Product Review : Collagen CC Cream Raily by Raily Cosmetics

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Product Review : Collagen CC Cream Raily by Raily Cosmetics. | Hi everyone, I'm back with a new product review. Every woman dream to have beautiful flawless skin and many are willing to spend their money for it. They said it was an investment for the future. 

And today I would to introduce you with a new product which is  Collagen CC Cream Raily from Raily Cosmetics that contains SPF 50 that can protect your skin from  UV and UVB.

Collagen CC Cream Raily are using the technology from France and it contains Salmon Collagen that is proven can treat your skin problem from the inside.

The usual cosmetic product in the market are using the Talapia Collagen, but Collagen CC Cream Raily is the only product in the market that are using Salmon Collagen. So did you know the benefit of Salmon Collagen?

Benefits of Salmon Collagen :

  • 7 times more goodness than Talapia Collagen in other usual product in the market
  • Brighter the skin
  • Repairing skin structure
  • Flawless the skin
  • Reducing the scar
  • Reducing wrinkage 
  • and others

The best thing about this Collagen CC Cream Raily it works as all an one product. It works as a moisturizer, sun screen, whitening, and also a make up base. So you did not need a day cream, sunblock and compact powder any more. Cool right?  

Advantage Collagen CC Cream Raily

By using all-in-one Collagen CC Cream Raily you are one way to get flawless and beautiful skin. There is so many advantages that you can get from the Collagen CC Cream Raily, including;
  • membuatkan wajah berseri dan bersinar
  • reduce and remove the oil from your skin
  • making your skin flawless
  • tighten your skin
  • free acne skin
  • anti aging treatment 
  • refreshing your face
  • cover up your pores
  • protect you from UV & UVB rays
  • blemish the pigmentation
  • repairing the skin structure inside and outside
  • enhance your skin tone

Collagen CC Cream also safe to be used. It has KKM, HALAL and GMP certified.

How to use Collagen CC Cream : 

Apply to face and neck liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. 

Review Collagen CC Cream by Raily Cosmetics

This CC Cream has a great packaging where it has a gold and beautiful color. It also uses the pump out technique and allow us to minimize or usage and also enhance the hygienic when applying it. Usually, when I'm using the other cc cream I had to use my bare hand to scope it out and sometimes if I had to pour it out, I will usually be the messy girl that always pours it excessively... hahaha

The bottle also have a transparent line where we can indicate the cream amount. So if the cream is about to be finished we can order another one as soon as possible right? And with the cute and light bottle we can easily put it in our handbag. It such a convenient way to have it anywhere that you go.

What I love more about this cream is the all-in-one function. Such an easy and faster way to be beautiful and have your beautiful routine. It also has SPF50 that can protect your skin from the bad uv rays. And even though I has a tan skin, this cream are suitable for me. It make look natural. It really blends well with my skin tone. 

This cc cream also have a light weight texture when you apply it to your skin. It did not make your skin oily. It also waterproof because I try to take my wuduk and all my make up still ok..But it is not the right way to take your wuduk ok..hihihi 


For and foremost this cc cream did not leave a trace at my hijab even I wear it for almost a day. Great things right! Overall , I really found this CC Cream Raily is a great cream. Easy, Convenient and Affordable!

My rate for this cream : 3.8/5

Product Information

Name : Collagen CC Cream by Raily
Weight : 15ml
Price : Semenanjung Malaysia RM69.00
You will get : 1 Collagen cc cream + FREE postage + SPECIAL free GIFT

Price : Sabah & Sarawak RM75.00
You will get : 1 Collagen cc cream + FREE postage + SPECIAL free GIFT
How to order : WhatsApp/ sms +6011-3295 8062 / +6017-903 2179 

Website :
Facebook : RailyCosmetic
Instagram :

Do check out their Instagram and FB page if you want to have one!

Raily Satisfied Customer,

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