Complete Your Raya with BEAUSITI®.

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Complete Your Raya with BEAUSITI®. | Another few days for Hari Raya and everyone is excited to pack their bag for Balik Kampung. I’m excited too because this year will be my Kampung turn and guess what makes me more excited about it?

Yesterday, I received a Beautiful Indah Rentas Raya gift pack from our No.1 Malaysian singer Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza. And guess what? It is a complete set of BEAUSITI® products for me and my family.

Beausiti Rentas Raya Gift pack,

BEAUSITI® by Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza

On March 30, 2010, SIMPLYSITI was built with a vision to be a leading brand in the fields of cosmetics, skincare, beauty, and health. SIMPLYSITI offers not only high-quality Halal beauty products but a variety of specially personalized beauty ranges. For the beauty within you. 

In September 2019, SIMPLYSITI launched a new health drink for a woman named BEAUSITI® - Beautessence™. Women are strong, capable, and beautiful. BeauSiti wants to improve it. As someone who leads a busier lifestyle, BEAUSITI is ideal and nutritious nutrition for health management from top to toe. It is made for the modern and ambitious individual who strives to make the best of their lives - BEAUSITI COMPLETES YOU.


Beausiti Rentas Raya Gift pack,
what's in the box

Adding to this year's Raya uniqueness, BeauSiti® has introduced a Beautiful Rentas Raya Gift Pack that contains:

5 x Beautessence
1 x Beaunest - Honey, Lemon and Peach
1 x Beaunest - Honey, Pomegranate and Dates
2 x BeauKids Aafiyah from BeauSiti X WonderLab (Strawberry Flavored)
3 x Bottles of Eid cake
Big Money Cover
Exclusive Greeting Cards

The pack that contains the complete set of BEAUSITI® products includes :

1. Beautessence™ by BEAUSITI®

Beauessence benefits,
so in love with the taste

Beautessence™ received unwavering support since launched from day one. And as a token of appreciation to their beloved consumer, the Beautessence™ has been upgraded with the latest formulation technology from Japan! It is now rich with the advantage of Cerephon F formulation that helps to deliver the skin in 8

Along with fulfilling an active and modern lifestyle, Beautessence™ has been launched in a sachet shape that is easier to carry, the best quality is maintained and affordable at a reasonable price. I fell in love with the taste from the first time I consumed and with a lot of benefits it has, I recommended all women to try out this great product.

Benefits of Advance Formula Beautessence™ Cerepron F : 

• Helps speed up the process of lightening and skin and face
• Promotes natural collagen production
• Helps fade freckles and acne scars
• Helps renew body and skin cells
• Acts as an Anti -Aging Agent to stay youthful
• Maintains the elasticity of the skin of the face and body as a whole
• Helps the skin block free radicals such as the sun's UV rays
• Helps care for the skin layer from the inside so that the effect is safe and long-lasting

Advantages of Beautessence™ :

• Contains high polyphenol antioxidants for skin beauty
• Helps slow down the aging process
• Helps increase the elasticity of women’s assets
• Helps control hair loss
• Contains fiber to speed up digestion to control weight
• Helps boost the immune system
• Effective daily nutrilock combination
• Supports holistic health

2. Beaunest by BeauSiti

beauNest by Beausiti,
BeauNest in 2 flavor

Beaunest is the latest tonic drink from Dato 'Sri Siti Nurhaliza. Woven by swallows
from their saliva, the edible bird's nest is one of the most tonics popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is believed to be effective since time immemorial. 

Along with that, Dato 'Sri Siti Nurhaliza has added the latest BeauSiti product range, namely bird's nest drink that has 2 flavors namely Pomegranate, Honey, and dates, and Lemon, Peaches, and Honey. Without added sugar and preservatives is the main uniqueness of BeauNest in penetrating the Malaysian market. 

Advantages of Beaunest

• Helps to heal & beautify the skin (glow booster)
• Helps slow down the aging process
• Helps improve sleep disturbances to be more restful
• Helps to speed up digestion
• Helps increase the body's endurance
• Helps relieve fatigue and supports respiratory recovery

Beaunest has a delicious taste of a combination of honey, pomegranate and dates

• Use natural sweeteners of honey and dates without added sugar
• No preservatives
• Comes in a box with 6 bottles with a price of RM75.00
• Comes in two flavors namely Pomegranate, Honey and Date and Lemon, Peach and honey

3. BeauKids Aafiyah Nutritious Jelly Drink from BeauSiti X WonderLab (Flavored

BeauKids Aafiyah Nutritious Jelly Drink,
BeauKids Aafiyah Nutritious Jelly Drink

BeauKids Aafiyah Nutritious Jelly Drink from BeauSiti X WonderLab made from Strawberry Puree that has been proven to have the highest vitamin content that can helps in brain development and boosts the immune system of the child’s body. 

As a mother, Dato ’Sri Siti Nurhaliza wants the best for Aafiyah so that she grew up healthy, smart and active. This has sparked the idea to produce this latest product so that the benefits can be shared with all mothers outside there. Because that is also why she chose BeauKids Aafiyah Nutritious Jelly Drink from BeauSiti X WonderLab as a drink and snack for her beloved child.

“Now it is not difficult to make sure your child is active inside or outside the house. If Aafiyah likes it,Your child will love it, "said Dato

Marketed at an affordable price, each box of BeauKids Nutritious Jelly Drink Aafiyah from BeauSiti X WonderLab is available at RM59.00 per box contains 10 packs of nutritious drinks per box.

Benefits and advantages of BeauKids nutritious drinks from BeauSiti X WonderLab:

• Made from Strawberry Puree
• Rich in multivitamins (Vitamins B6, B12, C, E and Folic Acid)
• Improves brain development and function
• Helps maintain a healthy immune function

My kids really enjoy consume this Jelly and one is not enough for them. I guess I have to buy more for my kids soon! Anyway gais, don’t forget to watch this video to win some exciting prize from BeauSiti!

For more information about BeauSiti go to: and don't forget to get BeauSiti products from trusted agent SitiZen  INDAH RENTAS RAYA

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