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PREMIERE OPENING OF SITI KHADIJAH & HEGIRA BOUTIQUE AT IOI CITY MALL PUTRAJAYA AND THE APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN SITI KHADIJAH GROUP. | One of the Muslim brands that I salute for their progress is Siti Khadijah. They grow up and always bring the best to their customer from the day they enter the market.

Siti Khadijah ioi city mall opening,
I the grab new Telekung that day!


Siti Khadijah Sdn. Bhd. continue the business legacy with the relocation of existing boutiques at IOI City Mall to the mall's new wing. With an area of ​​3,000 square feet and an investment of RM500,000, Siti Khadijah (SK) offers a more comfortable boutique space by highlighting the beauty of style Islamic life through the concept of 'Cultivating a Beneficial Lifestyle'.

Siti Khadijah ioi city mall opening,
The opening ceremony 

Its Chief Executive Officer, Mohammad Munzir Aminuddin said, through every Siti product Khadijah, the company wants to foster a lifestyle beneficial to customers.

Chief Executive Officer, Mohammad Munzir Aminuddin
Chief Executive Officer, Mohammad Munzir Aminuddin


"Siti Khadijah not only offers products that are comfortable to use but so do we want to give forgiveness to the user and further cultivate the same nature to other people so that together they can get good in this world and hereafter.

"We also want to raise the dignity, value, and sanctity of Islam through every manufactured product. This boutique is also bigger because Siti Khadijah wants to accommodate more products and our target is not only telekung but to specific worship by providing a surau that customers can use to pray.

"This is the advantage and privilege of a boutique at IOI City Mall with the construction of a surau at inside which is located in front, not behind the boutique. This surau is also a model a place of worship that should be in every Muslim family home," he said.


Surau in Siti Khadijah ioi city mall,
surau in Siti Khadijah

Mohammad Munzir explained, every product displayed in the surau is for
sold and people can get it at Siti Khadijah boutique.

"We want to sell the concept of this surau so that there is space in every Muslim home prayers for family and guests. Perhaps, Siti Khadijah was the first pioneer provide surau in the boutique.

"After completing the purchase, customers can continue to try telekung and prayer mats just at the surau. Siti Khadijah also wants to bring an amazing experience to customers when providing tailor services for orders, packages gifts, selling telekung bags, mats, hijabs (Hegira brand), shoes and Muslim clothes," he said.

siti nordiana,
Siti Nordiana during the opening day

The opening day is so happening with the performance by Siti Nordiana and the catwalks fashion show by Siti Khadijah and Hegira Hijab products. Siti Khadijah IOI City Mall definitely impresses all the customer especially their loyal customer. With a wider space, everyone will felt more comfortable when shopping here.

Model wearing Siti Khadijah and Hegira products,
Model wearing Siti Khadijah and Hegira products

siti khadijah bag,
Choices of bag from SK

I also just found that we can personalized our Telekung with our name with only RM15 and you also can do it here or online. It is so cool right? And other than that, Siti Khadijah shoes is also comfortable and stylish and they also sell Kurta for Men and Baju Kurung for Women if you don't aware about it.

Kurta siti khadijah,
Sihate corner

So far, SK has 43 boutique branches nationwide and plans to have up to 53 branches this year. Can't wait for the another branch opening!

Telekung Siti Khadijah,
Wide space for Telekung only

Siti Khadijah pins,
Siti Khadijah accessories

sejadah siti khadijah,
Feel the Sejadah here


Hegira hijab ioi city mall,

In the meanwhile, the leader of hijab innovation and inspiration in Malaysia, Hegira took another step forward by opening a second boutique after three years being in the market and the success of the first boutique in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Opening this second boutique aims to bring the Hegira brand closer to their loyal customers.

Hegira, who is known as a tudung virtuoso, became SK's collaboration partner
capitalizing on the high demand for slip-on hoods. As a collaborator and child
Siti Khadijah's company, Hegira was inspired by the glory of the word 'hijrah' above tribute to the important history of Islam during the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW migrated from Mecca to Medina. 

