The Effect of Durian on Diabetic Patient.

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The Effect of Durian on Diabetic Patients. | Durian is one of the best fruit in the world and Malaysian people really love eating Durian and they make varieties of desserts using it. Or yes, we even use the Durian paste to cook it with fish, it really tastes good.

Despite the good taste, did you know that eating too much durian can harm your body because the percentage of sugar is high? This is also one of the common issues to the type 2 diabetic patient who is not really aware or just ignores the fact. However, type 2 diabetic is a serious issue for us to combat.

Durian nutrition facts

Dr. Syid and Eskayvie Phytax.

The number of patients with type 2 diabetic is increasing so dramatically in this modern age. In the year 2019, it is estimated that there will be more than 3.9 million adults in Malaysia with diabetes. These numbers will be followed by various statistics of diseases arising from complications of diabetes such as heart disease, kidney disease and so on.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type, representing 90 - 95% of the total number of patients with diabetes. It is among the most formidable lifestyle diseases as it comes in silent and can trigger various complications that can affect the quality of life of its sufferers. No wonder in Malaysia almost half of them do not realize they are experiencing it. Of course here, aside from controlling sugar levels and efforts to reverse diabetes, things matter the tree of concern is the internal recovery of the complications of diabetes has already occurred in the systems and organs of the body.

cara turunkan gula dalam darah

Diabetics should be aware that lowering and controlling sugar levels at optimal levels simply is not enough to prevent yourself from running the risk of diabetic complications such as heart disease, kidney damage and so on. Various other factors are mainly factors of inflammation should also be noted as a result of the symptoms of hyperinsulinism for which this excess insulin becomes a toxic source to the body.

Another principle that diabetics should adhere to is that diabetes is not caused by lack of medication; lack of insulin injections or lack of supplements/vitamins. It is rooted from a lifestyle all this time neglected by oneself. Therefore, to reverse and cure diabetes, the main thing is to be committed to changing lifestyle towards which is healthier. This is mainly to take care of the nutrition and exercise that should be done in istiqomah/steadfastness.

Turning to supplements, Dr Syid believes its role is very important in the repair process of the body’s internal systems as well as helping your body to recover from diabetes. He has placed the importance of phytonutrients as a natural gift that can be made as a support to prevent the causes, complications and ways how to overcome diabetes.

Eskayvie Phytax with phytonutrients sources

Among the benefits of phytonutrients is that it acts as a telomerase activator. Through Landmark Studies of Telomere Shortening which won the Nobel Prize in 2009, the study found telomere shortening (small units of DNA) on the human chromosome is associated with multiple chronic health problems such as Diabetes, premature aging, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Telomere Shortening is a theory presented by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel prize winner(Medical Physiology) in 2009 involving 4,659 scientific studies involving 734 renowned scientists from 13 countries.

Telomeres are the ends (closures) of chromosomes that will undergo the process of replication forming new cells. Each time this process occurs, the telomere will become shorter until it is completely extinct causing DNA to break down. This condition can weaken and kill cells. Plus a factor externalities such as stress, toxins and unhealthy lifestyles can accelerate the telomere shortening process.

Through the revolution of the world of science, telomere shortening can be overcome through the production of telomerase enzymes. This enzyme acts to lock in telomere shortening as well as lengthening it against existing telomeres. This locking action will maintain the health of new cells each time the occurrence of the replication process. While the action of lengthening the short telomere will restore sick cells into healthier cells after the replication. This is a process of cell healing that allows the disease to recover. Phytonutrients are available substances that can stimulate telomerase secretion (acts as a telomerase activator). The raw materials that can produce Telomerase activators are resveratrol from grape seeds, epigallocatechin gallate from green tea leaves and pycnogenol from pine bark. This nutritional combination of telomerase activator helps to protect DNA from any damage, supports DNA production to produce healthy cells as well as restoring the diseased cells. This proves that phytonutrients play an important role especially for diabetics.

