Celebrate Eid with Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz.

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Celebrate Eid with Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz. | Hi everyone. How is everyone's Eid Ul Fitri celebration this year? I guess after 2 years not celebrating it with very happening, this year everyone going full blast of it, and with all tricks and dances during this Eid to do with your family and relative.

It is fun when you can spend time with your loved ones doing activities with them right? And this year guess what my activities with my family and relatives? We had our own cinema in-home with our new Home Cinema Projector from INLAB Senz. 

Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz,

Having your own cinema at home is a cool thing and since this millennial many love watching Netflix or Disney Hotstar, I guess it is fun to have a Home Cinema Projector at our house and during the gathering, we can have fun with more people with a widescreen movie, right? And since I have small television at home, I guess it is time to have a new TV, but instead of a new TV, I came across a SMART Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz.

What is INLAB Senz?

Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz,
Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz

INLAB Senz is a brand new SMART home cinema projector and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to be the first to have this cool SMART Home Cinema Projector.

There are various when we choose to buy products and this INLAB Senz has the features that I look forward to in my Home Cinema Projector that including:

1. Clean and compact design

The INLAB Senz Home Cinema Projector comes in white color and the products is not too big and too small, but just nice for a house. It has a compact size of 29CM (L) x 22.1CM (W) x 9.5CM (H) which is easy to place anywhere in your house.

2. Native 1080p (support up to 4K)

4K view from INLAB Senz Projector
4K view from INLAB Senz Projector

This SMART Home Cinema Projector is definitely unlike our school projector where the visual is so blurry. INLAB Senz Home Cinema Projector supports up to 4K visual where you can enjoy watching your High-Quality film and even playing games with more quality pictures.

3. 7000 Lumens, super bright even in the daytime

When talking about the projector, many will think that you need a really dark room to enjoy watching the picture. But with this NEW SMART Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz, you can even enjoy watching it during the daytime, but of course not at the outdoor okay!

4. Dolby Audio certified sound system

Cinema and Dolby Audio systems can never be apart, what is the point of having a clear picture when you can't have a good sound system right? But this INLAB Senz is certified with Dolby Audio System like the famous cinema near your home.

5. SMART features

SMART Home Cinema Projector,
smart features 

When I say, this is a SMART Home Cinema Projector, I really mean that it is smart because it is complete with Android 9, Wifi, Bluetooth, and built-in all well-known smart TV apps like Netflix, Youtube, IQIYI, Disney Hotstar+, Iflix. And thank you again to Android for making our life more fun, it has a play store setup where you can download more apps or maybe TikTok in it. Heeee!

6. Gaming Console Support

Like I mentioned before you can have visual gaming using this projector and of course, because it has gaming console optimal support, such as HDR support for Sony Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. So won't need to buy an expensive TV/Screen to have optimum satisfaction watching your characters on screen anymore.

Apart from it, INLAB Senz also has the Electronic focus through the remote or the focus knob so can use it easily. It also has 4 point keystone for all angles adjustment and has various connectivity, 2 USB, 2 HDMI, and 1 3.5mm headphone jack. If you don't use the headphone jack anymore don't be afraid because it also has Bluetooth in it.

How INLAB Senz can benefit people? 

outdoor cinema projector,
pic courtesy from google

In this Era with gadgets all the time in hand, we should try to be more experts in the game. With the INLAB Senz, you can bring people together and strengthen their relationship with the Home Cinema in your home. 

INLAB Senz is ideal for family, or even for the office. You can build your home cinema in your house and even can use it outdoor at night. It is great to mesmerize the good old days of outdoor cinema like our parent's childhood. Schools or companies should have this SMART Home Cinema Projector because the features are updated and guess what I love more about it? 

Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz,
what's in the box?

The PRICE! The price of INLAB Senz is a super affordable price where you can get at only RM1199 only! Compare to the big SMART TV it will cost you more than RM5k but this Home Cinema Projector will only cost you RM1199 only. It is a great saving and with the compact features you can bring it anywhere with you and set up your Home Cinema anywhere you like with your loved ones.

The SMART Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz is a must-have device for every house you have nowadays because it can bring happiness to the whole family and friends. The product is selling fast too and I hope everyone can get it before it sold out!

And yes, it's time for family fun time during Eid and why not we watch Netflix with our family with this Home Cinema Projector by INLAB Senz gais? 

For more information do check out their website


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