AEON Collaborated with Omar & Hana and Introduced 5 Onigiri Options for Children.

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AEON Collaborated with Omar & Hana and Introduced 5 Onigiri Options for Children. | Ohaio! One of my favourite malls is AEON Mall and definitely because it has a variety of affordable Japanese food that I love so much. And my love for the Japanese even pass down to my 3 sons, yups my daughter is not really a fan of Japanese food. But all of them love Onigiri and will straight away choose Onigiri whenever they are at the AEON Food section.

Recently, AEON CO. (M) BHD. or AEON collaborates with the group Omar and Hana’s animations are highly synonymous with Islamic video content among children launching new flavours in the onigiri product range. I went with my son to the launching ceremony that was held at AEON Mall Shah Alam, Selangor.

AEON Collaborated with Omar & Hana and Introduced 5 Onigiri

Omar & Hana is the No. 1 Islamic based animation in Malaysia. Starting in 2017,
Omar & Hana has now managed to get over 6 Million subscriptions on YouTube in all languages. Apart from Malaysia, Omar & Hana are also watched around the world and have been dubbed into Bahasa English, Arabic and even Urdu. The influence of Omar & Hana is really great for kids and this collaboration is one the best for influencing good food habits for kids.

AEON Collaborated with Omar & Hana and Introduced 5 Onigiri Options.

AEON Collaborated with Omar & Hana and Introduced 5 Onigiri

There are 5 flavours introduced for the children’s market and are also represented by characters in the Omar & Hana animation. 

- Red Bean is represented by Omar
- Kacang and Chocolate (Choco Peanut) represented by Hana
- Potato with mayonnaise (Potato Mayo) represented by Sara
- Tuna with mayonnaise (Tuna Mayo) represented by Yuki 
- Crab with mayonnaise (Kani Mayo) is represented by Indra

The ceremony was also attended by ; Dr Kasuma Satria, Chief Human Resource Officer of AEON CO. (M) BHD . Azidah Azimuddin, Chief AEON Delicatessen and Chief HQ AEON Food Processing.; Sinan Ismail, CEO & Founder of Digital Durian and Izrol Izuddin Ahmad, Local IP Management & Astro Business Development.

According to Sunny Setiawan, “We are grateful to be able to work with the group Omar & Hana’s famous animation to market the onigiri range with the latest flavours we. This joint venture is one of AEON's steps to intensify Malaysia-Japan assimilation product development and we are confident this product can afford good response from AEON customers and Omar & Hana fans themselves, "

The selection of onigiri products as the trigger for this collaboration is also aimed at introducing a culture of eating healthy and nutritious food among children in
Malaysia. Onigiri is also food from Japan that is not only edible immediately but even satiate. Thus, AEON wants to bring patterns and culture of this healthy diet to our country.

‘We want to make AEON a Japanese ambassador to Malaysia that we can introduce with a closer look at the positive culture of Japanese society. Products to be produced by AEON Delicatessen is also certified halal by JAKIM. ’ He added.
AEON Collaborated with Omar & Hana and Introduced 5 Onigiri

The event was also enlivened by the presence of mascots Omar and Hana promoting the onigiri network as well as quiz activities with visitors. Guests present also entertained with video premieres and onigiri songs of Omar & Hana.

According to Sinan Ismail, “To implement this cooperation, we would like to introduce nutritious food and easy for children to eat. We believe onigiri is the most appropriate product. It originates from Japan and is one of the foods that are very popular nowadays, "

“We also feel very fortunate to be able to collaborate with AEON, a company which has an extensive network of supermarkets. Through this network, of course, onigiri Omar & Hana can be enjoyed by many customers across the country, not just children, even adults,” he said.

kids eating onigiri
El Ghazy enjoy eating onigiri

This collaboration is in line with AEON’s efforts to champion the Goal United Nations Sustainable Development 8-A Good Career and Economic Growth - which focuses on promoting growth in an inclusive and sustainable economy, comprehensive employment, and good yet productive for all. 

These products are now available in all AEON Retail outlets and also AEON Big across Malaysia. This collaboration will not be one and only and do look forward to more food collaboration in the future. So don't forget to buy Onigiri for kids, it's also ideal for your kids' school lunch too right?

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