Make Halal Your First Choice Campaign Target to Increase Halal PMKS Companies.

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Make Halal Your First Choice Campaign Target to Increase Halal PMKS Companies. | As a Muslim, Halal will always be our top priorities when buying food and as part of that, the product with Halal logo are most likely to be in the cart when doing groceries. 

Halal Development Corporation Berhad (HDC) general the country's Halal export performance recorded a 19% increase for in 2021. Hence this year, they target the increasing of 
20-30% Increase in Average Sales of Halal PMKS Companies with “Make Halal Your First Choice” Campaign. 

Make Halal Your First Choice at Lulu Hypermarket
Make Halal Your First Choice at Lulu Hypermarket 

A total of 500 halal entrepreneurs from the micro, small and medium enterprise sector (PMKS) has been selected to participate in the "Make Halal Your First Choice" campaign organized by Halal
Development Corporation Berhad (HDC), as one of the programs under the 2022 Budget Initiative
which launched today.

The campaign is the result of the proactive collaboration of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) through its agencies, HDC and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) through the Unit Implementation and Coordination of Economic Stimulus Between National Agencies (LAKSANA), aims to accelerate the growth of the Halal industry to a higher level, with aims to increase the average sales of halal PMKS companies facilitated between 20%-30% during the campaign period from April to July 2022.

Halal PMKS product in Lulu Hypermarket
Halal PMKS product in Lulu Hypermarket 

The campaign is divided into two categories, namely the first, Improving Marketability
PMKS Halal products in large supermarkets
. To make a successful campaign for this category,
HDC has partnered with Lulu International Group and Lotus’s Store (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. This strategic partnership will see the campaign begin April 22 at all Lulu supermarket branches, while the campaign will start on April 28 at all branches Lotus’s across the country.

The second category, namely the PMKS Halal Product Digital Branding Program, will involve
collaboration with Food Panda Malaysia, an online platform provider (e-commerce) and leading logistics, which will run from June 1 to July 31, 2022.

Various promotions and attractive prices will be offered throughout the campaign, which
aims to improve sales reach and performance, as well as address the issue of visibility gaps
local halal products competing with foreign halal products, towards increasing capacity and production capacity of local halal products.

YBrs. Mr. Hairol Ariffein Sahari, Chief Executive Officer, HDC
YBrs. Mr. Hairol Ariffein Sahari, Chief Executive Officer, HDC

The launching event of this campaign was completed by YBhg. Datuk Lokman Hakim Ali, Chief Secretary, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), and was also attended by YBrs. Mr. Hairol Ariffein Sahari, Chief Executive Officer, HDC as well as management representatives MITI’s highest and strategic partner of the campaign.

“I call on all parties to play their part in the effort elevating the country's Halal industry to be the world's Halal center. We need to always be ready and willing to explore the wide open opportunities in the Halal industry that are expected to
provide remuneration and returns that are worth enough, ” said Datuk Lokman Hakim.
According to him, “I believe, this Make Halal Campaign the Top Choice by HDC, with cooperation of private and government agencies, will be able to have a positive impact and benefits
in increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the country's halal industry. ”

Increased Halal Exports

At the same ceremony, Datuk Lokman Hakim also announced the country's Halal export performance
which recorded an impressive performance, where an increase of 19 per cent recorded for 2021, from RM30.5 billion to RM36.3 billion. This increase
prove the importance of the Halal industry to the Malaysian economy. despite the challenges

Halal PMKS product in Lulu Hypermarket
PMKS product at Lulu Hypermarket

In terms of sectoral contribution, the Halal food & beverage sector continues to be a contributor
leading to the Malaysian halal economy with a total value of RM17.64 billion, followed by Bahan
Halal RM13.49 billion, Cosmetics & Personal Care RM2.44 billion, Palm Oil Derivatives RM1.71,
Industrial Chemicals RM0.75 billion and Halal Pharmaceuticals RM0.28 billion respectively
second to sixth place. 

Halal Ingredients and Palm Oil Derivatives showed an increase which is impressive from RM8.83 billion and RM0.89 billion in 2020, respectively.

Meanwhile, China has overtaken Singapore as the largest halal export destination on 2021 by RM4.6 billion and RM3.7 billion respectively, followed by Japan, the United States and Indonesia.

Direct investment in Halal Parks in Malaysia in 2021 also recorded growth of RM210 million from the previous year. This shows the appeal of the Halal industry a country with great potential despite facing the challenge of COVID-19 since 2020.

Halal PMKS product in Lulu Hypermarket
Enaq of the successful PMKS brand 

A total of 303 companies are operating in all 14 HALMAS-rated Halal Parks in throughout Malaysia, with 44 companies being multinational companies (MNCs), while 259 the company is a locally owned company.

HDC has set a high target for attracting and integrating at the very least 50,000 SMEs into the Malaysian Halal industry by 2030.

The increase from global demand in turn boosted the flow of Halal trade international and Malaysia is following from the transition to the Endemic Phase as well the opening of the international border which begins April 1 ago. 

Hence this campaign target to increase all the Halal PMKS product in the market and it is good opportunity for all SMEs to grab the chance and of course do consult with HDC as they are the one stop solutions for your Halal journey to begin. How I wish I had the opportunity to make my own Halal food product and have it on the international shelves. 

As for now don’t forget to buy the Halal PMKS products and support the local!


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