Spice Up your Day with Marrybrown Malaysia New Mala Fried Chicken.

Amirrah Othman
Spice Up your Day with Marrybrown Malaysia New Mala Fried Chicken. | Fried Chicken lovers gonna loves this new menu from Marrybrown Malaysia. Marrybrown Malaysia who is the first largest homegrown Halal fast food chain in Malaysia never fail to grab the Malaysian foodie attention with their latest menu.

If you love Marrybrown Malaysia Fried Chicken, I'm sure you gonna love this new menu the Mala Fried Chicken. Mala spices that made from the combination of Sichuan pepper and dried chilli are sprinkle on top of the MB Fried Chicken. The mouth numbing sensation after a few bites is a perfect for the spicy addicted!

Love this Mala-tup Combo!

Mala Fried Chicken menu comes in 3 various set, that is :

1. Mala Fried Chicken Combo

3pcs Mala Fried Chicken Combo

Mala Fried Chicken combo are sell in 2pcs and 3pcs from RM15.90 onwards. This combo are serve with Vegetable Salad, Mashed Potato and also a Coke to quenched your thirst.  

2. Mala-tup Box Meal

Mala-tup Combo Box

This Mala-tup (meletup/boom) combo box sold at RM22.60 onwards. You can enjoy the spicy Mala Fried Chicken with the Mala Fries, Onion Ring, Vegetable Salad, Chicken Burger and also Coke as the drink. This combo box will make your lunch/dinner time perfect and my kids do enjoy eating the Mala Fries even though it is spicy. The Mala spices is so addicted and you can't stop eating it until is gone!

3. Bubur Ayam Mala-tup 

Bubur Ayam Mala

Marrybrown Malaysia Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge) is also one of the top menu. Malaysian love to eat porridge and with the added Mala spices in it, it takes you to the whole new experience. It have a very unique taste when mixed it with the Mala powder, and if you had it while it is hot, I bet your will surrender to eat it after a few spoon. This Bubur Ayam Mala-tup can be order ala carté and also sells in Combo with 1 pcs of Mala Fried Chicken and a Coke.

This Mala-tup menu is now available at your nearest Marrybrown outlet from 28th October 2020 until 13th December 2020. Don't missed out this limited time menu and during this pandemic you can always order it online with Foodpanda or Grabfood! And yes, all outlet are opened and just remember to follow all the SOP to stay safe okay.

For more information go to :

Mala-tup Jom!


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  1. Pedas sangat tak? Teringin nak try sebab mmg suka makan yang pedas2 ni haha..tengok ramai yg up tu yang terliur tu

  2. Boleh tahan kepedasan ayam goreng MB ni.. first bite tak rasa pape lagi,, second bite dan seterusnya boleh rasa "KICK" dia kan... memang padu... nak try order burger dia pulak.. memang recommended ayam goreng dan bubur dia...

  3. Nak try tapi takut pedas plak. Pedih tekak makan.teringin nanti nak cuba jugaklah

  4. Alahaii tak dapat-dapat lagi nak pergi mebeli dan merasanya.. one day nak jugalaa, ke order je food panda kann hehehehe..nampak sedap gilee ayam itu oii...

  5. Oh wow the Marrybrown Malaysia New Mala Fried Chicken look so delicious! Too bad they dont send to my area. Nak pergi Marrybrown makan la

  6. Sedapnya tengok.. Nanti nak beli la.. Dahla nad dengan suami suka yang pedas-pedas ni.. Bubur MBsedap.. Nak rasa juga la bubur mala ni

  7. cant believe a fast food chain has so many delicious dishes. the bubur mala mmg nmpk meletoppp

  8. lama sungguh aida tak singgah marrybrown dgn anak-anak sejak pindah rumah. dok baca juga promosi hot marrybrown ni. kat rumah lama, depan aje, 10 minit. anak-anak suka naw naw dok kat meja yg ada kerusi buaian :) tu la keistimewaan restoran marrybrown.
    nampak menarik makanannya, shamiera. mesti sedap la kan :) aida paling suka tgk, bubur tu. inviting sgt! kalau ke mcD pun, feveret aida bubur juga.

  9. Ish.. selalu tengok orang promote produk baru keluaran Marrybrown ni. Geram pulak tgk. Dia punya fries tu nampak crispy!

  10. Pedassss memikat. Akk dah try hari tu. Plg suka dengan bubur dia mmg sedap

  11. baru ada try ayam spicy..jenuh nak kena minum air banyak.. tapi tgk set mala dari MB ni banyak pilihan nak try lah

  12. Bubur ayam Mala tu nampak menyelerakan.. Sedapnyaa makan time hujan ni.. #521 masuk sini 🤭

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