Personalised Your Baby Gifts at RAPH&REMY™.

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Personalised Your Baby Gifts at RAPH&REMY™. | Newborn is a special gift for every parent and not every parent manage to get one. I'm very grateful for the blessing to have 4 children today, and 2020 give me new baby boy. Every child is special and every time I give birth I will bought new clothes for them to make it more personalize.

To make items more personalize many parent love to bought embroider item with their baby name on it. This embroider items gain high demand in the market and I came across with one of the famous baby personalized website from our neighbor in Singapore. Looking at the website makes me excited as it so lovely.


RAPH&REMY™ design personalized premium bamboo baby essentials and gifts for the chic and modern mama who won't compromise on quality. RAPH&REMY™ ensure baby's receive the best in quality to have the best possible start in life. They believe that love is in the details and exist to bring moments of joy and happiness to all new mamas and papas out there, throughout the entire customer journey experience. 

What makes me more attracted at their website have Giving Back tab where they are also passionate about giving back to their local community. You can read more about how they partner with The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission at the website.

Personalised Baby Gifts

Named after their two son's, RAPH&REMY™ is a family business set up by an Aussie and a Brit and run out of Singapore; their favorite city in Asia and the place they've called home for almost a decade. I bet they Malaysia too right? hahaha..anyway the inspiration behind the label coming from the gap they spotted in the market for people like themselves who looking for high quality, sustainable, chic and beautifully packaged baby products at affordable prices, along with their determination to help support and simplify the introduction into parenthood for others out there who are starting their own journey.

They’ve distilled all their knowledge and personal experience navigating the waters of early parenthood, to create a collection of premium quality baby gifting ideas. This includes truly essential items that will be relied on 7 days of the week; becoming loved and treasured for many years to come. Thus this personalized items is what mean to be for newborn and should be treasure when they grown up.


RAPH&REMY™ emphasis on premium quality materials, safety, originality and sustainability. To protect our precious babes and the environment, they work with leading eco-friendly textile manufacturers in Asia. This often costs them a little more, but the end product is a result they’re truly proud of. 

Even in the picture you can see their silky soft and sustainable bamboo textiles and apparels that are designed with the tropical climate in mind. This textiles won't cause allergic reactions on babies precious skin and are OEKO-TEX® certified to be free of harmful chemicals.

Gift Sets

The gift sets is one of my favorite in the list where you can all your favorites items from their products. The personalized gift set also a great gift you can give to new parent and you can even customized your dedication on your order. The gift box is so special to keep all the personalized items for years.You can be assured that you and your loved ones will be receiving a premium quality product that is useful and will be enjoyed for years to come with RAPH&REMY™.

So if you looking for premium baby essentials, designed for the tropical climate, beautifully packaged, and can be delivered with love, RAPH&REMY™ is the one you looking for. I will be more than happy to have it for my baby El Ghazy too. That's it, if you still looking for what to buy for my newborn do sent one of this items okay. :P

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