Increase Immunity with JoyMix Yoghurt Yuja.

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 Increase Immunity with JoyMix Yuja Yogurt. |  It's been a year since the pandemic Covid-19 hit the world. In Malaysia, the death because of Covid-19 has been increasing daily and thus affected are from the one that is low immunity level. Even in many cases, kids usually unaffected due to their high immunity level.

Why there is so many Covid-19 is without symptoms? This is because the body's immunity can fight the COVID19 virus. But when doing a PCR TEST, health officials can only detect the DNA of the dead COVID19 virus. Since it could not be ascertained whether the virus was present in the body, alive or dead, the patient was isolated to monitor their body reaction towards the virus. Most of them can still do the normal activities and the latest in Malaysia, they let the no-symptoms patient to self-quarantine at home only.

Increase Immunity with JoyMix Yuja Yogurt.

Therefore Immunity in the body is very important in times of crisis COVID19. Many tips have been given to increase immunity level and many said that taking Vitamin C is good to combat Covid-19. What if you can have more effective supplement to consume to combat Covid-19? Recently, I have been introduced with Joymix Yuja Yogurt

Joymix Yuja Yogurt is indeed produced to boost the body’s immunity through the intestines (which comprise 70% of the body’s cell immunity), Spleen and blood. In short, it can provide 3 layers of protection. Joymix Yuja Yogurt is also important in activating dormant cell immunity due to poor lifestyle such as lack of exercise, eating sweet and less nutritious foods. Dormant cells are likened to lazy cells. The content of Joymix Yuja Yogurt contains Yeast Beta Glucan which is well known for activating cell immunity so work diligently to fight harmful or unknown viruses or bacteria. Refer attachment. We use Yeast Beta Glucan 85%, a higher concentration of Tiger mushroom about 15-25%. Beta glucan.

Excellent immunity booster for all ages range

Joymix Yoghurt Yuja boost body immunity by 3 main ingredients which are Sacchoromyces boulardii (yeast), Yeast Beta Glucan and Colostrum( first form of cow milk). These three ingredients creates three defense system in human body. It  is a divine combination of yoghurt and yuja taste sweet with mild sour to create this wonderful supplement!

 1st Defense System

S.boulardii is beneficial in diarrhea prevention and treatment. It is a type of yeast found in lychee and mangosteen. Studies proved that S.boulardii is the only yeast species found as an effective probiotic in anti-diarrhea clinical trials. But how it works? The main mechanism of action is inhibition of growth of pathogenic bacteria in intestine as well as stimulation of antibody production against toxin released by intestinal microbes.[1] Eventually, it provides regulation and protection towards intestinal lining from pathogens that can damage our intestines. 

In more simple words, it help to detox the toxin which created by bad bacteria in the intestine which cover 70% of body immune system. So first time user may experience his or her stool more smelly, and it is normal if you didn't do any detoxs before.

2nd Defense System

Yeast Beta Glucan (YBG) plays a crucial role in immunity enhancing, anti-infection and wound healing. Gastrointestinal tract is the major immune organ due to high amount of immune cells located here. YBG helps to boost the efficiency of cells that responsible in engulf and destroy pathogens to react quickly towards infection, supporting our immune system[4]. In other words, it alerts the immune cell in intestinal lymphatic system to attack the foreign cell.

Moreover, presence of YBG increase the synthesis of collagen in skin layer which vital in wound healing.[3] YBG play vital role in activate the immune cell that may dormant. The more dormant immune cell the weaker the immunity. In a simple situation, it can be describe as immune cell as policeman. If policeman getting lazy, the country will insecure such as more robbery or murder. Now when we give YBG to policeman, work as incentive, then the policeman become hardworking and start catching thief and robbers as bad as bacteria or virus.

