Top 25 Mommy Blogger to Follow in Malaysia.

Top 25 Mommy Blogger to Follow in Malaysia. | Hi everyone, as one of mommy blogger in Malaysia I had a few connection with mommy blogger. Many of them are the one that I always met during the event 

Lets get to know this Malaysian blogger that you might have already know or maybe not. There is so many new output you can get from this blogger because they have their own lifestyle for others to follow. 

Top 25 Mommy Blogger to Follow in Malaysia is :


Siti Awadah is a mom 6 children. I never met her but this amazing mom is a founder of Bites Consultant. She has great knowledge about blog and I bet u want to learn many things from her. This year I manage to join Biters Group and gain so many new knowledge from Awa.


Kinah is a full time blogger and a fulltime housewife, with a beautiful daughter Thahirah. I met Thahirah twice and she is so energetic and adorable kids like her mom.


Liez is a mom of 2 growing children and expecting her 3 children is a fulltime housewife. Eh she actually have give birth when I'm continue writing this posting. Liez is also a supermom who do part time food business and famous with her Vietnamese Spring roll. If you wanted to try her Spring Roll do contact her.


Afizah Rahman also know as Fiza is a part time blogger with 4 kids. She working with a corporate company and have been blogging more than 5 years.


Emphi Yap known more as Mrs Pip on her blog and social media is an ex-engineer. She left her profession to concentrate more on her 3 boys. Mrs.Pip is one of the blogger in Sabah.


I remember first time meeting Fadzi was at one beauty event and she was pregnant her first baby. And now she has 2 cute boys and stop going to event and more focusing on working from home. She also a ghost writer and I do adore her work.


Shalimar is part time blogger who working fulltime in AADK stands for Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan. Shalimar also more friendly with her nickname cikma is a mother of two and stay in Terengganu. I really missed Terengganu, I spent 3 years in Terengganu during my Diploma.


Mimi Azirah, a mother of 3 also give birth to a newborn this 2020. I think we just a month apart. Mimi is a mom and part time blogger who love pink. 


Aida Hanfiah, a part time blogger and also a working mother. She has 3 children and love to blogging to share her stories for everyone benefits and to fulfill her passion. 


Bonde also her real Zaidalifah is a mom to one beautiful daughter. Bonde is actually Bonda-a title for mom in Malay, and Bonde are more friendly with the nickname. Bonde is a fulltime blogger live in Selangor and I had chance to met her several times during event.


Ajumohit is fulltime blogger and a fulltime worker at PUNB. She is from Triang,Pahang and have 3 children. 


Kak Gojes or KG is a partime mommy blogger with 3 children. She lives in Ranau, Sabah. Her blog content various lifestyle topics from her writing.


Azni is the writer at is also a UX Designer. Azni is a part time blogger with a son and using the blog as her family diaries.


Alia Farhan is a mom for two princess live in Penang. She love to share cooking resepi, parenting tips, travel and beauty tips. She used to live in Australia and you can find many tips about Australia in her blogs. 


Nor Azlina Mohd Ali or Ina is a blogger of 3 children. She lives in Pahang and a blogger since 2013. She currently doing a ghostwriter service. 


Lisa is a fulltime blogger and a mother for 2 children. She also a freelance content writer and blog many parenting tips on her blog.


Ummi Zarra also known as Nora is one of the blogger that is closed to me when I first blogging. She live in next block from my house before but too bad she have move in to Negeri Sembilan after married. Nora have to children and of course her daughter name Zarra and also same age with my Zahra. Almost 3 year I didn't met her and I wish we could met again someday.


Azlinda is mommy for 3 kids and I also know her for several years. I've met her few times especially during parenting event and I learn many tips from her too. Kak Linda is currently a AIA Insurance Agent and if you wanted to buy a insurance feel free to contact her!


Fiza is part time blogger and a mother of two. She loves to blog about parenting and beauty tips. She also got new job this year and work at IPD Bukit Aman.


Siti Rohaida is a writer from is a mommy blogger from Johor. She doing a business as her main job and selling educational books and toys. You can go to her blog and found it more at the My Litto Shop tab.


Shahada Fauzi or also known as CikSha is a blogger with 3 little children. She also a designer and helps many blogger to design their blog and also business card. 


Cahaya Hayati also known as Yati or I also called her Kak T is a moomy blogger for 3 children. She lives in Kedah and have been blogging for more than 5 years. 


Hanny Abdullah is a writer at Diary Mama is a mother to a beautiful daughter. Kak Hanny also a very active blogger that I've known for several years. We've met few times during many events and Kak Hanny also a Nilofa agent, if you wanted to buy the Banana Milk you can contact her.


Fuzy also known as Umi is a mother for 6 children. As a mother to 6 grown up children she has many experience in motherhood and when I met her she also sound like a mother to me. As one of the blogger in KL I've met her several times during events.


Yes, that's me! I'm a mother to 4 children right now and my eldest kid is 8 years old now. I love blogging about parenting and also I'm thankful I always got a job about parenting, thanxs to my children. You also can follow my instagram @shamieraosment where I share more about my kids activity. 

Hence, thats all for the top 25 Mommy Blogger you need to follow in Malaysia. You can follow their blog to learn more about parenting and of course you can learn so many recipe and tips to become a supermom! And last but not least all this blogger is from Bites Media Consultant . Bites Media Consultant have helps many blogger improve with their SEO knowledge and also have many satisfied client that they working with. Do contact us if you want to collaborate with us.

Stay Safe! 

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