#Cabaran20Hari : Simple Sahur Dishes Ever!

By shamiera osment - 12:28:00

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Salam Ramadhan Kareem, this will be another post for the #Cabaran20Hari Puasa/Raya by Exchange Feed Group... This time is about the Simple Sahur Dishes...

What is your sahur simple menu/dishes? 

If you ask me, my simple menu or dishes if is there nothing in the ice box, I will go for Chinese Fried Rice... 

nasi goreng cina,
source : google

But my version with be more simple than the picture above.. It will only have rice+egg+carrot... and if there is no carrot in the refrigerator, it will be just a rice and egg..hihi.. 

As simple as 1,2,3 you can have your own version fried rice...

Firstly saute the garlic,Secondly add rice,Third add egg and mix well,Lastly season to taste...

There you go, the simple sahur menu...Eat it with a dash of Soy sauce and cut chillies...


Mind sharing what your favourite menu for sahur?

Happy Fasting!

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  1. Tak perlu mewah2 sgt hidangan.. Asal kenyang dh ckup..
    Btw nasi goreng nmpk sdp sgt 👍