3rd Defense System

Colostrum - derived imunnoglobulins (IGg) is a type of antibody that mammals provide for newborns to creates a life-long immunity. A higher number of IGg antibodies in blood circulation can definitely lower the risk of infection, allergic together with autoimmune diseases.[5] IGg neutralizes infection of human cells in addition to prevent respiratory and guts inflammation. Furthermore, it boosts rate of phagocytosis, a process of killing bacteria through engulfing or ingesting foreign particles detected by living cells. IGg in colostrum also provides growth factors in high concentration but low volume for kids.[5]

Benefits of Joymix Yuja Yogurt.

1. Anti-diarrhea – Yeast probiotic can destroys intestinal protozoa and bacteria in gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhea easy happen when you travel to other places. Take 1-2 sachet before you travel.

2. Support immune system associated with colds(rhinitis) and asthma – IGg in cow milk and breast milk facilitate the production of T-cells that were needed for protective effect in asthma development[4]. In fact, among patients who took colostrum supplements, the duration of recovery from common colds is three times shorter than people without consuming colostrum supplements. 

3. Reduce H.pylori symptoms – Colostrum-derived IGg has been reported to be effective in treatment of H. pylori symptoms.[4] Blocking of binding of H. pylori towards human surface epithelium receptor shows valuable results regarding the elimination of this infection.

4. Reduce Irritable bowel symptoms & Improve Bowel Movement– S. boulardii performs beneficial effects in treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as IBS have been confirmed by clinical researches.[1] It activates local mucosal mechanism in intestines to reduce diarrhea significantly. Joymix Yoghurt Yuja can help to improve your bowel movement to type 3 &4. 

5. Wound Healing  – Application of beta-1,3-glucan can give healing effects on impaired healing disease for instance diabetes mellitus and acne. It acts as a wound healing agent to improve wounds repair by regeneration of epithelial cells, deposition of collagen and produce granulation tissue.[3]  diabetic foot.jpg

6. Help Anti-allergic/ Ezcema – Sensitization towards specific allergen can be reduced because IGg has potential to bind not only medically important viruses and bacteria, but also to various allergens. Mechanistically, IGg antibodies will bind to allergens before it reaches target receptor to initiate allergic responses. Consequently, inhibition of allergic reaction increases when more IGg-allergens complexes are formed.

7. Help Kids to Grow Bigger – Colostrum contain lactoferrin which help kids grow. Lactoferrin involved in formation of blood tissue along with destruction of bacteria cell wall.

8. Shelf life stable – Unlike bacteria, yeast is relatively stable in room temperature and NO refrigerated storage is needed. Perfect for carry to prevent or treat diarrhea and constipation during travel. Estimate Live probiotic per sachet is 2 billion. However the quantities of live probiotic will not be reduce if we courier the parcel to you as the S.Boulardii can withstand heat 40 celcius

How to consume Joymix Yogurt Yuja?

For the dosage, it is recommended that adult take 2 sachets/day while child take 1 sachets/day. It is suggest to consume it in the morning.

Steps to consume Joymix Yoghurt Yuja

a. Cut or tear a sachet of JoyMix Yoghurt Yuja.

 b. Slowly suck or sip JoyMix Yoghurt Yuja directly from the sachet or pour it into the mouth, allowing it to melt.
 c. Relish the taste of yoghurt yuja as it cools and tingles your taste buds. Fyi Yuja is a kind of lemon that available in Korea.
 d. Swallow with a sip of water afterward.

I have consume this Joymix Yoghurt Yuja and it taste like a lemon and after consuming it, I  can easily go to the toilet and it felt great to detoxs. I used to consume Vitamin C before this but research show that Joymix Yoghurt Yuja works better than Vitamin C. Vitamin C only help to protect the immune cell from being damage by free radical. Hence it is less efficient in protect body being attack by bad bacteria and virus. Joymix Yoghurt Yuja will provide proactive way by activate the immune cell the bad bacteria or virus. And with 3 layer of defense system, you should try this Joymix Yoghurt Yuja for yourself and love one.

Joymix Yogurt Yuja is sell for RM50 with 20 sachet per box. It can be store in the room temperature and unlike the normal probiotic supplement that must be keep in the fridge because heat can kill the live probiotic.

Do buy it at trusted seller and you can get it at :


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