RichWorks Guides 777 Entrepreneurs Generate Sales More than RM2 billion in 2020.

Amirrah Othman
RichWorks Guides 777 Entrepreneurs Generate Sales More than RM2 billion in 2020. | 2020 has been a challenging year for every business includes my small business also really affected by it. Despite of so many loss, many also gain Millions in this 2020. A total of 777 entrepreneurs from small & medium enterprises (SMEs) within and outside the country who participating in the RichWorks Mentoring Program has generated sales of more than RM2 billion this year.

Despite the ongoing health and economic crisis, the SME entrepreneur which consists of the Spire Mentoring Program with 466 entrepreneurs and Titanium with 311 entrepreneurs watching an overall increase in sales value of about 10 percent over last year. Salute to all!

From the RM2 billion in total sales value, Spire recorded sales of RM211 million, an increase of 17.5 percent in 2020 compared to RM155 million in 2019. Titanium, on the other hand, recorded a 9 percent increase of RM1.8 billion in sales this year compared to RM1.5 billion in 2019. This increase indicates that the results of training and guidance are provided RichWorks is proven to help entrepreneurs keep their business growing and also witnessing an increase in sales no matter what circumstances.

Spire Mentoring Program is a 12 months mentoring program for the entrepreneurs to help them achieve business sales of up to RM1 million within 6 months to 1 year. Up till today there is 207 entrepreneur have joined Spire and has already reached their first RM1 million. For the Titanium Mentoring Program, it is also a 12 months program that's not only get knowledge and guidance from MenThor, Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman even got assurance in decision making.

To fullfill the demand from the entrepreneur, RichWorks will host the Virtual Online Program Master Marketing 2021 - Formula Zero Cost of Marketing for 3 days. It is aim to help entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be to step up themselves with the recent marketing strategies for their business and to boost up the beginning of 2021.

RichWorks received the BrandLaureate Awards this year.

During the 12 years that RichWorks has been operating, they have helped more than 1,100,000 (1.1million) entrepreneurs to change their lives and businesses. Their struggle for 12 years in training and mentoring SMEs are proven in building entrepreneurs from Zero to Million! And they continue their struggle with the Master Marketing Program 2021 - Formula Zero Cost Marketing this end year.

RichWorks believe there are always opportunities for entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be in Malaysia to rise up their business and step-up for the year 2021 using a proper marketing techniques and it can jump their sales and business more than before.

With this believe, RichWorks International together with Founder Datuk Wira Dr.Azizan Osman wants to help those entrepreneurs or any prospective who are committed to the Doubles Sales Formula as well as someone who starts from ZERO income because their real mission is to produce more Millionaire Entrepreneurs start from Zero to Million for 2021.

Life is a never ending learning process

Since COVID-19 hit, RichWorks has been a leading company in the entrepreneurial training and mentoring in Malaysia that has help over 400,000 thousand entrepreneurs with the free entrepreneurship program using the virtual online program. This initiative is to help those affected by pandemic crises of COVID-19 as well as throughout the Execution of the Movement Control Order(EMCO) conducted by the Malaysian government this year. Its great to know that RichWorks have help many entrepreneurs to start a business and entrepreneurs who wanted to save their business. 

Grab the ticket now!

Want to Master Marketing 2021?

How many Zero ‘0’ do you want to DOUBLE? Remember when sales were RM0? Remember the feeling of reaching the first RM1,000 sales? Have you reached the first RM 1 million? So what's Next?

Marketing knowledge is changing, the market is changing, and at RichWorks, they are constantly on the move believe in RESULTS cause Result Matters.

They want to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be who are COMMITTED and SERIOUSLY, want the ZERO DOUBLE Formula ‘0’ in Sales. So this is the time! Last chance before 2021. RichWorks wants to sponsor the earliest 3,000 registrations and it is 100% FREE! I already register my slot and what about you?

You can visit the website for more info NOW and share this opportunity with 10 other friends because good things are meant to be share. So act fast and reserved your slot now!

Program Information :

Date : 25 - 27 Dicember 2020 (Friday-Sunday)
Time : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Place : Zoom Webinar Application

About Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman

Accredited Business, Marketing & Leadership Coach, Mentor & Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman, a World Class Business Educator and Asia's No.1 Business, Marketing & Leadership Coach is well known with his unique ability to guide his students to earn results and thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs have been successful through its proven successful strategies and methodologies for increase their business growth from zero to millions.

I have the opportunity to join NUH(Nak Ubah Hidup) program before and really inspired with the MenThor on how he approach the audience and also the session is not enough even it is happened for 3 days. It has so many inputs and knowledge, and as a newbie in the entrepreneurship the next FREE seminar its something I look forward! Thank you Dr.Azizan Osman for this great opportunity.

For more information go to :

Do act fast cos the time won't wait you, grab the opportunity cos at the end of the day, it is you yourself will change your life, not others!


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