Book your Qurban Easily with Berkat Korban at AEON Retail.

Amirrah Othman
Book your Qurban Easily with Berkat Korban at AEON Retail. | In less than a month, Muslims all over the world will celebrate another Eid, that is Eid Adha. One of the Ibadah that Allah seeks His ummah to do during the celebration is Hajj and Qurbani.

Qurbani usually will be done at the nearest Mosque or Surau but did you know that you can register it shopping Mall too? This year, AEON continues ‘BERKAT KORBAN’ to provide convenience to all Muslim as easy as ‘From mosque to shopping mall’.

Berkat Korban AEON 2022,

Berkat Korban 2022.

AEON CO. (M) BHD. (AEON) continues its efforts to provide facilities to Muslims who want to perform ‘korban’ this year by continuing the "Berkat Korban 2022". AEON has introduced the Berkat Korban in 2020 and 2021 where it has facilitated Muslims to perform their korban during the Movement Control Order (PKP). 

This year is the third year that AEON has implemented the Berkat Korban program which has received good response from various parties before. 

Berkat Korban AEON 2022,

For Berkat Korban 2022, AEON collaborated with Yayasan Islam Darul Ehsan (YIDE), Koperasi Kelab Generasi Transformasi Ruminan Malaysia Berhad (Koperasi GTR) and Town farm

According to Dr. Kasuma Satria Mat Jadi, Chief Human Resource Officer and Director of Corporate Communications of AEON, “We are very grateful to be able to once again realise the Berkat Korban program this year. On the encouraging response received previously, we feel a responsibility to continue to provide this service to Muslim community. This program will facilitate their affairs where the order of sacrificial meat only needs to be done via phone call or online, ” 

“AEON is the first shopping mall in Malaysia to introduce such a program. All korban will go through a strict SOP process and Shariah compliant in ensuring that the Muslims who participate can perform the ibadah properly, ” he added. 

Berkat Korban 2022 will be implemented across all AEON, AEON BiG and MaxValu outlets. 

The Berkat Korban 2022 provides two categories of korban, namely cows and goats. A cow weighing 210kg to 250kg will be divided into seven (7) parts, the price set for one part is RM880

While the price of a goat weighing 28kg to 30kg is RM1,200. This price is the same for those who want to donate their share of the sacrifice to the Asnaf. 

Berkat Korban AEON 2022,

AEON is targeting 1,000 cows and 200 goats for the program AEON also introduced Ustaz Don Daniyal Don Biyajid as the icon of Berkat Korban 2022. 

Ustaz Don Daniyal said, “I am grateful to be able to work with AEON for the Berkat Korban 2022. Apart from strengthening the brotherhood and friendship of every community and being able to perform ibadah for themselves and be donated to the needy, this effort can help generate economic growth for local farmers. Alhamdulillah, every slaughtering and processing work is also done in a controlled environment to ensure that the slaughter results are shariah compliant, clean and of high quality in line with halal toyyiban. ” 

During the MCO last 2 years many Mosque and Musolla limit the Qurban numbers, but this years things will be go back to normal. Thus, Afdhal for all Muslim to perform the Ibadah in our country. And it is also Sunnah for the one who make Qurban to eat their meat of the Qurban, and if you want to give to the others, it is also Sunnah for you to delivered it yourself.

Berkat Korban AEON 2022,

Hence, Qurban with AEON you will be able to perform the Sunnah practice with ease. The meat will be process with good practice and Shariah Compliance.

The Berkat Korban 2022 initiative is in line with AEON's efforts to champion the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity and provide awareness of every development must be balanced with social, economic and environmental sustainability. 

For booking purposes, customers only need to come to Berkat Korban counters at all AEON branches nationwide or can also contact Suebaidah Sidek at 012-759 1816 and go to for more information.

Berkat Korban AEON 2022,

In a hadith narrated by at-Tirmidzi, Ibnu Majah and Hakim, the Prophet s.a.w said :

“There is no act by the sons of Adam on Eidul Adha that is more pleasing to Allah then by the outpouring of blood ( the slaughter of the sacrificial animal). Verily the sacrificial animal will come on the day of judgement with its horn, hooves and skin and Allah will grant the blessings of the Qurban even before the blood of the animal reaches the ground. Therefore, make good your Qurban.”

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