“Meet The Zingers” Burgers, New Flavoured Launch by KFC Malaysia.

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“Meet The Zingers” Burgers, New Flavoured Launch by KFC Malaysia. | Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC always have a special place in everyone heart. For me, every time there is a special occasion like birthday or graduation, my dad always bring KFC home to celebrate it with the whole family. It is one of the comfort food that is great to have with your love one right?

Apart from the fried chicken, the Zinger Burger also a star in KFC Malaysia. Burger lovers couldn't resist the juiciness of the chicken in the burger with the crispy breaded that makes the wholesome menu great ideal to be enjoy. This best selling item has been made with so many new menu every year due to the high demand of it, and this August 2020, KFC Zinger Burger introduced their new menu to their loyal customer.

Meet The Zingers!

Aside from the hype Classic Zinger Burger, you can now try two new Zinger flavours, the all-new Zinger Spicy BBQ and Zinger Cheezy burgers, available from 15 July 2020 on wards. That’s not all – you can also get it in a combo with a variety of other KFC favourites!

The Zinger Burger Is Hand-Breaded With Hot & Spicy Herbs.

Similar to the classic Zinger Burger, the new Spicy BBQ and Cheezy flavour comes with an additional Spicy BBQ Sauce and KFC’s signature Jalapeno Cheese Sauce. Both of these delicious burgers come with creamy mayonnaise, fresh lettuce, a slice of cheese, and a juicy piece of fried chicken, stacked between toasted sesame buns. 

One Box Meal And Combo Sets.

If you think one Zinger burger is not enough, KFC is also offering a One Box Meal and Cheezy Wedges Combo. Starting from only RM19.90, the One Box Meal gets you a Zinger burger of your choice, one (1) piece Original or Hot & Spicy chicken, 4 pieces of nuggets, coleslaw, whipped potato and Sjora Mangga Ria drink. That's one box meal totally will make me full and definitely will satisfied my craving to KFC Malaysia with a good deal. It's a complete meal if you can't decide to eat fried chicken or burger. Yes, have both!

Cheezy Wedges Combo also a good deal for quick bite with a affordable price at RM13.90, you can enjoy the signature Zinger Burger and Cheesy Wedges also the Sjora Mangga Ria Drink. This perfect menu features all favorite items for me and I think I'm gonna order one later. Writing this makes me craving for it but it still in RMCO, I rarely have mood to go out.

Covid-19 makes many still doubt to go out even the case turn to 1 new cases yesterday, but still there is a lot pending results that we should still be aware of right? Another option than dine in, we can always rely on with the delivery services. With the delivery service, you now can have your favorite KFC Malaysia delivered anytime anywhere. Everything is on your fingertips and you can just order it from the FoodPanda.

As easy as 123 you can enjoy your favorite KFC Malaysia order later on and my past experience using the delivery service, I will prefer FoodPanda because the varieties of restaurant in it and because you can pay your food with cash and no need to worried if your order got cancel. Hehe..

Last but not least, shall we order one or two KFC Zinger Burger now? I'm so hungry here. 😁


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  1. meleleh ailior tengok burger kfc ni...boleh la try nanti burger baru kfc ni

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