A Joyful NOIR Iftar Ceremony with Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad Care Center.

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A Joyful NOIR Iftar Ceremony with Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad Care Center. | Salam Ramadan Kareem everyone! An iftar ceremony is a common event organized by most organizations throughout the month of Ramadan, with the objective of celebrating the selected group by donating to the upcoming Aidilfitri. I’m glad Event I have some to go for an event right now, I still managed to squeeze some time for this great event last week.

This year, NOIR Health & Beauty Sdn. Bhd. also not left behind to celebrate the orphans. A total of 31 orphans and 7 guardians from Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad Care Center, Kota Damansara were specially invited to receive Aidilfitri donations in the form of a pair of baju melayu and baju kurung along with duit raya each.

me having my time at NOIR HQ Kota Damansara,
me having my time at NOIR HQ Kota Damansara

NOIR is a Bumiputera company that produces high-quality, halal, and premium skincare and cosmetics products founded by Eriyca Baiduri or more synonymous with Madammu who is also the main sponsor of AJL36 recently. Madammu who is a friendly person was seen at this event despite her unwell health condition after the IVF treatment recently. 

Madammu Eriyqa Baiduri
Madammu Eriyqa Baiduri

Madammu and her husband decided to make the IVF journey after 7 years married and IVF journey is not something easy but I hope everything will go well for Madammu. May the blessing Ramadan give her ease during the process. Having a child on your own is a blessing right? And despite this, seeing all the kids from Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad Care Center made me feel sad that day. Most of them are still young, and it reminds me of my son Malique who is the same age as them. 

Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad Care Center kids and caretaker during the Iftar
Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad Care Center kids and guardian during the Iftar

Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad Care Center is a charity house that houses asnaf children, single mothers, children from troubled families and orphans. Seeing them happy with the new clothes and duit raya they received that day, makes everyone relief and I guess they will be smiling during their first day Raya with new clothes courtesy from NOIR. May NOIR also be more successful in their business journey.

Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad Care Center kids and caretaker during the Iftar,

The Cantik & Menang Contest Winner

NOIR The Cantik & Menang Contest WINNER,
Madammu and husband with the winner

The NOIR iftar ceremony was further enhanced by the presentation of prizes for the Beauty & Win Contest to Puan Normah Binti Mohd Yaman from Kuantan, Pahang who was selected as the inaugural winner of this contest. Puan Normah, accompanied by her husband and son, brought home a gift of RM 10,000.00 in cash that night.

The Cantik & Menang Contest was launched in conjunction with the 36th Song Champion Award which saw NOIR as the main sponsor of the prestigious entertainment program which offered prizes amounting to RM 100,000.00. The contest can be entered by purchasing any NOIR product for at least RM 50.00 in one purchase receipt and the selection of winners will be made every month and the winners will have the opportunity to take home a prize of RM 10,000.00 cash. A winner is definitely a lucky person as they said the winner is picked randomly!  

Apart from the Iftar Ceremony with orphans, NOIR has also conducted a series of charity events in conjunction with Ramadan by providing free breaking fast food to the public at selected Ramadan bazaars around the Klang Valley. This holy month everyone won't miss a chance to give as one said you won’t be poor by giving to the others.

NOIR top agents at HQ Kota Damansara,
NOIR team during the event

NOIR iftar that day that happening at NOIR HQ Kota Damansara marked the first event held at the HQ after they had the Headquarters here. The pandemic does take many but it also gives many, especially to those who strive and never give up. NOIR is living proves that Pandemic makes them grow bigger than ever.

Anyway, thank you for having me at the blissful event and I hope that NOIR and Madammu will be more successful in the future.

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