NEW Provita by Secret Desire is Now in the Market!

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NEW Provita by Secret Desire is Now in the Market! | Rozita Baharom or also known Cheta PotPet has been sharing her transformation for the past several years. Her secret is not a secret anymore by her beloved followers and consumers since 2014 as she established her brands Secret Desire Skin Care & Cosmetics.

The company that manufactures various cosmetics and skin care products now has more than 45 products from this brand. Recently, Secret Desire is launching the latest botanical drink product from Secret Desire Skin Care & Cosmetics, Provita which works to helps for brightening skin, reduce acne, help pigmentation problems, and help to strengthen the body's immune system.

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Provita by Secret Desire

According to Cheta, this latest ProVita is a new innovation product that has been upgraded from the previous product which was in powder form. Provita White New is expected to help more people with its concentrated and effective content.

Enriched with the main ingredient, Opitac - which acts as an antioxidant agent that fights free radical problems that can help with aging problems and can give energy to anyone who drinks this botanical drink.

What differentiates Secret Desire - ProVita botanical drink from collagen drinks that are already on the market is that ProVita does not contain collagen. Not everyone is suitable to take collagen because it can cause weight gain and there are half of women's diseases that cannot be consumed.

So with that, these people can try ProVita as a food supplement to give energy, help skin problems, especially acne and pigmentation, and also free radical problems in the body with the help of Opitac antioxidants.

NEW Provita by Secret Desire Packaging

With the new formula and packaging, you can continue to eat ProVita anytime, anywhere without having to mix it before drinking. I also love this kind of packaging that is more easy to bring for travel or even in the small purse.

Ingredients of ProVita White New:

RO Water, Red Grape Juice, Powder, Elderberry Powder, Roselle Powder, Multivitamin, Grapeseed Extract, Opitac, Soybean Extract, Melon Fruit Extract, Licorice Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Inulin.

How to take Secret Desire - ProVita

Take 1 sachet before breakfast or before bed once a day. The product is suitable to be consume for those over 18 years of age.

Benefits of Provita

The ingredients in ProVita White New can help with problems:
  • Helps to beautifying and treating skin problems,
  • Helps whiten the skin,
  • Helps reduce acne,
  • Helps fade pigmentation scars,
  • Helps give energy,
  • Helps to strengthens the body's immune system.

ProVita doesn’t have any MAL number as it is classified as food, not a supplement. But anyway it has GMP & Mesti accreditation certificate and is currently in the process of obtaining a Halal certificate from JAKIM. 

Hence, once shouldn’t be worries to consume this product right?

Price of Secret Desire - ProVita:

1 box (7 packs): RM59.00
* You can go to the Secret Desire social page to see the latest promotions.

How to get Secret Desire - ProVita:

You can get ProVita through Secret Desire registered agents or through Secret Desire's official social site.

Contact: 016-418 7602
Facebook: Desirè One Stop Mall HQ

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