Innovative Profhilo by Dr.Alice Total Wellness.

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Innovative Profhilo by Dr.Alice Total Wellness. | Beauty is very subjective to everyone and in the mid of 30's, I found that my aging skin has many new complexion. Being a wife and a blogger, is crucial to take care of my appearance because it will determine my confident level when I'm meeting someone. 

Hence, I've been searching for solution to treat the issue with various product and skincare but I failed to do so. The great solution for it actually relies with the aesthetic treatment and recently, I've been introduced with Dr.Alice Total Wellness, an integrated beauty medical centre led by Dr.Alice Prethima Michael

Dr.Alice Prethima Michael is a highly experienced, licensed and qualified doctor that has been in the Aesthetic, medical cosmetic and wellness for the past two decades. Her involving in this industry has set the standard of Malaysia's Medical Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Wellness industry by using the latest FDA approved technologies. Dr.Alice was an OBGYN doctor before and left her wonderful job because of her passion in the beauty industry. 

You definitely can't guess her true age by looking at her young and beautiful appearance right? One of Dr.Alice patient told that she has a magic hand. She definitely know what your need, and as her tagline 'Come as you are, leave as you wishes' has made many happy with her touch. Mrs. Malaysia World, Mrs. Priyaa Simmi also one of the happy patient that is very satisfied with Dr.Alice touched. I'm so glad to be invited to witness her magic touch with a Profhila innovation. 

Dr.Alice Prethima and Mrs.Malaysia World, Mrs. Priyaa Simmi 

Dr Alice Facial Rejuvenation Method (Profhilo)

Dr Alice Total Wellness centre in now proud to be using Profhilo, a revolutionary bio remodelling injectable that addresses skin laxity as well as signs of aging by stimulating collagen, elastin and adipocyte stem cells that have been lost due to the aging process. Using 100% pure Hyaluronic acid their can now intervene with the aging process, bio stimulates the skin to create elasticity and improve collagen production. Sustainable long lasting results without the use of chemical cross linking agents which will mean reduced inflammation for the patient, making it a smooth and comfortable process overall. It also provides tissue repair process, 20% increase in skin hydration and quality, allowing you to maintain the supple and full youthful texture of your skin for a long time. Results also last up to 1 year making it a much more long lasting treatments than most of its peers in the market. 

" Once again I try to bring the latest technology and treatments to my centres and Profhilo is another treatment using my injectable methodologies that will ensure patient comfort and satisfaction. Aging is a natural thing, but that doesn't mean we can no longer enjoy the smooth and suppleness that our facial skin once enjoyed. I continue to make strides and breakthroughs so that my patients who are facing aging can age in a comfortable natural way while enjoying youthful and healthy skin." 
          Said Dr Alice Prethima Micheal, founder of Dr Alice Total Wellness and Ageless Medispa. 

Benefits Profhilo :

  • Bio-stimulates elastin, 4 types of collagen and hydration in the 3 main layers of the skin.
  • Provides firming, tightening and lifting effect to the skin.
  • Improves overall skin quality and hydration
  • Fast and effective treatment with minimal pain and downtime.
  • Provides tissue repair process, ideal for acne scarring.

So how the treatment will be done? Treatment will be done by Dr.Alice and before the procedure patient will be brief about how the procedure will be. And Dr. Alice will suggest and consult with the patient the area that will need to be treat. Dr.Alice will mark the face and local aesthetic will be injected.

After the local, patient will be injected with the Profhilo. The procedure was painless and fast. You can see instant result after the injection eventhough it will be a slightly numb effect after it. You can see much more different after one day of the procedure and there is no downtime for this treatment. Not like any fillers treatment, this treatment can last up to 1 years and it only cost you RM4000 for two session. And yes, it is promotion price that you should grab now! 

Before and after
If you not a fan of needle, you can also try other treatment from Dr.Alice Shine Bright series. You can enjoy 40% discount now until 1st September 2020 for Dr.Alice Gold Laser, Dr.Alice Thread Lift using Aptos Thread and also Dr.Alice Shine Bright Program. I totally drooling to try one of the treatment by Dr.Alice and hopefully I will get the chance to try it out someday. 

For futher information : 

1. Dr Alice Ageless Medispa 
257, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel : 03-20950458 

2. Dr Alice Anti Aging 
62-1 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru 
59100 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel : 03-22820994 

3. Dr Alice Klinik 
46, Lorong Batu Nilam 21-A, 
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, 
41200 Klang. 
Tel : 03-33246994 

Instagram : dralice_prethima 

Anyway, it is your choice to make a different to yourself! 🥰 


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  1. Nasib baik lah percubaan ni sesuai dengan kulit muka ... jadi eloklah sambung dan tidak lagi guna jenama lain.

  2. Teringin nak wat face treatment ni sis ada masalah kulit pigmentasi..kalau tak sakit boleh cuba..sis ni penakut sikit haha

  3. That is really a quick & fast treatment with no down time or redness for such promising results in no time.

  4. wah instant glowing nampaknya. harga promosi tu murah je, boleh la BBL try. muka ni dah break out sejak start kerja ni.. :(

  5. Good thing we can do facial treatment with experienced doctor. Even Miss Malaysia booked appointment with her.

  6. i am not a big fan of needle. i salute to those who are brave enough to undergo such procedure. beauty is pain afterall

  7. Fuh, tengok jarum cucuk tangan pun dh takut, ni kan pulak dekat muka. Tapi org cakap beauty is pain. Takde masalah siapa yang nak cantik kan. Harag pun boleh tahan

  8. Wah you tried the botox injection, lepas ni memang kulit akan nampak firm and hope to see more results after the treatment

  9. Aduhh. Tengok jarum tu terus rasa ngilu kat muka ni. Haha. Takpela nak cantik kena lah bersabar kan. Nampak fresh selepas rawatan

  10. Rawatan ni mmg tahan lama. Suka dgn dr alice mmg pro dan terbaik rawatannya

  11. Nampak menarik rawatan Profhilo tu..tapi takot pulak tengok kene inject tu merah merah..rawatan Profhilo takde downtime tu best..klu nk buat treatment iena tak prefer yang ade downtime sebab iena suke mekap..huhu nty xleh mekap :D

  12. Fuh seram tgk kena cucuk jarum kat muka tapi tu la tgk outcome dia cantik pulek.. Hihih rawatan pun tahan lama.. Berbaloi sgt ni

  13. Hehe beauty is pain berbaloi la dengan harga juga kan? Makin cantik la fa si model tu nanti hehe

  14. erghh mmg beauty is pain kan. but then mesti rasa worth it if kena dgn apa yg kita nak hehe

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