Safi Shayla Hair Thickening Tonic and Root Booster Help Overcome Hair Loss Problems.

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Safi Shayla Hair Thickening Tonic and Root Booster Help Overcome Hair Loss Problems. | As a woman with 4 kids, I guess it normal for me to have the hair fall issue. Woman hormone changing and is important to take care of it especially when you wear hijab all day long.

Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control range has recently upgraded with NEW Hijab Scalp Biotics Technology, specially formulated for hijab scalp to rebalance the scalp microbiome of hijabi with probiotics formula. Also further enhanced with nutrients from the newly upgraded 7 Habbatus Sauda Complex. Now with Safi Shayla, you can have a healthier scalp and thicker hijab hair.

safi shayla anti hairfall review,

Safi Shayla Hari Fall Control - Hair Tonic

Within the range, Safi Shayla has also recently launched a new Hair Fall Control hair treatment product - Hair Fall Control Hair Tonic (Tonik Pelebat Rambut & Penguat Akar), proven effective to strengthen hair roots, reduce hair fall, thicken
your hair with its premium ingredients such as Red Ginseng from Korea & Niacinamide.

This ingredients gave 73% Stronger Hair from Roots, 57% Less Hair Fall From Hair Roots, 4.6X More Voluminous Hair to the user.

It also have other benefits that is include :
• Instant cooling 
• soothes scalp 
• fast drying 
• non greasy 
• refreshing floral scent

How to Use SAFI Shayla - Hair Thickening Tonic & Root Booster

1. Spray the tonic on the scalp
2. Massage the scalp for a few minutes and let it dry
3. Use 2x a day

Other products in Safi Shayla Hair Fall range. 

1. Shampoo

safi shayla anti hairfall shampoo,

Now with Hijab Scalp Biotics technology to cleanses & strengthen hair structure with fragrance up to 72 hours.

2. Refreshing Scalp Mask 

safi shayla anti hairfall hair mask,

Cares for the scalp, reduces sebum, strengthens hair follicles & removes bad odor. 

3. Hair Tonic 

safi shayla anti hairfall hair tonic,

Formulated with Hijab Scalp Biotics technology, Korean Red Ginseng & Niacinamide strengthens hair follicle from hair roots, reduce hair fall, and 4.6X hair more voluminous.

4. Hair Serum 

safi shayla anti hairfall serum,

Repairs and strengthens brittle hair by penetrating into the inner hair half structure. 

5. Hair Mist 

safi shayla hair mist,

Extra protection for hair, locks in, and retains nutrients for stronger hair whilst eliminating bad odour for long-lasting hijab freshness.

If you have the hair fall issue too, don't forget to try this Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control range today. I love the smell and hopefully, my hair will become stronger again soon with this.

You can buy it now exclusively in Watsons and Guardian or Safi Official store on Shopee.


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