Fun E-Learning Program with Pandai Video and Pandai Application.

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Fun E-Learning Program with Pandai Video and Pandai Application. | Covid-19 has biggest impact to children learning process and as for my 2 children, they starting to feel boring with learn from home system. The number one issue of course it is not interactive and the second issue is there is no teacher to monitor the learning process.

After 3 months self learning kids feeling demotivated because there is no urge from the teacher and also competition from others friend doesn't feel so real. Thus, parents have to find another initiative to makes learning more fun and interactive.

Pandai Video

Kids love watching YouTube right? And I found that my kids can easily catch up things from YouTube/Video. There is a lot of video we can found in the YouTube but somehow we cannot easily trust the information. Therefore Pandai Educational Sdn. Bhd. with collaboration with Malaysian's Teacher also Kangaroo Math Malaysia come out with Pandai Video and Application. Kangaroo Math Malaysia is well known with their Kangaroo Math Competition, and with Pandai Application student can access thousand of past year question for this competition. 

E-Learning known as fun and interactive learning for student but in Malaysia this approach is not very popular. Hence, Covid-19 urge all school to be closed and make the e-learning a number one choice for student to learn from home. 

Pandai Video has so many benefits that includes :

1. FREE Access to all Videos.
2. All the video are prepared for Year 1 to Form 5 student.
3. Video compilation were arranged according to subject, grade, topic and sub-topic.
4. All video are always up-to-date.
5. All video are following the standard of Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) and  Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah (KSSM), Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM).

This new initiative from able to attract more student, teachers and parent because it is TIME CONSUMING, ENERGY SAVING and COST SAVING in ensuring the education system is effective and efficient. If you interested about this Pandai Video, you can go to this link below and learn more about it ;

Primary School : 

Secondary School : 

Pandai Video:

You can watch this testimonial video on how he utilize Pandai Video for his SPM preparation.

Pandai Application are not limited to their web where it also comes with an application to ease their user. Pandai Application offer fun and interactive virtual learning for student. This application can helps student to make revision, non-stop practice and also can monitor student grade so they can always strive to be more successful.

Pandai Application offers ; FREE Daily Quiz, Topical Test, Exam Paper, and Preparation Paper for core and elective subject. The core and elective subject that includes in this Application is Mathemathics, Sciences, and English for Year 1 until Form 3. For Form 4 and Form 5 students it includes ; Mathemathics, Add Math, Sciences, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

Among the benefits of using  Pandai Applications are :

1. Contains quiz questions, tests and exams based on the school syllabus. 
2. Students will receive FIVE FREE QUESTIONS for each subject, every day based on a specific topic.
3. Receive instant feedback through scoring such as correct answers, solutions and detailed explanations.
4. Student can revise again quiz and past test results.
5. Student can analyze their performance and statistics for each subject.

As a parent I found that this application is really great and can benefit my kids so much. It really help my son who only holding phone not a pencil due his writing quite a mess. But still I need to work it out too right? But then till then just go to if you wanted to download this application. I hope it can gave other parent ease of mind during this RMCO that still unknown until when. hehe 

Last but not least, do download Pandai Application on your Google Store or Apple Store now!

For more information about this go to :

Website : 
Facebook : @pandaiofficial
Instagram : @pandaiofficial

Happy Learning!

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  1. thanks for sharing tentang ni..Boleh nanti war-warkan kepada rakan-rakan untuk anak mereka

  2. Bagus ada platform macam ni untuk anak2 belajar