Buy and Donate at the Same Time with Beras Ashraffi.

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Buy and Donate at the Same Time with Beras Ashraffi. | Salam everyone, as a Muslim seeking for Halal food is a Fardu and we also know that what we eat is what we are right? In Malaysia, Halal food is widely found and our staple food is of course Halal but then if we got to choose to buy and donate and the same time it will be more meaningful right?

With the slogan Pure, Quality and Delicious to enjoy, Ashraffi Rice were launched on beautiful Monday of October 5, 2020. Coinciding with the slogan, the owner, Ustaz Dr Mohd Ashraf bin Suarin, 38, is determined to produce this staple food as an obligatory (Fardu kifayah) to enable the community to get food that is halal toiyiba, clean without a doubt.

Ustaz Mohd Ashraff, is an independent preacher and founder of tahfiz school, Pondok Motivasi Tahfiz Hamlatul Qur’an (PMTHQ), Tanjong Karang. He was born in Egypt. Ustaz Mohd Ashraf said, he works for none other reason, it is because of Allah SWT and intends to help the needy whether from among asnaf, orphans and tahfiz children.

Ustaz Dr. Mohd Ashraff bin Suarin, the founder of Beras Ashraffi

Therefore, he realizing his dream by sponsoring Yadul Ulya's plan, which is a CSR-shaped program that has already undergone recordings approaching the Orang Asli in Genting Peras and helping the poor asnaf in Sungai Besar. Another reasons he produced this Ashraffi Rice product is for sources of income to accommodate tahfiz students at PMTHQ who are mostly orphans and asnaf. He is also a distributor for other tahfiz maahads to get this staple food because through his research, most rice producers are non-Muslims.

Hence, he determined to produce his own brand with high quality rice and without a doubt of its halal status. He also suggested that all Muslims to live in unity so that they are not easily oppressed by other races and develop the Muslim community to a higher level.

Dato; Nadzim Johan launching the event

hijjaz team
Hijjaz Team during the event

Beras Ashraffi 1 kg

Enigma Food Technology

The Ashraffi Rice Project is also a collaboration between Pondok Motivasi Sdn Bhd and Enigma Food Technology. Pondok Motivasi Sdn Bhd appointed Enigma Food Technology to manage, process, package, distribute and advertise Ashraffi Rice products.

To make the Ashraffi rice project a success, they appoint Actor Eby Yus as one of the project coordinators. Eby Yus not only the ambassadors of this product but he also manage the project. He a

From left : YM Tengku Daud Shah bin Tengku Adnan from Enigma Food Technology, Dato' Nadzim Johan from PPIM, Ustaz Dr. Mohd Ashraff and Eby Yus.

Pondok Souq

Pondok Souq is a 100 percent Bumiputera Muslim owned company that distributes fresh and halal frozen food. Apart from that, Pondok Souq also provides other daily necessities and medicines and even here customers are definitely excited about the perfume collection and robe collection sold at Pondok Souq.You also can buy Ashraffi Rice in Pondok Souq that situated next to Mawarda Tom Yam Bukit Kapar Klang.

Ashraffi Rice also sold in 70 others location in Klang Valley in the main time. There still on the process to enter the hypermarket but then I'm sure with a lot of demand they can enter the mass market in no time. You can have this rice in two variation which is :

White Rice 

1KG: RM 4.00

5KG: RM 20.00

10KG: RM 40.00

Basmathi Pusa 1401 Rice

1KG: RM 14.00

5KG: RM 70.00

Other product from Ashraffi Brand includes :

1. Koko Ashraffi
2. Jus Lancar
3. Minyak Serai Wangi
4. Madu Stick
5. Balsam Serai
6. Jubah Ashraffi
7. Beras Ashraffi

RM1 of your purchase will be donated to Pondok Motivasi Hamlatul Quran - Lilbanin Wa Lilbanat. It is a great deed to help the one that learning Quran right? You also can easily buy this product at Shopee 

For more information go to :

Call : +60136328852 / +60197354255 / +601118514489

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  1. Pertama kali dengar tentang produk ni. Kagum dengan inisiatif begini sebab tak sekadar bawa manfaat kepada kita sebagai pembeli, bahkan kepada mereka yang kurang bernasib baik! Syabas, Dr Mohd Asyraf!

  2. Hijazz datang utk event ni ? bestnya... Byk betul sumbangan and kebaikan Dr Mohd Asyrat ni, harga pun berpatutan dan setiap purchase ada sumbangan .. Alhmdulillah

  3. Support Lokal dengan kemunculan Beras Ashraffi. Sambil membeli, boleh menderma. Nanti nak cari beras ni. Hehe

  4. Produk keluaran muslim. terbaik. tapi kat mana nak cari ya? rasanya macam tak banyak tempat dia ada jual kan sekarang ni?

  5. haritu ada baca pasal beras ni. rasa bangga sebab produk muslim. lebih banyak produk muslim lebih banyak pilihan untuk pengguna.

  6. Bagus la sebab leh menderma sambil membeli. Bagus la usaha murni macam ni sbb dpt bantu ramai golongan yg memerlukan

  7. Bagus betul pendekatan yang diorang buat. beli produk dan menderma dalam masa yang sama.

  8. Tahniah Ustaz Ashraff sahut cabaran hasilkan produk lokal lagi Halal dan bermanfaat untuk semua. 2in1 lagi kan... Di saat kita beli automatik kita menderma. Syukur.

  9. Jom support produk Muslim..bukan senang nak cari priduk muslim yang benar halal kann walau pun beras..lepas ni kalau jumpa nak cubanya..

  10. Membeli sambil menderma! Wow menarik dan tertarik mendengrnya!

  11. Baguslah ada produk mcm nie. Sambil kita membeli sambil kita buat kebajikan. Nanti nak cari jugaklah kat pasaraya. Hopefully mudah dijumpai lah.

  12. Ist time dengar brand ni utk beras. Tapi menariknya program tu la.. membeli sambil buat kebajikan 😊

  13. Bagus initiative macam ni, membeli sambil menderma. Now consumer has more choices when it comes to rice.

  14. Memang somong sgt barangan keluaran muslim dan kita patut support mereka sambil kita menderma

  15. weyyyyyyyyy.. kagumnya dengan inisiatif yang dibawa.. harga pun mampu milik dan berbaloi.. nanti nak cari lah..

  16. Suka konsep "Buy & Donate" macam ni.. At least kita dapat beramal at the same time kan.. Will try this brand juga la nanti if ada kat nearby mart.

  17. tak pernah dengar lagi beras jenama ni. brand baru ya? tapi bagus inisiatif dorang. membeli sambil menderma.

  18. menarik produk bumiputera..dapat beli sambil menderma..jom support produk beras malaysia!

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