Digital Marketing Trend You Need to Know in 2020.

Amirrah Othman
Digital Marketing Trend You Need to Know in 2020. | 2020 has been a very challenging to the economic and due to the pandemic all plans has been delayed or canceled. As a micro-influencer I also faced the issue due to this pandemic but I also gain that much due to the trend digital marketing Malaysia in 2020.

This 2020, digital marketing trend had slightly change. Google ads Malaysia report that globally, the amount spent on digital marketing in 2020 is expected to reach $1.3 trillion. As someone in the business, you need to follow the latest marketing trends to ensure you business is updated and you can compete with your competitor. 

Hence, I would like to share with you the latest digital marketing trends in 2020 that includes : 

1. Streaming Video Ad Engagement

Video ad engagement is the top marketing strategies in 2020, some even tends to make bad video just to grab their customer attention. Yes, even businesses should still focus on creating engaging video content, it’s essential to create a video ad strategy.

This includes knowing your audience and identifying and presenting your brand image. You must warm up your audience initially, so that they get to know you and your brand before you can ask them to take any action. Then, if your audience targeting is accurate, hopefully they will like you and your message so that they will trust you well enough to act upon your call to action.

If you are not the expert in this video ad, why not ask help from the expert like the influencers ?

2. Social Media Influencer Marketing

As a micro-influencers, I been working with various client for their campaign. If you are not with influencers, influencers actually a person that take followers into their daily lives, sharing content about their passions, hobbies, daily activities and even their loved ones, relating to their audience. According to research, 70% of teenagers trust influencers more than celebrities.

But not every influencer is suitable to your brand, they have their own followers so you have to reach out to an influencer that makes sense for your brand. Influencers will act as brand awareness that promote your product or services at their social media account. To ensure your marketing campaign succeed, you should engage with more influencers at one time.

Influencers have their own community and if you wanted to engage with them you can always seek their email trough their Instagram or Facebook profile. Or maybe you just need to email me right? :p

3. Interactive Content

Hence when you making any ads the content is the crucial part you need to focus on, and as in 2020 the interactive content what people seek on. Unlike the traditional content, the interactive content gave user more ease and there are many examples of interactive content you can refer to, such as :
  • Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR): AR and VR are taking over. More industries, from real estate to mobile gaming, are utilizing these tools. You can implement VR and/or AR into your marketing strategy, something Starbucks started experimenting with in 2017.
  • Shoppable Posts: Shoppable posts allow customers to shop at your store directly from a social media app. Instagram now offers a convenient integration, so businesses can tag their products from an e-commerce platform, such as Shopify.
  • Polls and Quizzes: People love interaction, especially if you can create a poll or quiz that is fun and speaks to them. It is also a great way to bolster your email list for future campaigns. Create interactive content that’s engaging, shareable and helps your audience remember your brand.

4. Voice Search

Voice Search antara salah satu cara paling mudah untuk membuat carian di Google. Zahra antara pengguna tegar Voice Search, walaupun kadang kala dia tidak membuat carian, dia gembira berinteraksi menggunakan kemudahan ini. 

Tapi tak semua carian mudah dijumpai menggunakan voice search, jadi sebagai agen pemasaran kita hendaklah mengguna pakai kemudahan yang ada ini dengan mencipta konten yang bernilai di dalam carian. Antara tips yang perlu dititik beratkan adalah penggunaan ayat yang mudah atau ayat selalu digunakan oleh pengguna ketika bercakap.

Ini juga termasuk meggunakan kaedah ayat yang panjang untuk sesuatu kata kunci seperti "kedai makan steak Kuala Lumpur" yang sepatutnya di jadikan sebagai "Apakah kedai makan steak yang sedap di Kuala Lumpur?". Kaedah ini telah lama diperaktikkan oleh agensi pemasaran di luar sana seperti

5. Social Media Stories

Agensi Pemasaran Digital seperti juga menitik beratkan pemasaran melalui sosial media kerana sosial media merupakan tonggak utama pemasaran abad ini. 

Tetapi agen pemasaran perlu menitik beratkan keadah penceritaan di dalam sosial media ini. Kaedah penceritaan adalah lebih efektif kerana pelanggan dari pelbagai usia dan taraf pendidikan mudah memahami apa yang ingin disampaikan oleh pemasar. 

Teknik penceritaan sosial media termasuklah himpunan gambar berserta ayat mudah dan juga video. Ianya amat mudah dan lebih interaktif.

6. Smart Bidding

Apart of social media, lets get to the basic Google Ads. Google Ads is now getting smarter. Google implemented an update called smart bidding.

This optimizes your bids using machine learning. You can set your bids automatically, especially during sales; you have different conversion actions to choose from; and you can use these actions toward different campaigns simultaneously.

7. Position Zero

What’s position zero on Google? It’s technically not a position at all. Rather, it’s a snippet. Users will no longer open your content on a Google search unless they really want to read your content. They may not even read your title or meta description. 

Yes like me, I do judge an article with the tittle. Story telling article might not grab my attention because some people just wanna know the answer immediately.

This is where the rich snippet comes in. A rich snippet is a part of the content that corresponds to the inquiry and is shown at the top of the search results.

To rank for a snippet, research trending keywords that rank for snippets. Optimize your content for these search terms.

Overall, the transition of the Digital Marketing Trends has been change in Malaysia and globalise. And due to the pandemic in 2020,  everyone have to take the fast action to ensure your business can be sustained much more longer. If you still unsure which way to start, why not refer it to the agency?

Agency like offered digital marketing services in Malaysia for years and have work with various big brand like IKEA and FoodPanda. WebMechanic is the expertise on various services such as :

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Paid Advertising
  3. Social Media Management
This 3 is the core item in Digital Marketing trend in 2020. Getting helps from the expert will definitely a must if you wanted reach up high right? Like they will ensure to gain more traffic to your website,thus will bring more targeted customer and somehow you will gain more income from it. If you wanted to know more about them, just check out their website. They also offered a quick consultant for you!

Till then, happy business everyone!


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