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FILM REVIEW : MAT KILAU KEBANGKITAN PAHLAWAN. | Jagalah Bangsa, Jagalah Agama or also can be translate to take care of your race, take care of your religion. One powerful verse by Arwah Mat Kilau before he left the world. As someone who born in Pahang, I felt that I must watch the film Mat Kilau, and Alhamdulillah I received an invite from Kak Fariza to this meaningful preview.

The night of preview was definitely one of the epic film previews where you can see many people wearing the Malay traditional costume. The whole GSC at Starling Mall were booked for the film preview. As a woman from Pahang, I of cos wearing a Kurung Pahang for the preview night. 

mat kilau preview night,
me during the film preview

Firstly, Kudos to Studio Kembara Sdn Bhd. for making this film, Studio Kembara offered to enliven the country's existing film industry. They are determined to produce quality films that entertain and carry messages which benefit the audience as well as all walks of life. The approach was taken by Studio Kembara also helps the government the in development level of thinking of the community, appreciating the services of past fighters, love of country, and willingness to fight advancing religion, nation, and country. In the long run, Studio Kembara also ambitious to become a credible film producer who can compete with film producers from outside country.

The film titled Mat Kilau - Kebangkitan Pahlawan is hoped and expected to get a response warm as well as being a psychological breaker that sparked a confidence bar to industry players local entertainment and so on stepping further forward. Studio Kembara chose to produce an inspirational film from this true story to highlight character prominence recorded by history. 

Who is Mat Kilau?

biografi mat kilau,

Mat Kilau (Jawi: مت كيلاو; born Mat Kilau bin Imam Rasu before changing his name to Mohamed bin Ibrahim with the title Mat Siam, Jawi: مت سيام; s. 1866–67 - 16 August 1970) was a Malay warrior who fought against the British colonialists in Pahang. His mother was Mahda, the daughter of Tok Kaut Burau. Mat Kilau is believed to have been born in about 1865–1867 in Kampung Masjid, Pulau Tawar, Jerantut, Pahang.(wikipedia)

There are many historical records of wisdom and his courage. There are also British records found acknowledging his great influence  to the society of the time in evoking the spirit of defending dignity the Malay nation and the sovereignty of the land of Pahang. Many are unaware of the existence of British records which recorded the movement of a bear led by Mat Kilau had caused destruction and bear losses to the British.

Mat Kilau exemplifies the masculinity sift that is always needed in every age. One a strong leader adheres to religion, Malay culture, maturity, good morals, love homeland, brave and willing to sacrifice to defend his homeland from any form aggression. He is also recognized as a national figure. 

Wrong history needs to be corrected. He is a figure who defends the homeland and not rebels as labeled by the British government in the history books. Great service of the figure this needs to be remembered for a long time and can be a good example to our society. 

Synopsis of Film Mat Kilau : Kebangkitan Pahlawan.

adi putra, beto kusyairi,fattah amin, ali hakimi in mat kilau,

This Mat Kilau film tells the story of a Malay hero Mat Kilau with his father Tok Gajah and his friends to rise against the occupation British. In 1892 the colonial party of the British occupied lands in Pahang. British claimed the results of the land owned by Pahang the Malay people and interfering in customary affairs and the religion of the Malay people. Do not allow barbarity British in the land of Pahang is extensive, Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah, and his friends rise against the British.

The wisdom of Mat Kilau and Tok Gajah in planning resistance caused the British party to experience pressure and losses until it occurred an epic battle. 


Dato Adi Putra, Beto Kusyairi , Fattah Amin, Ali Hakimi in Mat Kilau.
Dato Adi Putra, Beto Kusyairi , Fattah Amin, Ali Hakimi in Mat Kilau.

A Syamsul Yusof film starring many of the country's great actors. Among them are Dato Adi Putra, Beto Kusyairy, Fattah Amin, Yayan Ruhian, Johan As'ari, Dato Jalaluddin Hassan, A. Galak, Nam Ron, Shaharuddin Thamby and Datuk Rahim Razali.

The film revolves around the struggle of Mat Kilau and his comrades-in-arms against the colonialists in Pahang. The plot of the film travels quite well, when it depicts the conflict that takes place between the struggle for the homeland and the responsibility towards the family.

ellie suriaty scene in mat kilau,
Ellie Suriaty short scene but gave a great impact on this film

yayan ruhian in mat kilau,
Hollywood actor, Yayan Ruhian

In fact, it also displays the complicated conflicts that take place between the heroes. Conflicts - these conflicts have strengthened the plot of the story. Exciting combat action, especially from Yayan Ruhian. His agile martial arts moves are very mesmerizing, my husband always his great fans and seeing his live during the preview is such an honor to me. 

Beto Kusyairy's acting is seen most prominently. He manages to bring the character of Wahid, who is a hero whose soul is wounded by the tragedy that befell his life. Dato Adi Putra managed to play the character of Mat Kilau who is calm and unpretentious. Apart from that, praise also deserves to be given to Fattah Amin who is seen to be able to carry Awang's character effectively, and no wonder he can do silat well, he learn Silat Fatani before and compete in a competition.

main character film mat kilau,
all the main characters during the preview night

Meanwhile, the director managed to convey a meaningful message to the audience. Especially, about the struggle for the homeland and living with God. The Malay race is an open race that is weak, but becomes weak, because of bad attitudes that damage this race itself. If you are able to uphold Islam beyond custom, then the strength of the ummah will be born.

orang putih in mat kilau filem,
the orang putih character is so alive and make me hate them so much. haha

I was content to watch the film, even though it wasn’t entirely perfect. This film that "inspires" Malay heroes should be multiplied in the future. Besides being able to evoke the spirit of Malay Islam. It also gives awareness, of the struggles and sacrifices of Malay warriors in the past, for the peace that we have today. It is a good lesson for all Malaysian in whatever race you are, we have to protect our country from the others for the sake of our kid's, grandkids' future.

Overall, I gave 8.5/10 for Mat Kilau - Kebangkitan Pahlawan. It's a must watch movies this year and hopefully more of this will be make in the future.

Let's watch in the cinema on June 23 okay! Do book your ticket today, and I also saw Pahangites in KL are going to watch the film together at MyTown. It sure will be a great day to join with them gais.


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