#Cabaran20Hari : Iftar Must Have Menu!

shamiera osment
Salam everyone...

Today will be the 13th day of Ramadhan... So far what is your favorite menu? Or something that you should have for Iftar?

As for me, what is Ramadhan without bubur lambuk? I'm a big fan of bubur lambuk.. But it is hard to find a really good bubur lambuk that suit my taste... 

Bubur Lambuk have so many version differ to every state in Malaysia. My choice of cos the Bentong version.. The one with "Pucuk Paku Merah" in it... Hihi...

Bubur Lambuk Terengganu has "Budu: in it.. I never taste it..I wonder how does it taste..surely good right?

During this Ramadhan, you can esily found this bubur lambuk in the Bazaar Ramadhan and you even can get it for free! Yes, free! Usually during Ramadhan many organization will held an event to giveaway this bubur lambuk to everyone in the area...

So did you know how to make bubur lambuk? Honestly, my experience making bubur lambuk is only during my diploma time. We the hoteliers making the bubur lambuk and we distribute it to everyone in UiTM Dungun.. It was a hectic experience because the preparation was long and everyone is fasting...

That's all for now... Do leave me a comment, I want to know your favorite Iftar menu too!

Lets Have Bubur Lambuk for Iftar Today Peeps!

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  1. hah..baru ingat org dok cerita bubur lambuk pucuk paku.. tetibe akak up story pulak.. hehehe x pernah try lagi..

  2. Bubur lambuk ganu mmg best.. Tak rugi kalau cuba hehe

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