Level Up Your #StayAtHome RMCO Menu with Organic Pasta Five Ways from Alce Nero.

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Level Up Your #StayAtHome RMCO Menu with Organic Pasta Five Ways from Alce Nero. | RMCO will be ongoing until the end of August but then we still didn't know if it will be really over. We can see so many new cluster rise up everyday and I bet we need to stay home more often.

Stay at home makes many challenging to everyone and it seems many good thing happened during that time. One of it is the cooking skill and many become YouTuber and Blogger after update it regularly. So, for the new YouTuber, Blogger and TikToker, I bet that you need a lot of new recipe to update your social media. What about I share to you a pasta menu you can try at home today?

Alce Nero, the leading organic brand in Italy is one of great pasta available in the market. Their pasta is of course affordable and taste good too! Alce Nero know the demand of pasta recipe from their consumer and they has got you covered with five simple yet stunning recipes using their pastas. All the recipes use pantry staples. If you do not have some ingredients, simply substitute with what you do have. While pasta is the main ingredient in each recipe, the flavours, textures and look are varied. 

5 Stay at Home Pasta Menu :

1 ) Spaghetti Carbonara


How about a change from tomato-based pastas? Try this no-cream carbonara. All you need is Alce Nero pasta, eggs, cheese, mushrooms and beef or turkey bacon. Don’t have bacon? Substitute with minced beef or chicken. Don’t have parmesan cheese? Use mozzarella, cheddar, or cream cheese. 

In just 30 minutes you can twirl up a café-quality carbonara meal for four. 

2 ) Macaroni Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is perfect for the RMCO phase as we recover as a nation because it is an immunity booster, and a feel good food. Good chicken soup is a simple one pot wonder that  needs a lot of chicken and time. Add Alce Nero organic macaroni to savour more of the hearty soup, and increase the health benefits. Be prepared for kids and adults asking for more of this scrumptious soup! 

3 ) Cheesy Baked Penne with Eggplant


Just four ingredients and 25 minutes to create this sublime dinner. Cook Alce Nero organic penne, alternate layers of pasta, Alce Nero pasta sauce, eggplant(or any vegetable available) and cheese in an oven proof dish, topping it with more cheese. Bake for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted. And it is done. So simple, so tasty and so Instagrammable. 

4 ) Spicy Fusilli with Vegetables

A stir-fried tomato-based fusilli that is perfect for vegetarians or for when you want something light, and quick. You will definitely get your five portions of vegetables with this healthy and delicious Asian-inspired organic Alce Nero pasta meal. Works with any vegetables that you have in your fridge. For a prettier presentation use a selection of colourful vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, corn or cucumbers. 

5 ) Tuna Pasta Salad

Venturing out with family again during the RMCO but perhaps you still prefer a homecooked picnic salad? This tuna pasta salad uses organic Alce Nero penne to provide a nutritionally balanced meal with a mix of crunchy and smooth textures. Easy to prepare, and delicious hot or cold. Add Asian flavours with lemon grass, spring onion, cili padi or even sesame oil. 

Like the idea of this 5 pasta? You can get the full recipes at https://alcenero.asia/recipes.html or visit Alce Nero social media page at Facebook and Instagram  to add more organic healthfulness to your RMCO menu playlist. All the menu definitely easy and healthy for your whole family. My kids totally love all of it.

Anyway do stay safe and stay healthy. Tag @alceneromy when you post dishes created using any Alce Nero products to be in the running for a special hamper! Do follow them for more recipes and monthly contest.  

About Alce Nero 

Alce Nero was established in the 1970’s, when two cooperatives of young Italian farmers decided to pioneer the organic revolution, producing wholesome food while respecting the environment. Alce Nero combines old farming methods with the most advanced research on health and the environment. The techniques have evolved, but our seal of quality is still based on the simple ingredients that Alce Nero was created from: love of food, respect for the environment, and banning of synthetic chemical substances.

Today, Alce Nero is the No 1 organic brand in Italy. Our producers are involved in all stages of manufacture, allowing us to enforce respect of our principles throughout the production process and accurately trace our food to its origins. Thus, we can guarantee high quality, 100% organic, authentically Italian products brought straight from our fields to your plate. Alce Nero is famed for its organic certifications by the most stringent certification bodies from European Union and Japan.

In Malaysia, Alce Nero carries a fine range of organic pasta, extra virgin olive oil, pasta sauces, jam and honey. For more information please visit www.alcenero.asia. 


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