5 Things You Must Have at Arabian Village Malaysia.

Amirrah Othman
5 Things You Must Have at Arabian Village Malaysia. | Arabic Food is so close to all Muslims because Sunnah Food is the best food to take in your dietary intake. In Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur we can easily find this South East Food but walking into Arabian Village in KL Traders Square, Kuala Lumpur really a fascinating experience.

Arabian Village open by it founder Dr. Homdi Abozeed Ibrahim on 2019 with the aims to promote and encourage people in Malaysia to consume Sunnah Food. Dr. Homdi has been in Malaysia for almost 9 years, and he also have a great knowledge about Sunnah Food and its product. Despite the knowledge, he also had experience with business thus Arabian Village is main importer of this South East food especially from Saudi Arabian, Syrian, Palestine, Tunisian, Turkey and also Dubai.

Arabian Village sells more than 3000 items in their mart and all the products can be get off-line at KL Traders Square and online at www.arabianvillage.my. During EMCO they also provided delivery services using LalaMove and Mrs.Speedy. 

Dr.Homdi Abozeed Ibrahim, General Manager Arabian Village

From the 3000 items sells at Arabian Village, here is the 5 Top things you must have here :

1. Honey

In Arabian Village you can get variation of Honey especially Sidr Honey from Yemen. Sidr Honey are from Sidr Tree and it is very thick and sells at RM700 per kg. It is well known among the VIP Customer and also the honey lovers. They also had specialty honey that can only be found here in the Arabian Village that known as "fertility honey". This honey only recommended for married person because it can improve sexual power, good for infertility issue, and can good to balance your hormone for woman above 40 years old. They also had a customer that manage to combat their cyst and fibroid issue when regularly consume this honey. Indeed Honey can be the medicine to all the remedies right?

yemeni sidr honey
Yemeni Sidr Honey

2. Dates and Nuts

In here you can have up to 30 types of dates and even the Ajwa dates have 3 variation here. One of rarely found Dates is the Medjoul Dates which is moist and must be store in the chiller. It is not so sweet too!

Dates section

Medjoul Dates
All the nuts in Arabian Village also roasted by them. The roasted cashew is one of my faorite here and of course the pistachio always my favorite nuts in the world. hihi

mixes raisin and cranberries

Apart from the nuts and dates, you can also have many types of raisin, dried cranberry, fig, and even dried pineapple. Dried pineapple also taste good and will be great on your salad.

3. Fresh Bread and Baklava

Arabian loves to eat bread and in Arabian Village they have homebaked bread that is freshly baked twice a day. It is so soft and doesn't have any preservatives in it. I had a chance to try their bread with the Green Thyme and olive oil. Usually when you go to Italian restaurant they eat their bread with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive oil, but in Arab they dip it with the Green Thyme. It taste good for whom love spices in your food.

bird nest pistachio baklava
Bird Nest Baklava

Baklava! Who doesn't love Baklava I guess had missed one of delicious food in the world. This luxury desserts mostly made from the expensive nuts like pistachio, almond, cashew and walnut. It also top with honey and also clarified butter. In Arabian Village, they sell many types of Baklava from the Bird Nest Baklava, to the one are made with Filo Pastry and others. 

baklava malaysia

4. Perfume and Bakhoor

Middle East perfume is also well known in Malaysia where you can get it at a affordable price compare to normal perfume. You also can get variation of perfume extract here, and it is sells as low as RM15 for 15ml bottle. The perfume is last for 24 hours and made from flower and oak wood. It doesn't contains any alcohol and can be use while Solah.

,It is narrated that the Prophet ﷺ used to burn the Oudh sticks and he encouraged it. Hence, to burn bakhoor, oudh and other such fragrances is evident. It is narrated that Abdullah bin Umar (R.A) used to burn pure oudh and camphor mixed with oudh as fragrance, and he stated that the Prophet ﷺ used to burn bakhoor (incense),’ (Muslim).It is also evident from the traditions recorded by Imam Bukhari (A.R) that during the time of the Prophet ﷺ, his Masjid used to be perfumed with the oudh sticks being burnt.’ (source)

oudh al majlis, bakhoor

Arabian Village also sells Bakhoor and it is one of the Sunnah. This Bakhoor are made from agarwood, cendana and many others ingredients that will gave you a pleasant aromas in your house or room when it is burn. In the Middle East country, they will use it to greet their guest when they came to their house. I will comeback here to grab this Bakhoor set  for sure.

5. Arabian Village Product

With their expertise on the food and business knowledge, they also made their own product for the market. There are more than 25 product from Arabian Village that includes Olive Oil, Vinegar, Pomegranate Extract, Dates Extract and etc. Its cool that you can have variation of vinegar with flavors and did you know vinegar and olive oil also a sunnah food too? 

olive oil
Arabian Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Apart of this top 5 products here, you also can have any other food from the spices like Safron, frozen food, chill food - cheese, drinks and also pickle food. If you wan to Kabsah Rice, Mandy Rice all the premix are here. Chocolate, coffee and tea that are well known in the Middle East can also be easily found here. If you want to have a good diet, try to replace your sugar with arabic gum and whats more in Arabian Village they sold in many types and also in flavored powder type too.

variation of nougat

pickle fig

chill section

I also grab something for myself that day and definitely will come back again for more. And special to all my readers just mention my name when you purchase at their store and they will gave 10% discount for your purchase! If you are the Middle East people staying Malaysia, this mart might be your true village and I do feel like in Medina. You'll be happy with their friendly services, aroma in the shop and also the price is really reasonable. If you need anything here, just ask with the friendly staff. they will be happy to assist you.

For more information go to : 

Address : ARABIAN VILLAGE, 95-G Block E, 289 Kuala Lumpur Traders Square, Jalan Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact : 011-1111 9585
Instagram : Arabianvillagemy
Facebook : Arabian Village Malaysia

Let's together apply Sunnah food on your dietary intake k!


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