Superlight Mineral Foundation from Absolute Natural Beauty.

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Superlight Mineral Foundation from Absolute Natural Beauty. |
Foundation is important in everything we do, because if the foundation lousy the results will be lousy. Thus applied to make up itself, its crucial to use good foundation to ensure the make up last longer and flawless.

Hence, when my foundation finished last month I try to look for new foundation that is natural based from the local supplier and I'm so glad that my friends introduce me Absolute Superlight Mineral Foundation by Absolute 1618. 

Absolute 1618 is a Malaysian product that is verified with NOT KKM and also listed on under Matrade e-commerce program. This product is absolutely Halal and also a vegan product. This wudhu' friendly product also made with Cruelty Free! 

Loving this product that made from 100% pure Roseship Oil, whereas you can sense the Rosy scent from the first pump of it. Currently, Absolute 1618 has two product under it that is a serum and also foundation and I beg this two items is most important product in skincare and make up routine right?

Absolute Superlight Mineral Foundation 

Absolute Superlight Mineral Foundation contains active ingredients include 100% pure Rosehip Oil, titanium dioxide, isononyl isononanoate with natural shimmer from mineral muscovite mica. The Absolute SPF60 weightless foundation is formulated with broad-spectrum UV protection and boost natural moisture of your skin for a youthful, radiance complexion. 

Absolute beauty products are full of nutrients for the skin, allow the skin to breathe, heal and nourishes the skin. At the same time, it can be easily washed - wudhu friendly. This unique color-adjusting foundation works to adapt to your color skin and suitable for every skin tone.


Water, Rosehip Oil, titanium dioxide, isononyl isononanoate, cyclopentasiloxane (Vegan), chlorphenesin (Organic), phenoxyethanol (Vegan)

Benefits : 
  • Fast absorption
  • Mineral-based makeup
  • Oil control
  • Anti-aging properties
  • UV protection
  • Even skin tone and flawless complexion
Because it infused with rose water you can easily smell the roses sense when you applied it your face. And for a tips, you need to shake well the bottle before you pump it and reapply the second layer for more glowy and dewy looks. I love the superlight texture of this foundation and the color is suitable for my skin too!

Absolute Primer Serum

Absolute Primer Serum contains active ingredients include 100% pure Rosehip Oil, stemcell and Vitamin E that boost your radiance and nourish your skin. This fast-absorbing serum features antioxidants and SPF30 protects your skin from premature ageing and the effects of UV rays. It has good oil control and is suitable for all skin types. Use as a primer to add a subtle highlight and work best with Absolute Superlight Mineral Foundation for soft dewy glow, ideal for your daily makeup routine.


Water, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Stemcell, EDTA

Benefits :
  • Mineral based
  • Ultralight
  • Boost skin hydration
  • Ideal for long wearing
  • Heal and renew skin cells
  • Rejuvenates
  • Easy wash+wudhu's friendly
  • Easy to apply

This Primer Serum really soothe my skin after the application and it really absorb fast. The rosy sense its lovely and calming for me. I love the formulation of the serum which it is good for anti aging as I in mid 30's and really need to take care my skin. And yes, it have SPF30 that is good to avoid pigmentation. 

If you interested to buy this product, both product are selling at retail price RM65 for 30ml. It is an affordable Natural Product from our local market. During this Pandemic Covid-19, I hope everyone will start supporting our local scene, local product because we need to grow up our economy back right. Our local product also can go global like how Absolute 1618 made in and much more. 

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