Founder of Hegira, Suri Daman
 Founder of Hegira, Suri Daman 

Uniqueness, flexibility and practicality are the main pillars hijab designs produced by Hegira in an effort to showcase each individual's personality women to appear more modest and raise their dignity and self-worth.

Hegira's main principle that elevates innovation has successfully placed Hegira at
at the forefront of hijab development and design. The Founder of Hegira, Suri Daman said, Hegira's vision is to be as close as possible with women's lives and accompany them through life challenging.

"We will continue to design hijabs, clothes, and other products that can
make women's lives easier. More importantly, in line with our slogan 'Ubah Nasib Anda' (Change Your Fate), we hope Hegira through his products and stories can inspire many women to have a personal migration story and be able to determine their own fate.

"We also plan to make the Hegira brand more accessible to our customers by opening more physical retail locations across the country starting this year," she said.


Hegira Hijab
Hegira Hijab

Hegira features a variety of hijab designs including the main feature, which is the hijab sarong or slip on (The SO's) and PS is Pin & Style. Interestingly, each sarong hijab (The SO's) features names that start or end with the word SO like
Pretty-So. Charmingly-So. Lovely-So, So-Right and more. 

Hegira hijab inner,
Hegira Inner

Hegira hijab inner,
Hegira Hijab

Hegira aims for produce more designs and products specifically for women. Hegira Hijab products can also be purchased online or in person at the nearest boutique. And do drop by their beautiful boutique to try out their Hijab yourself! 


Mr. Shafie Shamsuddin new chairman siti khadijah,
Mr. Shafie Shamsuddin as the new chairman of Siti Khadijah Group

Siti Khadijah Sdn. Bhd. is also very pleased to announce the appointment of a new chairman of Siti Khadijah's group, namely Mr. Shafie Shamsuddin (52 years old), who has extensive experience in the corporate world at home and abroad. This appointment is in line with the strategy new company that wants to move quickly in strengthening its position and expanding SK's business empire as the ultimate Islamic product manufacturer.

Encik Shafie said, his appointment will be used together with the SK team authoritative towards driving the SK brand in fostering a beneficial lifestyle.

"Siti Khadijah will continue to expand the market by opening more boutiques in addition to adding solutions for a more comfortable worship experience. Besides, we will continue to strengthen Sk management and move on a larger scale through 'coaching and mentoring' as well as exposure to management experience at a global level" he said.

In the meantime, Shafie is grateful for the appointment which offers him a chance to contribute his insights and experience to Siti Khadijah which has a huge potential to expand not only within the country, but also at the international level.

“Alhamdulillah. I am very much grateful for this appointment. I love Siti Khadijah (SKG)’s passion and energy, especially the Founder’sentrepreneurial essence, Ms. Padzillah Enda Sulaiman and Mr.Aminuddin Mohd Nasir who are very humble and sincere in sharing their success stories with me,” said Shafie.

Shafie also has faith in the brand and believes that his collaboration with Siti Khadijah’s dynamic, creative and passionate team will continue to benefit Siti Khadijah’s customers.

“I am certain that we have a dynamic, creative, and passionate team in SKG led by Mohammad Munzir. This exchange will enable us to develop a “new consumer ecosystem” that goes beyond this country. We also strive to nurture a beneficial lifestyle amongst Siti Khadijah’s customers,” he added.

With the appointment, Siti Khadijah also planning to open their store in Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore in the first quarter of 2023. It will be great to see our local products oversea and Siti Khadijah will be the idol of other Muslim products when they become international soon! 

Anyway thank you again for the invites and don't forget to visit Siti Khadijah and Hegira boutique at ioi City Mall Putrajaya soon!

For more information :

Siti Khadijah x Hegira ioi City Mall, Putrajaya

Address :  L1-226 & 227, FIRST FLOOR, IOI City Mall.

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