiller and the broccoli didn't went yellowish after 6 days too! 

2. Wholesale Price for All

In Segi Fresh, all customer get the chance to buy all the items in wholesale price. And if you buy in wholesale you even got more discount for it. Just like when I bought 3 whole chicken, I received a wholesale price. Yes, 3 whole chicken for Ayam Masak Merah on Fateh birthday. 

My observation that day also found that, Segi Fresh Market have many of regular customer that buying fresh items in wholesale. They bought kilos of chicken, catfish and even vegetables. No wonder Segi Fresh Market received a lot of award for the great price they have.

3. Varieties of Seafood Product

Seafood product is major love but you can't get it fresh easily. Some might sells you in frozen form so when you get back to your house, the fish or prawn become red and soggy. And as for the prawn you can't even taste the freshness due it have been soak for several days. 

But in Segi Fresh Market, I found the clam, prawn and cockle are sells fresh, and you know the cockle that day was in moderate size that I love. I hate the big size cockle, I felt weird to eat it and the price also high right?

4. 100% Halal

As a Muslim, Halal food is a must and in Segi Fresh Market, they only sell Halal meat. You can rest assure when you shop your groceries here without worrying that you will be at the wrong section.

5. Less Hassle

my husband also love to shop here!

As a mom with 4 kids, this supermarket are total savers. I can only hear my kids begging for their favorite food, no toys! Toys is a big disturbance when you shop and you might end up buying things you won't need and forget the real thing you wanna buy. 

And apart of it, it has a wide parking area and is FREE PARKING! Free parking give so much ease to the customer and the fact this supermarket is not that so big all the shopping can be done easily less than one hour. The turnover is really fast, that is a good thing when you opened a shop right?

with a friendly staff here
With the 5 top reason to shop at Segi Fresh Market, I hope that you can considered to shop your groceries here from now on. I bet you won't be disappointed with the choices of fresh food here and your next dishes might be amazing too!

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  1. bestnyaaa shopping kat sini, semua seafood dia fresh-fresh! cuba lah ada kat Johor jugakkk, mesti kita pergi beli barang dapur kat sini!

  2. Jauhnya. Ramai recommended supermarket ni. Kalau ada open di Johor memang nak pergi

  3. Segi memang ada mcm mcm jenis pilihan untuk bahan basah. seronok beli dekat sana :) semuanya segar

  4. The one in Balakong is near to my place and I love to bring my friends here to shop for their fresh items. They love to shop here too as it is fresh and has a lot of choices

  5. Mmg murah dan berbaloi. Berbelanja kat sini mmg heaven... Sbb ikan2 dia segar

  6. Tak pernah lagi membeli barang kat SEGI ni, tapi baca banyak good review. Kena suruh deorang bukak cawangan kat Cheras ni.

  7. Sis kalau ke pasar memang akan beli udang dan juga brocoli, sekali nampak udang dan brocoli SEGi ni, makk aii fresh gilerrr... meroyan Sis ko kalau dapat beli ni hahahahaha

  8. tak pernah shopping lagi kat sini. nampak fresh dan harga pun berbaloi

  9. oo tak pernah lak shopping groceries kat segi. nanti boleh cuba

  10. Yessssza ni lah tempat untuk kita shopping hujung minggu hehehe suka beli barang basah kat sini baru berbaloi memang penuh troli lah bak hang wakakakka tengok udang besar-besar belaka...

  11. Lies pun suka shopping dekat segi fresh. Sebabnya barang² basah mmg fresh dan harga murah. Berbaloi beli kalau yang ada anak ramai

  12. Sejujurnya belum pernah masuk ke pasar ini sbb jauh daripada rumah kut...apa pun maybe satu hari nanti huhu..

  13. Wow banyak barang2 basah, fresh fresh pulak semuanya! mudah lah nak berbelanja kat sini! Kalau berdekatan saya dah serbu dah! :)

  14. Dah lama tak pergi segi fresh for my groceries, memang banyak barang basah yang boleh beli kat sana and harga pun bagus.

  15. salah satu tempat faveret kalau nak cari barang dapur dari stok basah sampailah stok kering kering.. nasibb baik ada outlet terdekat dengan rumah.. hehehe..

  16. Bestnya kalau la kat Mersing ada pasaraya segi ni..
    Boleh dapat sumber makanan yang fresh fresh kan..
    Kat sini kalau tengok sayur pun alahai..
    2-3hari dah layu..

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