Combat Constipation with Nouqman Milk.

Amirrah Othman
Combat Constipation with Nouqman Milk. | Constipation can be a very serious especially for kids. If you know kid who suffer constipation, you know how miseery things can be. Kids will cried when they want to "poo poo" and as a mom you have to try everything to calm they down.

There is so many food that can lead to constipation and it was found that chocolate is one of the food that can make your kids constipated. But then kids really loves chocolate, and sometime mommy have to give baby milk chocolate just because they don't like the ordinary milk. But what if, I told you that you can let them drink milk chocolate and it can reduce their constipation issue?

Malique really enjoyed Nouqman Milk

I was introduced with Nouqman Milk recently and Nouqman Milk is made from Goat Milk. Did you know that Goat Milk is the second best milk after mom's milk? Hence, it was recommended for you to give your kids the Goat Milk because the nutrition in it. Mom always want the best for their kids right? Just like Mrs.Anis the founder of  Nouqman Milk.

Story Behind Nouqman Milk

Nouqman’s milk was produced from Mrs. Anis experience due to frustration in trying to improve her son’s constipation problem. After trying a variety of brands and formulas to alleviate their child’s suffering, she found that goat’s milk was the only milk that did not cause constipation in her child. 

After knowing the advantages of goat’s milk over cow’s milk especially in terms of digestive health, the next disappointment was the high price of goat’s formula milk in the market. With too few local brands to trust, he had to use expensive imported goat’s milk formula. Knowing in advance, the annoyance and helplessness of having to deal with her son's problem due to constipation, Puan Anis promised to make a goat's milk formula that is believed to be locally made at an affordable price.

He consulted with a qualified supplementary nutritionist to obtain a specially formulated goat milk formula to reduce constipation problems in infants and young children. The final formulation contains ingredients that promote a healthy mind in children including raisins, honey, dates, pomegranate, inulin, probiotics and vitamin and mineral supplements. This formula can also increase children's appetite.

Nouqman Milk Variation.

Nouqman Milk has 2 flavors that is Vanilla and Chocolate, which has become the choice of many parents who want a healthier child. It can be consumed from the age of 1 year, Nouqman Milk which is high in Goat's Milk and Inulin is very suitable for children or adults who suffer from constipation, digestion and intestinal problems.

In addition, Nouqman Milk complete with Taurine, DHA, Probiotics, and 8 types of ‘superfood’ that is also suitable for changing the health level of family members such as weak antibodies, too frequent Fever, Colds, Coughs, Sputum, and Asthma. This milk is also suitable for children who have poor appetite just like Malique who is quite picky eater. He only love to drink milk and eat something is simple like Mac and Cheese. Thus, I'm giving him this Nouqman Milk to improve his appetite and hopefullly he will gain weight in few months later.

Talking about Goat Milk many might think that their kids will refused to drink this Goat Milk Formula. But, on my experience with Malique, he can consumed it without any argument, even the vanilla smell nice to him. I also found that his bladder also good after consuming Nouqman Milk.

If you interested to buy Nouqman Milk, it is sold for RM42 which contains 500 grams per box. It is affordable price for Goat Milk Formula compared others in the market. And if you interested in becoming an agent or for more information, please contact:- 

Hotline: 0193605242
Facebook: Nouqman
Instagram: Nouqman_keyakinan_ibu

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  1. anak bongsu aida dulu ada masalah dgn susu selepas putus susu ibu. sebab tu for few years hingga dia darjah 1, consume susu soya. aida pernah cuba beri dia susu kambing. but dia refused to drink. tak sedap? tak tau la. maybe masa tu r&d susu kambing ni lom begitu bagus kan.
    now aida peratikan byk produk susu kambing khas utk anak-anak bermasalah elergi susu lembu. alhamdulillah.

  2. Pertama kali baca tentang susu nouqman nih, bagus susu nih nanti saya kongsikan dengan adik ipar dan anak buah tentang susu nih

  3. Wahh..susu kambing perisa coklat. Mesti sedap ni kan. Orang dewasa ni pun bila dengar susu kambing tak berani nak cuba takut hamis. Sekarang macam-macam pilihan ada.

  4. Yang nak beli susu nouqman ni, bolehlah cari sis ya.
    selagi stok masih ada, boleh contact sis ..:))

  5. wahh! first time dengar menarikkkk

  6. Baru tahu pasal susu jenama nouqman ni. Nampak macam sedap je tu. Anak dah takde yang minum susu. Diorang taknak minum

  7. Pertama kali dengar tentang susu Nouqman nih. Bagusnya ada dua perisa coklat dgn vanila, boleh pilih yang anak2 suka.

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