Does Insurance Cover Pothole Damage?

Amirrah Othman
Does Insurance Cover Pothole Damage? | You're driving on that messy road on your way home from work, and you didn't see the deep pothole in the middle of your lane; suddenly, you hit it and started hearing some weird sound under your wheel. Yeah, the pothole might have caused some damages to your tyres. You're startled and a bit grumpy, then you suddenly remember you had insurance cover. 

But you ask yourself, will my insurance cover the pothole damage? Well, read along, as we will cover this more in this post.

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What Kind Of Damage Can A Pothole Do To Your Vehicle? 

Though most new cars are designed to endure rough road conditions, however, hitting a very deep pothole at high speed or with insufficient tyre pressure can wreak havoc to your tyre, steering, suspension, or alignment systems. The havoc pothole can wreak on your car might include a pulling sensation in one direction, dents in your tyres, or low tyre pressure. At worst, hitting a pothole could cause you to lose control of your car and end up hitting another car on the road.

Will Your Car Insurance Cover Pothole Damage?

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Lots of people don't know if their car insurance policy covers havoc caused by hitting a pothole, and with the present situations of the roads in Malaysia, it is a common topic. Yes, if you carry the right insurance coverage, your insurance company will probably cover damage caused by hitting a pothole. For instance, if you carry comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy and your car was damaged by hitting a pothole, you are covered. However, filing a claim for damages caused by a pothole is something you should strongly consider. 

Should You File A Claim? 

Damage resulting from hitting a pothole is considered an at-fault accident by insurance companies. Though it may appear unfair, you could get a surcharge for filing a claim for damage from a pothole. A pothole is viewed as a road hazard, and car insurance companies want you to be safe and be a safe and defensive driver by avoiding dangers on the road.

So if the damage is relatively minor and the expense of repairs is manageable, it may be sensible to pay for the repairs yourself rather than filing a claim that could later help increase your premiums. However, you will probably want to file a claim if the damage caused by the pothole is significant. The bottom line is that the seriousness of the damage - and the expense to repair it - should assist you in deciding whether to file a claim.

Will My Premium Go Up After A Pothole Damage Claim? 

Yes, your car insurance company may raise your insurance rates after a pothole damage claim. What will determine that depends on your circumstances because insurance companies usually look at a policyholder's frequency of claims and gravity of claims loss when deciding whether to increase rates. If you have made many claims within a short period, then there could be a surge in your rates.

How Can You Prevent Pothole Damage?

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When proper illumination outside and weather conditions are clear, it's pretty easy to avoid hitting a pothole by safely changing lanes or easing back down when you see one up ahead. Yet, when it's dark, or the weather impacts visibility, it tends to be significantly harder to recognize a pothole until it's too late to avoid hitting it. Keeping your tyres inflated, traveling at a safe speed for the road conditions, and keeping your eyes on the road can all assist you with avoiding the damage that can accompany hitting a pothole.

On the off chance that you do hit a pothole, carefully examine the car's tires and wheels for possible damage, and note how your car handles afterwards. If your car pulls one way or the other - or the steering feels shaky - have a mechanic check it out.

I hope this tips can helps those who in need with the potholes issue and do you think your insurance got you cover?



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