Combat Vaginal Discharge with PRESTIGE V by Ahda Wellness.

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Combat Vaginal Discharge with PRESTIGE V by Ahda Wellness. | Many women still do not understand the problem of female hormones. Unstable female hormone problems are among the causes of various problems such as mood swings, irregular menstruation, menstruation, vaginal discharge, dull skin, difficulty having children, a lot of hair loss, weight gain, and difficulty sleeping at night, early menopause, and many more.

Vaginal discharge is one of the common issue in women and it can be happening as early as 18 years old. Thus is crucial for women to combat this issue to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

PRESTIGE V by Ahda Wellness review,

What is Vaginal Discharge?

The most common internal problem of women is the problem of whiteness or discharge of white, cream or gray mucus that comes out of the vagina is one of the problems that are often faced by women around the world. Statistics show that almost 75% of married women face vaginal problems due to sexual activity. 

Many women do not care about the risks and dangers of vaginal discharge but only consider vaginal problems as a common sign before the menstrual cycle. Basic knowledge in women is very important for them to be able to differentiate the production of vaginal mucus discharge naturally with serious vaginal diseases that require medical treatment.

Types of Whiteness

There are 2 Types of Whiteness;

1. Physiological whiteness

♥ For Physiological Whiteness is usually normal and does not show symptoms of the disease. This type of vaginal discharge often occurs during a woman's fertility and before menstruation (menstrual cycle). Normal mucus discharge is usually white or cream in color, odorless, and does not cause itching in the vagina. The mucus released is small and in the form of liquid.

2. Pathological whiteness

♥ Characteristics Pathological vaginal discharge is more critical and shows symptoms of the disease such as producing thick mucus, yellow, gray or green, smelly and causing itching in the vagina. Physiological whiteness is a very normal sign in which almost every woman goes through this condition. On the other hand, pathological vaginal discharge caused by a bacterial (bacterial and/or fungal) infection needs to be treated.

Combat Vaginal Discharge with PRESTIGE V by Ahda Wellness.

Hence, consuming supplements is good to combat this vaginal discharge issue, and one of the products that have been on the market since 2020 and that have helps many woman is PRESTIGE V.

PRESTIGE V is a products by Ahda Wellness, made specially for women and have a lot of benefits in women health including to helps Vaginal Discharge and any others hormone problems.


PRESTIGE V by Ahda Wellness
came in sachet that good for travel

• Treat the problem of whiteness & excessive mucus
• Treat the problem of miss v itching
• Stabilizes Female Hormones.
• Prevent irregular menstruation and menstruation
• Close/tighten miss v
• Breasts and back are more elastic, round & plump
• Treat facial skin problems and brighten the skin.

PRESTIGE V by Ahda Wellness

PRESTIGE V is the best superfood for the solution of unstable female hormones that has been approved by Jakim Halal (Reference No: JAKIM.700-2/3/1 086-03/2021) and certified safe for use by the Ministry of Health (Reference No: 21092020/09/025 - NPRA Product Classification)

prestige v certification,

PRESTIGE V is manufactured in a GMP, HACCP Certified, MesTI, ISO22000: 2018 & ISO9001: 2015 factory. With it this certification, hopefully there is no doubt for you tp consume it regularly.


📌 Women aged 17 to 60 years.
📌 Women with vaginal problems
📌 Women who have problems miss v itching & smelling
📌 Women with irregular menstruation, menstruation.
📌 Women who have difficulty conceiving.
📌 Women with premenopausal problems.



PRESTIGE V contains : Fruit Oligosaccharides, Licorice Extract, Pueraria Lobata Extract, Kacip Fatimah Extract, Beet Extract Red, Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Estro-G, Blackcurrant Extract, Soy Isoflavones Extract, Lycopene Extract.

1. Fruit Oligosaccharides
- Treat high cholesterol.
- Treat constipation.
- Treating diarrhea.

2. Licorice Extract (Sweet Root)
- Stomach ulcer.
- Bronchitis.
- Eczema.
- Heartburn.
- Gastrointestinal disorders.

3. Pueraria Lobata Extract
- Brightens the skin.
- Slimming.
- Tighten the uterus.
- Stay young.
- Helps growth and darkens hair.
- Prevents infections of the bladder.
- Treat insomnia.
- Increases breast size.

4. Manjakani Extract
-Treat cyst & fibroid problems
-Treat vaginal problems
-Waste air in the body
-Treat body odor problems

5. Kacip Fatimah Extract
- Balancing hormones.
- Reduces the symptoms of menopause.
- Treating diarrhea.
- Corrects the menstrual cycle.
- Treating menstrual cramps.
- Reduces joint pain.
- Tightens the intimate parts of women.
- Treat vaginal problems.

6. Red Beet Extract
- Good for pregnant women.
- High in iron.
- Get rid of toxins.
- Healthier skin.
- Prevents the risk of eye diseases.


6. Pueraria Mirifica Extract
- Prevent diabetes.
- Treating irregular menstrual problems.
- Treating vaginal discharge.
- Shrinks pores.
- Eliminates dark circles under the eyes.

7. Estro-G
- Stabilizes the metabolism of the hormone estrogen in the body.
- Relieves menopausal symptoms such as feeling hot, sweating easily and dry vagina.
- Prevents thickening of the uterine wall of women.
- Repair bleeding wounds and stop bleeding.
- Overcome the thinning of the vaginal lining.
- Prevent osteoporosis, post -menopausal.

8. Blackcurrant Extract (Black Wine)
- Increases the body's antibodies.
- Good for glaucoma.
- Treating digestive problems.
- Good for kidneys and liver.

9. Soy Isoflavones Extract
- Prevents the symptoms of varicose veins.
- Prevent obesity.
- Stabilizes blood pressure.
- Complementary nutrition.
- Heartburn.
- Reduces the risk of a heart attack.
- Prevents stroke symptoms.

10. Lycopene (Tomato) Extract
- Preserves the lungs.
- Protects blood vessels.
- Prevent skin problems.
- Good for eye health.


✨ Hormones
✨ Preservatives
✨ Gluten
✨ Gmo
✨ Antibiotic


✨ 1 sachet daily before breakfast or dinner
✨ Consume it by itself or mix with 50-80ml of water
✨ Drink more boiled water.
✨ Avoid excessive caffeine and sugar intake.


✨ Period should not be consumed because the body's absorption system time period is reduced and weak. So if you consume PRESTIGE V, the nutrients will be wasted because it will only absorb 80% of the nutrients.


✨PRESTIGE V is not recommended for pregnant mothers for the health of the baby. It is better if only focus on taking supplements and medications prescribed by a doctor only
✨But for bf mom can consume after the baby is 2 months old and above because PRESTIGE V can help to tighten the ovary and add more breast milk.



❖ 1x BOX RM160
❖ 2x BOX RM320
❖ 3x BOX RM480

❖ 1x BOX RM120 (Free 1 trial box)
❖ 2x BOX RM220.00 (Free 2 trial boxes)
❖ 3x BOX RM300.00 (Free 3 trial boxes + Random gift)


I have tried consuming PRESTIGE V and the taste is good, and I do recommend you to mix it with water, so you can consume it easily. I found that it helps my period which is irregular since my last baby was born. I do recommend women who want to conceive to try this out and hopefully it can help you be more healthy and have a new baby soon! I wish my next baby quota is for you cos I think I have enough kids already. Hihi


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