He also believes supplement intake should not be underestimated especially as you get older and even more so if you already suffer from diseases like diabetes. Although there are opinions that say it is enough to just practice a balanced diet and lifestyle. Any intake of supplements or vitamins will only produce urine which is expensive when it is excreted, he disagrees with the statement.

It may be true if we live pollution-free, always practice a healthy diet, fresh and free from forced contamination (such as mercury content from fish and pesticide content from vegetables and fruits), are at a young age at which all system functions and body organs are still tip-top, have an impeccable immune system including the production of natural antioxidants that do not decline with age, and we lead a healthy lifestyle without stress.

It is actually difficult to realize in real life especially in these modern times where ones are much exposed to processed foods (junkfood), pollution prevalent, life stress, inactive lifestyle and many more factors that are indeed far from a successful lifestyle model of a healthy lifestyle. And this issue can be found in the story of En.Nazir Hussain who neglects his healthy lifestyle and almost went to dialysis due to his eating behavior. And guess what? He eats Durian too much.



It's been 4 years since En.Nazir was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and he had to take medication for the kidney problem. However, Mr. Nazir still takes health care lightly. In fact, he had not made any health check for a long time until he found out his kidney health status. Worried about his father's condition which is often stressful, easily tired every time he comes back from work, the beloved child recommended Mr. Nazir to follow the Diabetic Challenge program. Surprisingly, Mr Nazir’s blood sugar readings during the initial screening before the program began is very high i.e. 23.5mmol/l. While the blood test showed that the GFR reading was at stage 3B. If it is not controlled, Mr Nazir is at risk for dialysis treatment.

En.Nazir Hussin

Doctor advised Mr Nazir to take care of his diet and exercise so that the GFR reading would not get worse. However, his love towards glutinous rice, durian, ‘nasi dagang’ and ice cream has made Mr. Nazir violates doctor's advice. This is his biggest mistake that he regrets so much, as it led to the cause of his kidney problem to become more chronic and almost made him undergo dialysis.

After realizing how critical his health condition is and the risks that he will be faced, En. Nazir is determined to start living a healthier life by increasing nutrition intake and doing exercise. To help control blood sugar readings, his daughter recommended him to try Eskayvie Phytax as an additional supplement. The delicious taste of Eskayvie Phytax with a little sour like grapes that makes it easy for Mr. Nazir to consume it every day. In his lifetime, this is the first time Mr. Nazir takes a supplement and Eskayvie Phytax is the only supplement he consumes.

Surprisingly, the blood sugar reading managed to drop below 5.5 mmol/l after consuming Eskayvie Phytax,thus he also wants to improve his GFR reading to be at its best, so that he doesn't need to undergo dialysis. Although En Nazir still loves durian, but now he is more careful in each intake and continues to stay active by exercising with support of the supplement that has helped keep his blood sugar reading below 5.5mmol/l. Hence, Mr. Nazir now jogs every day. What is the most gratifying, Mr. Nazir is no longer necessary to take any medication and continue to take Eskayvie Phytax as a daily supplement. The continuous support from his wife and his children have provided strong motivation for him to continue to enjoy a more meaningful life.

In fact, diabetics should be aware of lowering and controlling blood sugar levels at optimal levels alone are not sufficient to prevent oneself from experiencing the risk of diabetic complications such as heart disease, kidney damage, stroke, nerve pain and blindness. Various other factors especially inflammatory factors should also be considered as a result of the symptoms of hyperinsulinism making this excessive insulin a toxic source to the body. To reverse and to cure diabetes, the main thing a patient should do is to change their lifestyle towards a healthier one especially in terms of maintaining proper nutrition and exercise regularly.

In addition, supplement intake also plays an important role in the process of repairing the body’s internal systems as well as helping your body to recover from diabetes. A source of phytonutrients consisting of fruits and plants is a boon natural that can be used as support to prevent the causes, complications and how to treat diabetes. This phytonutrient can be found in Eskayvie Phytax. Let’s get rid of numbness, heal wounds quickly and come back fresh and energetic with Eskayvie Phytax.

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