Eat Sushi till Drop at Eat Sushi.

Amirrah Othman

Eat Sushi till Drop at Eat Sushi. |
Hi sushilovers! One of my comfort food in Japanese Cuisine is Sushi and Udon. I love Sushi cos there are lot of variation you can had from a simple menu and it is an honor to be invited to media preview of Eat Sushi Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara recently.

Eat Sushi has been in the Sushi Industry since 2009 at Capalaba Central Shopping Centre Australia. There are now have 6 branches in Australia, and Sunway Giza Malaysia is their first oversea branch. And because they were born in Australia, they have incorporated elements of Australia and Japan foods into their recipe. 

Hence of the elements they bought from Aussie, you still can find the authentic of the Japanese cuisine at Eat Sushi. They are providing fresh and high-quality food to their customers and of course, they also follow the customer-oriented service spirits of Japan. It can be seen with their great service when I dine in at their restaurant that day. The workers is very great and keep on top-up the drinks without need to be ask. 

As you walk in to the restaurant you will be greet with a great variatian of sushi on the food belt. The ambience of the restaurant is also very welcoming, the lighting is very cozy and there is a lot of spotted that is 'instagrammable'. On the upper level, there is a space that you can book for special event and it is more privacy for you.

sushi belt,

Upstairs area

With great ambience, here comes the great menu that you will be spoiled with the choices from the sushi, sashimi, udon or even bento. And if you avid sushi lovers, you should try their Signature Sushi Maki that includes :
  • Unagi Rainbow Maki - Added Cream Cheese from the traditional Unagi Maki 
  • Grill Salmon Rainbow Maki - Added Special Sauce to make it taste a bit sour.
  • Tempura Sushi  Maki - Fried Maki with Tempura
  • Avocado Rainbow Maki - Avocado added to make it tasty and healthy. 
  • Grill Hotate Rainbow Maki - Crab Stick Salad mix with Grilled Scallop 
  • Egg Rainbow Maki - Added Egg Sheet for more tasteful touch. 

eat sushi menu,

Their signature is something unique because is so flavorful, with the grill item, the added sauce and even you can have one with the cornflakes. I found that during the event, my friend rarely eat sushi really loves this combination. 

The sushi sells in 3 different price, which you can get from RM2.80 to the expensive one RM4.80. The price is affordable for sushi lover and why the price is low? Yes, because they didn't use any alcohol/sake/rice wine vinegar in their sushi. This restaurant also pork free! This is why I really enjoyed eating here that day.

eat sushi price,

anything from your favorite list here?

I love this teriyaki chicken!

So don't be afraid to walk in to this restaurant as they ensure to give you the best service and their food source is Halal. They also provide great SOP during this pandemic season and really following the guidelines. If you still afraid to walk in why not try their delivery promotion that is very cheap for a big platter. 

For more information go to :

Address : Eat Sushi, A-13-G, Sunway Giza, 
                 Jalan PJU 5/14 Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Last but not least, thank you again bro Marcus Osmand for inviting me for this media preview. 


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  1. Geram betul nengok eat shushi ni, seketul dia rasa kenyang sangat sekali ngap.. beza lee dengan shushi biasa kita makan tu.. yang ni meriah betuiii...please buka kat Johor yaaa

  2. serius nampak sedapnya sushi tu. dah lama tak makan..huhu. selalu makan kat SK..nanti boleh la try kat sini plak kalau pergi ke KL nanti

  3. Tak terjatuh pun makan sushi. Mana gambar mak makan!!!?? Hahaha. Bawa la Ruby. Kita makan banyak-banyak. Okay?

  4. selalu nampak sushi ni size dia comel-comel tapi yg jual kat kedai ni besar. memang puaslah kalau dapat makan.

  5. I have saw it for few times about Eat Sushi and made my heart jumping every time. I'm a sushi lover

  6. so many sushiiii i love sushi. might consider to visit them!

  7. yummy! everything here looks so fresh and most importantly affordable too! will visit soon :)

  8. Tempting bethol tengok sushi2 kat Eat Sushi ni.. rupanya dah bertapak since 2009 lagi.. ingat baru launching jer... :) Lepas PKPB ni nak pergi la...

  9. Tergodanya tengok shushi tu.. Sedapnyaa.. Lama tak makan suhsi.. Nanti lepa pkpb nak pergi la.. Makan banyak2.. Hehehe.. Macam2 ade tu erkm.

  10. everything looks so tempting and delicious !! would love to go and eat their seafood platter and bento in the next trip. Let's ?!

  11. cantiknya gambar. sungguh menyelerakan. kita memang minat dengan sushi. dah lama tak makan

  12. Omg.. why am I reading this at midnight when no sushi stores are open?? Now what do I do with my sushi craving?

  13. Ouh wow I would love to indulge in these delectable sushi till I drop as well. They all look so delicious and visually beautiful. :)

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