Barbie Premiere Night and Movie Review.

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Barbie Premiere Night and Movie Review. | Barbie fever has started in Malaysia since the release of Barbie the movie recently. I was invited to watch the Premiere of Barbie at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, celebrated the Gala Premiere of the highly anticipated movie ‘Barbie’ on the 18th July 2023. The event marked the official start of ‘Barbie’ fever, with the movie set to release on 20th July 2023.


Barbie Hijab in box,

The Gala Premiere of ‘Barbie’ at Pavilion KL was a star-studded affair, attracting local celebrities, influencers, and media who gathered at the mall, donning their most pink-tastic outfit to witness the movie premiere of ‘Barbie’ at Dadi Cinema.

Azfar Heri with fans
My daughter with Azfar Heri

The premiere was made even more exceptional as Pavilion KL is the only shopping mall in Malaysia to roll out a pink carpet. Shoppers can witness the Longest Barbie Street and strike their most fabulous poses at the stunning Barbie Pop-up displays at Connection, Level 3, now until 31st July 2023.

Barbie pink carpet KL,

The magic doesn’t stop there! Shoppers can check out all the Barbie collections available in the mall. Let your inner Barbie shine and explore all Barbie outfits and accessories at Aldo, Cotton On, Fossil and Zara,among others. After all your  shopping, grab your Barbie-approved tea break at EL&N, the most Instagrammable café in KL!

Barbie Movie Review.

Barbie Movie Review

Barbies and Kens of Barbieland are literal representations of Mattel's numerous dolls who dwell in an ideal doll land devoid of organic stuff such as liquids and genitals. Robbie plays Stereotypical Barbie (who we'll just refer to as Barbie without any qualifiers), while Ryan Gosling plays Beach Ken. 

Barbies govern everything in their world, and Kens are their amusing companions. Men are also second-class citizens, with women controlling all of the crucial positions, autonomy, and even residences, despite the fact that Barbie has no idea where they go at night. 

Barbie and Ken travel to the real world when she begins to exhibit the surprising changes observed in the trailer, where they have two very different reactions: Barbie falls into an existential crisis as she begins to question her existence. And that's where the adventure starts in this movie.

For me, this movie is fun to watch even though you are not a Barbie fan, but if you are, you will go ahhhh and wowwing Barbieland. Hence, Barbie movie does have some element that is too mature for kids, like my daughter who keeps asking me what and why.

But anyhow this movie is fun and so pink-tastic! 3.8/5 stars for it.

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