10DRS Probiotic Acne Series Review.

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a 10DRS Probiotic Acne Series Review. | As a woman, having clear flawless skin is a goal in life and I still aiming for that goal in my 30s. It is not easy, especially when you had acne skin before, thus the pores and scar on your face can't be faded easily.

I have bad acne skin when I'm in high school and even people don't love to see my face. It was a hit in life and I'm glad I don't have those bad skin issues anymore. Thus, today whenever I came across people with bad acne skin, I'll pray that their acne skin will be gone soon. That acne really can make our self-confident become lower than before. And yes today, I'll share with my beloved reader with 10DRS Probiotic Acne Series skincare that I just got recently.

10DRS Probiotic Acne Series review,

About 10DRS

Formulated in Switzerland, 10DRS combines beauty and modern science. Using natural and only the best quality ingredients, they have successfully formulated highly effective clinical solutions, with long-lasting effects for various skin types and conditions.

As advocates of self-care, it is the 10DRs mission to remain up to date on the latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs, to consistently provide the best for their consumers.

The 10Drs brand has grown exponentially, enabling them to put their expertise into creating a wider range of self-care products from the skin to body, hair, and other hyper-effective health supplements for men and women of all ages. Whilst standing by their zero-tolerance policy towards animal cruelty and being strongly
against the concept of sacrificing health for beauty.

10DRS Probiotic Acne Series.

10DRS Probiotic Acne Series,

10DRS Probiotic series aims to promote a healthy and balanced skin Microbiome. Did you know that we have an estimated 39 trillion microbial cells that live in our body, mostly in our gut? But they also live in our skin. These also include fungi and viruses in addition to bacteria and they all work together to keep our immune system healthy and to keep the bad bacteria in check.

Healthy skin has a balanced microbiome and preserved skin barrier. While Atopic skin has an unbalanced microbiome and an altered skin barrier, making skin vulnerable to irritants and allergens which can cause inflammation, flare-ups, and itching. Similarly, to those in our gut, skin microorganisms have essential roles in the protection against invading pathogens. 

10DRS Probiotic Acne series texture,
10DRS Probiotic Acne series texture

Hence, having a balanced microbiome equal to having healthy skin. And 10DRS Probiotic Acne Series have a Lactobacillus or also known as Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate to help you to balance your skin health.

LACTOBACILLUS / PEAR JUICE FERMENT FILTRATE is a non-living probiotic ingredient made by fermentation of pear juice by the microorganism, Lactobacillus. It is also considered a plant-derived lactic acid bacteria. Applied to skin, it's been shown to have a potent soothing effect that in turn strengthens the skin's ability to defend itself from aggressors.

Research has also revealed that this ferment may play a role in helping the skin's microbiome to maintain a healthy mix of flora, a benefit that may reduce the risk or visible severity of several common, often uncomfortable skin conditions. Other acne-fighting ingredients in the products are included; Niacinamide, Melia Azadirachta(Neem) Leaf Extract, Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract, Glycolic Acid, Salix Alba(Willow) Bark Extract, and also Rehmannia Chinensis Root Extract.

10DRS Prebiotic Acne Series is suitable for skin type from normal to oily skin. If you are concerned about Acne-prone, Uneven skin tone, and Clogged pores. I guess this skincare series is really suitable me since I have uneven skin and also large pores issues. 

10DRS Probiotic Acne Series have 5 products in this range that includes :

1. 10Drs Probiotic Gel Cleanser

10Drs Probiotic Gel Cleanser
10Drs Probiotic Gel Cleanser (120ml)

Contains Niacinamide, AHA, BHA, Lactobacillus and many other sebum controlling, renewing ingredients that help to regulate your skin’s sebum production with mild daily exfoliation and yet effective to 

● Unclog pores
● Dissolves dead skin cells
● Cleanse dirt and sebum
● Prevent black & whiteheads
● Calms irritation
● Maintain a healthy skin microbiome

2. 10Drs Probiotic Renewing Toner 

10Drs Probiotic Renewing Toner,
10Drs Probiotic Renewing Toner (100ml)

Contains 3 types of AHA & BHA to exfoliate and soften dead skin cells. Balance skin PH level for better absorption on following a skincare routine.
● Remove dead skin cells
● Shrink pores
● Even out skin tone
● Kills bacteria
● Sebum control
● Kills bacteria
● Maintain healthy skin microbiome

3. 10Drs Probiotic Gel Hydrator 

10Drs Probiotic Gel Hydrator,
10Drs Probiotic Gel Hydrator (50g)

Effectively increase skin’s hydration levels, and protect skin from bad bacteria with an added probiotic. Develop skin’s natural ability to self-hydrate over time
● Water-based
● Non-sticky
● Water-lock technology
● High hydration
● Sebum control
● Strengthen skin barrier
● Maintain a healthy skin microbiome

4. 10Drs Probiotic Acne cream (15ml)

10Drs Probiotic Acne cream,

Kills and dries up inflamed acne while keep the skin surface protected
● Acne fighting
● Prevent future breakout
● Calms irritation
● Fast reaction
● Kills bacteria
● Maintain a healthy skin microbiome

5. 10Drs Probiotic Sun Protector (30ml)

10Drs Probiotic Sun Protector,
10Drs Probiotic Sun Protector (30ml)

Physical sunscreen that works by reflecting the harmful sun and blue light away from our skin
● Reflect sun rays
● Non-comedogenic (do not clog pores)
● Safe physical sunscreen
● Light texture
● Prevent breakouts
● Maintain a healthy skin microbiome
● SPF30 PA+++

Overall, I found that this 10Drs Probiotic Acne Series is very lightweight since it is water-based, and I love the natural smell of it. It doesn't make my skin dry or even makes it oily. The good ingredients in these products really can help you to have healthier skin in 14 days. These products formulated in Switzerland have anti-inflammatory properties and really have high hydration that is mostly needed during hot weather these few months.  

If you have Acne-prone skin and wanted to get rid of the issues do try out 10DRS Probiotic Acne Series today. I hope it will suits you well and makes you shine more soon!

10Drs Probiotic Acne series packaging,
10Drs Probiotic Acne series packaging

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