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Muslim Women who wear hijab have various style to wear the hijab especially during the special occasion and hari raya.

The Islamic fashion industry is skyrocketing every season and hijab styles have been evolving throughout the years. Women are seen to be flaunting various hijab style with their own signature look. However, there are a few hijab looks where women can pull off to any occasion as well as Raya looking spectacular. Women can create these hijab styles by looking through hijab tutorial videos on Youtube. 

Below are a few hijab styles for women:

1. Instant Shawl

Nowadays, women no longer have to go through the fuss of wrapping around their shawls or hijabs and worrying how it looks in the mirror. There is a wide collection of instant shawls available in the market where women can choose and easily style it. Instant shawl is one of my favorite shawl because it really easy to wear and you still look beautiful wearing it...

Naelofa by Zalora
Naelofar by Zalora

2.    Turkish Hijab

Do you love the simplicity yet elegance of the Turkish hijab? Tie your hair up in a huge bun and wear a simple hijab to enhance your appearance. The high bun inside your hijab gives that nice sophisticated look which you can style to dinner parties and even to work.

turkish hijab
Turkish style?

3.    Turban

The turban is definitely a modern hijab style where cosmopolitan muslimah ladies are seen flaunting around town. Turban hijabs are suitable for the ladies who want to expose an extra glamorous element into their outfits. Besides that, the turban hijab allows women to play around by accessorizing the neck part with statement necklaces. Show off this look to dinners, at the office or on a special occasion.

yunalis zarai, turban. yuna
Yuna love Turban

4.   Simple Wrap

A simple hijab wrap is perfect for women to style as an everyday fashion look. With one end shorter than the other, wrap the short end in front and pull the longer end around to the back of your head and pin it. This hijab style is the most common choice for women as it looks stylish in its own way without putting much effort... I do simple wrap on special occasions because wearing a shawl quite challenging for messy girl like me..hihi

Simple wrap

So which one is your choice for your hari Raya? Got the idea or maybe you want to add more idea? Do leave me a comment alright!

I'm the Hijabista,

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