Lulu Hypermarket Setia City Mall is Now Open!

Amirrah Othman
Lulu Hypermarket Setia City Mall is Now Open! | Salam everyone! May I know what is your favorite Hypermarket? If you love Lulu Hypermarket, guess what they have open another hypermarket in Setia City Mall. 

Since that Setia Alam just like my third home, I felt that the opening of Lulu Hypermarket in Setia City Mall is so awesome! Since that I actually had my food business in front of Setia City Mall, I shouldn't be worried if my stock run up, Lulu Hypermarket just in front of me with a great deals everyday.

done shopping!

Hence, I manage to join the happening day of Lulu Hypermarket Setia City Mall yesterday. As you can see, I shop full trolley yesterday and I even felt its not enough because there is so many great deals they offer during this grand launch day. The inaugural sale will be happening from 31st of March until 4th April 2021. 

During this 5 days, they offered a totally cheap and really worth deals for you to grab. My fellow friend even grab them self a brand new Samsung 55″ Ultra HD Smart TV at RM1699. I think if I had a big house, I also will grab the offered. Its so irresistible. You can enjoy many inaugural promotion on every section they had and in this Lulu Hypermarket Setia City Mall, they have 3 level of department. It is really spacious with an area of ​​150 thousand square feet where you walk happily and it is really wide. Furthermore pushing trolley its much easier with the travolator on every level.

On the Lower Ground floor of course is the foodie heaven. The 70 thousand square feet LG floor is the supermarket section, where you can find fresh produces, high quality imported chocolates, dates, nuts, appetizing hot foods, fresh from the oven bread & pastries, household products, health & beauty stuffs, and many more.

The ready to eat section is also to die for. You can have roasted chicken, sushi and even mandy rice.This section will be in high demand during this Ramadan I bet. There are also promotion during this  Ramadan and of course don't forget to grab your Kurma and peanuts for daily booster during Ramadan here. They have a very wide selection of it.

There also SME's section where you can buy the SME's product from our local. Yes, please do support our local! Yesterday, I manage to grab Maggie Curry for only RM1.88 per pack, 1KG Milo Activ-Go at RM11.95,and 2 whole chicken where 1kg is only RM3.99! So cheap right? and those sponge cake at RM2.99 is so delicious, why on earth I bought it one only?

While the UG floor area of ​​40 thousand square feet offers Lulu Fashion Store and Malay traditional clothes. Lulu Celebrate also one of the highlight in this floor where you can easily buy a Saree that is so beautiful. There also many ready made clothes made from this saree and of course there are specials offer for you to grab!

beautiful saree

This floor also many department for ladies from the clothes to fragrances, footwear, cosmetics and even for mommies to grab the infants and kids cloth. I guess this gonna be my favorite section too!

Jeans for only RM59!

This section is very spacious and the interior also beautiful. They also offered many brands for their customer.

Sleepsuit for only RM15

The First Floor section will greet you with an offered at Luggage & Sports section. In this floor they also had bedroom essentials items and I grab a very soft blanket for only RM15! And of course the electrical department also here where you can buy from TV, Washing Machine, even handphone and smartwatch.

Luggage bag for only RM79

3 sets Marvel at RM139

Phillips Blender is only RM69!

There is ample car parking for shoppers at Lulu Setia City Mall with over 400 open parking lots as well as a multi-storey parking space. You can easily park and bring back all your groceries shopping when you park at the open parking space. It was free parking there yesterday. hihi

So what you waiting for? Go and grab the great offers today and do be sure to be early! Early birds get the worms right?

For more information and update on their latest promotions, kindly check out their official website at


Lot UG 101, Setia City Mall
No 7, Persiaran Setia Dagang Bandar Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel : 6017-644 4200

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.


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  1. Lulu dah buka cawangan kat Setia City Mall. Untung la sesiapa yang tinggal berdekatan ye. Lulu ni tak teringin ke buka kat Bandar Baru Bangi ni. Hehe...

  2. belum pernah lagi pergi lulu hypermarket tapi tengok harganya memang murah, sure berbaloi shopping sini

  3. Wow! I have never been to lulu hypermarket before and this one looks huge, clean and neat. Would love to do my grocery shopping as the prices are rather reasonable too.

  4. Wahhh! Makin dekat dengan pengguna kat area sana la kan.. Setia City Mall ni quite famous kan.. rasanya macam2 ada kat sini skrg.. teringin nak pergi pulak..

  5. Wowww bestla gini. Dalam mall ada lulu supermarket. Rambang nata tengok barang dia

  6. Mmg best dan meriah shopping kat sini. Banyak brg ditawarkan pada harga yg sangat berpatutan

  7. I was enticed to look at the offers there that I went and visited Lulu Setia Alam CC that very Sunday. And I was almost buying the TV too.

  8. Geram je nengok semua barang di LULU ni.. susunan barang pun kemas, mudah nak mencari.. bilalah nak buka satu di JB ek..

  9. fuh.. memang boleh lupa diri kalau masuk kat sini.. macam-macam ada..

  10. wowo....congrats on this new opening, have shared with my best buddy as this new outlet really near her place. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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