#Cabaran20HariPuasa : What Fasting Mean to You?

shamiera osment
Assalamualaikum and hai everyone...

Today will be the 10 day of Ramadhan.. How is your fasting jorney went to? I hope it went well.. On this 10 Ramadhan did you actually understood what is the meaning of fasting?

What fasting actually mean in Islam :

Fasting is called sawm in the Qur'an. The word sawm literally means "to abstain"

In Surat Maryam, Allah tells us about Mary(Mariam) that she said, (I have vowed a fast (sawm) for the sake of the Merciful, so today I shall not speak to anyone. ) (Maryam 19: 26). 

The meaning is “I have vowed to abstain from speaking to anyone today”. 

According to Shari'ah, the word (sawm means to abstain from all those things that are forbidden during fasting from the break of dawn to the sunset, and to do this with the intention of fasting.)

So basically when someone is fasting, he/she should abstain them self from drink or eat, or even smoke,and doing an intercourse from the break of dawn until sunset. Foremost one should avoid themself to do things that will reduce the deeds of the Fasting such as talking rubbish, doing and watching bad things...

fasting, mean of fasting?,

As for me, fasting mean that is a good time for me to discipline my self from my regular things I usually done. It is time for diet too..hihi .. And of cos the fasting month are the month to make more deeds as during the Ramadhan, Allah will double up the deeds that you do.. Is good right? Allah the Almighthy..

Last but not least, did you know many are fasting but did not even care to perform a solah? It actually really a waste because the most important thing is to Solah.. Solah is the number one rules in the five pillars of Islam... So as a mother I would love to take the opportunity to invite all parents to educate our kids to Solah first and then to fasting... You know there is a lot of people are fasting but did not perform their solah, but it is a rare things to found people that is Solah but did not fasting.. True right?

So everyone lets be a better Muslim...

Is time to change...

Salam Ramadhan Kareem,


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  1. puasa buat tetapi solat tidak..itu yg sealu dipandang remeh oleh muslim sekarang. Kena faham pengertian dan syaraq yg sebenarnya.

  2. puasa mengajar kita untuk lebih dekat pada Allah.

    Kita selalu lupakan?

  3. Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa siss.. Sorry for the late wish hehe

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