Buy Marrybrown at Discounted Price with Marrybrown Apps!

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Buy Marrybrown at Discounted Price with Marrybrown Apps! | Marrybrown is our local Halal largest fast-food chain in Malaysia and never failed to catch Malaysian attention with their food. My mom favorite is their porridge and since it near to my mom boutique, she always had it during her busy time.

Marrybrown like the other fast food restaurant in Malaysia, have cool promotion every month and to catch up with the modern technologies they also currently have their own apps. This cool app from Marrybrown have been launched since Mac and apparently, there are a lot of awesome deals in this application.

marrybrown apps,

Marrybrown Apps

marrybrown new deal free item,

Hearing about the apps makes me eager to try it out and since many share that they have a lots of Deals, I also download the apps at my phone. For the first time user you can get 1 free piece of fried chicken when you become a new member.

Ready on the 40% Offer is here!

There are food offers starting at RM2.90. Before this, the RM1 offer went viral, but it was over, they bring out another offer, and afraid not the offer will have every month I guess.

Among the menus listed in the great deals are:

marrybrown apps, marrybrown apps,

1) Potato Wedges
2) Onion Rings
3) Mushroom Soup
4) Chicken Nugget
5) Combo Chicken Porridge
6) MB Kiddy Meals Chicken Burger
7) Boba Tea
8) Hotouch Burger Combo
9) Cheesy Burger + Cheesy Wedges
10) Tower Burger Combo

How to Download Marrybrown Application

marrybrown apps review ,

1) You can download the Marrybrown application on android and apple store for free.

Click this link Oh yes, not all Marrybrown outlets are support this application in the meantime, can look closely at which outlet applications are available at the apps.

2) After downloading, continue with your phone number, it's easy.

3) Then, enter the country code and phone number

4) A verification code will be sent and you can fill it in

5) Then fill in your name, password, gender, and others

6) Click submit, ready.

How to redeem Deals ?

redeem marrybrown deals,

1. On the main page, click on 'deals' and select which 'deals' you want.

2. There are various deals that you can choose from.

3. Once you click on the selected 'deals', there will be more information about the selected offer.

4. Press ‘redeem’

5. See the 'deals' that you have pressed redeem near 'My Rewards'

6. Go to the Marrybrown outlet that support this application, and go to the counter, tell them you want to redeem.

7. Press 'My Rewards', press selected 'deals' and scan the QR code at participating Marrybrown branches to redeem your food

Marrybrown food review,

For those who want delivery, or pick up options, you can go to the 'Menu' and then choose whether to deliver or pick up. Delivery is GrabFood, Panda Food and Shopee Food. To pick up your order, then go to the Marrybrown outlet and grab your food. there is also the option of whether to dine in or pick up and bring back.

The best thing is when you use the Marrybrown application, you will get 'points'. 1 point equals RM1. Enough points later, he can redeem the food you like near the 'Point Redemption' section

Many more great deals will be happening at the Marrybrown application, you know. So, what are you waiting for, download the Marrybrown app now!

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  1. Memang berbaloi la ke MB sekarang ni ek

  2. Hye there. my son like marrybrown porridge. can you belanja? so sedappp!

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