HydraoxyGlow C Treatment at Dr Medispa and Wellness.

Amirrah Othman
HydraoxyGlow C Treatment at Dr Medispa and Wellness. | Hi beautiful. As a woman, we should take care our skin 200% more than a man right? And as a woman in the mid 30 I need to have a regular treatment to avoid my skin becomes aging from my age.

Early this month, I manage to went for a facial treatment at Dr Medispa and Wellness. Eventhough it is may a bit far from my home, but why not because I heard so many great recommendation from friends about this spa. And one of the reason it is a Muslimah spa. 

Furthermore, during EMCO they only allowed treatment by appointment only and it makes me feel comfortable to bring my husband and baby Ghazy in the spa during my treatment. With a great waiting corner, my husband and son also have a great time waiting. Hehe 

Cozy place

Hence, after consultation I was recommended to try the Hydraoxy Glow C treatment. Some of the benefits of Hydraoxy Glow C treatment includes :

1. Removing the dead skin cell

2. Clear the whitehead and blackhead

3. Hydrating the skin and tighten porrs

4. Instant Glowing

5. Fairer and even the skintone

With a good experience in this industry, Dr Medispa and Wellness has brought many satisfied customer and usually 9/10 of the customer that have done the Hydra Oxyglow C treatment managed to get the instant glowing after the treatment. And yes, that will be depend on your skin too right? 

Hydra Oxyglow C Treatment will usually takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes. This treatment have various steps that is :

1. Milk Face Wash

Act as double cleansing.

2. Cleanser Face Wash

Cleanse all the make up and cream.

3. Hot Steam

To soften your skin and open your pores.

4. Extraction

Extracting the whitehead and blackhead from your skin.

5. Hydra with Serum added

Hydra machine

Hydra  technique is famous nowadays and it was known with it great benefits to boost your skin hydration. 

6. Ultrasonic

Before the Ultrasonic the beautician applied my face with an aloe vera. The ultrasonic machine can help to regenerate skin cell and that will makes your skin more lighten after few days.

7. Face Massage

Face massage also good to enhance our blood circulation. I had a great face massage that day!

8. Oxy Spray

Applying serum before the spray

Oxy spray that also known as oxygen spray will enhance your skin hydration and helps to renew the skin cells. 

9. LED Mask

Last but not least, the double mask from the mask sheet and LED Mask. This session will makes your face more hydrated and soft.

If you can't imagine how it done, do check out my video here :

Because during my treatment I have some allergies at my eyes and lips, they said I need to avoid wearing any cream for the meantime. So the beautician just spray my face with a mist after the LED Mask. But then, I felt that my skin are more lighter and softer after the treatment. 

A weeks transformation

After 7 days of the treatment, and as you can see my lips still not very great condition yet but I can see that my pores are more tighten than before. That must because of the effect of the Vitamin C and HA that they using during the treatment. And I also think that I'm a little bit fairer after the treatment. Do you think so? 😅

Good news for anyone who would like to try the Hydra Oxyglow C treatment, it only cost you RM290 for 2x! If not you have to pay for RM220 for one session. And you can use the session in 2 months after you make your purchase. I was thinking to repeat my treatment again soon after the RMCO.


For more information :


Call : 013 770 6708 or 017 309 2861 (spa number)


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  1. Wow best treatment effect ever. The place so convenient & nice. I will try it inshaaAllah

  2. Bestnya dapat memanjakan diri..Sis lama gile tak buat facial ke sejak PKP..harga kat sini pun boleh tahan murah tu siap pakej yee..

  3. Wahh bestnya.. makin banyak spa untuk manjakan diri untuk sistur sekalian.. Nak tanya, for guys pun boleh buat kat sini ker? Sebab spa kat my area rumah only for girl or couple only. :)

  4. wah seronoknya. nampak juga perbezaan yg ketara. saya dulu pernah buat rawatan dermapen & betul2 menjadi perubahannya. :)

  5. Lama x pg spa untuk manjakan diri.. mesti kos buat rasa bersih dan selesa jer muka

  6. uiiii best , memang dah lama sangat ju tak masuk mana2 spa....bolehlah nanti nak try lagi ada offer rm290 untik 2 sesi ..kita murah jugaklah untuk rawatan modern camni ...agaknya kalau share ngan kawan lepas tak ?

  7. Mmmm... Jeles kita! Dah lama tak pi Facial, seronok nya tengok aaak me time! Harga promo memang menarik. Nak pi laaaa nanti

  8. Nice ada tempat menunggu. Ada spa yg saya pegi tu dah dipesan awal2 lagi for customers only, no waiting.

  9. Bestnya dapat manjakn diri mcm ni. Buat skin treatment mmg sisyat paling teruja la. Harga pun berpatutan utk 2x sesi..

  10. Bestnya....harga pun murah tapi laki boleh ke amik treatment ni?

  11. Bestnya buat facial.. Makin glow la muka dia.. Best part dia sedut2 tu.. Nanti ade rezeki lenih nak bjatla.. Hatga pun murah je

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