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Dress at Wholesale Price at Feelingirldress. | The season is changing again, any thoughts about updating your wardrobe? Feelingirldress has launched wholesale maxi dresses event for you. 

Dress at wholesale price is so cool right? Let's look at some maxi dress dressing style, that maybe can inspire you for your next ootd.


1. Suit & vest + dress.


Add a suit or a suit vest, which is stable and feminine. The split-cut dress + suit is decent and not sultry. With a pair of bright shoes, the basic style can also be worn with a high-level taste. The fabric choice of cotton and linen will be more breathable.

2. Denim jacket + dress 

Denim jackets have recently become popular among female celebrities. With printed dresses, they can be fresh and exotic. Compared with ordinary denim jackets, short styles are more versatile, and the rolled up sleeves are neat and cool. 

3. Shirt & sun protection shirt + dress 


The dress, especially the suspender dress, is equipped with a sun protection shirt, which not only protects the sun but also covers the fat shoulders and arms. In summer, those light chiffon shirts, loose knit shirts and white shirts with knotted corners can be used as sun protection shirts. 

4. Waist + dress 

The skirts worn by street photographers are sometimes not so special, just a little bit more than you, such as a waistband or simply tying another top, which not only shows a thin waist but also a fashionable layering. 

5. Corset + dress 


Also inspired by the dress and a corset, adding grand and sexy, the more ordinary and simple dress is more suitable for matching with the corset. Cheap sweater dress also has a good choose. 

6. Belt + dress 

Of course, we want to wear it more daily. Adding a belt can also show long legs and good proportions. The three most fashionable waistbands this year, the waist bag, the metal waist chain, and the basic waistband, are the most recommended. 

7. Inside + dress 

If you have vest skirts, suspenders skirts, suspenders skirts, T-shirt skirts, you can also add puff sleeve shirts, basic shirts, and various hollow T-shirts. Different fabrics and different styles stack together to have a new style. 

8. Long shirt skirt + split half skirt 

The short outside and inside length method refers to adding a half skirt to the outer layer of the dress. The shirt skirt + split skirt, which has been popular in the past two years, is this way of wearing. 

9. Short shirt skirt + jeans 

So those dresses with split ends are most suitable for layering with pants, such as shirt skirts. The cleanest and simplest one is an oversize short shirt skirt + jeans + boat shoes. 

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Happy Shopping and #OOTD!

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