Gold Bar from Public Gold for El Malique 4th Birthday!

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Gold Bar from Public Gold for El Malique 4th Birthday! | My son El Malique has turns 4 years old this year, and this year will be the first time we make a birthday party for him. For the past 3 years was only a simple celebration with a slice of cake only. 

But then its okay because it is not really that important because he don't understand it yet right? Just wait until he grows up and asking what cake its for his first birthday and so on. Zahra have a good memory, she remembered her birthday cake. Hence, what is important is the future. When my kids ask me about their duit raya, I told them it already in the bank but then kids hate it and don't really understand the purpose of saving.

gold bar,

Yet, mommy and daddy have to be the one who encourage kids for saving and if it is don't excited them well, turns the money into gold. Like El Malique who received 0.5gm of Gold during his birthday, Bonda will ensure this will the tradition for everyone to have. But you know, you also can make a good practice with opening a Gold Saving account for your kids as early as one day? 


Parents have the main role of educating their children to keep gold as their education fund. If not the parents, there is no one close to them who can help them build a future without education debt.

The main basis of saving is to avoid getting into debt. Debt for education is something actually will burden our kids later, I've experienced it and I hope my kids won't have to experience it in the future. 

Gold Gap Account For Children Of The Age Of Newborns.

If you want to save gold, you don't have to wait until you are adult. Parents can start planning for the future of their children as young as newborns, especially by saving gold as an education fund.

With a start -up capital as low as RM100, you can start owning 999.9 (24k) pure dinars and gold bars for long -term savings. This method of accumulating gold is called GAP Gold Account (gold accumulation program).

What is a GAP Gold Account?

Zahra GAP account

1. Buy 999.9 pure gold with a capital as low as RM100

2. The cheapest 999.9 gold buying method in Malaysia currently

3. There is no registration fee and can register online only

4. Keep gold for free anytime with no time and amount limit

5. Can open an account for a child under 18 years old

6. Dealing 24 hours a day 7 days a week according to the current market price

dinar, 1 dinar, dinar public gold,
Dinar Public Gold

gold bar series
Bunga Mas Gold Bar Series

7. Can withdraw physical gold anytime at any PG branch

8. Can ask PG to post the gold (which we want to issue) to our address

9. Prices change daily at 12 noon according to the international market

10. Heirs can claim the owner's gold in the event of death

I already start saving gold for my kids future and you should do it to. If you interested to do it, I do recommend you to start it with a trusted agent. You can contact my friends Norsila. Let norsila help you start saving gold today 👇

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