Staying Energetic With Maajun Nenda.

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Staying Energetic With Maajun Nenda | One of the supplements I always consume is Maajun. It is a traditional supplement but I love how it always makes me more energetic and healthy. 

Recently, my friends introduce me Maajun Nenda and I can see her body is maintained even though she already has two kids. Thus, I try it out and my goal is to lose some weight and of course to be more healthy.

Maajun Nenda review,


Maajun Nenda was founded as a family maajun in 1928 and was blended according to the recipe of the palace midwives of the past and the oldest generation of the founding family is still alive and well until now aged 93 years.

Last year, it began to be commercialized to the public but still maintains its 'HomeMade' manufacturing where it is cooked in the home kitchen and equipment is used such as an old copper pot.


This maajun is 100% homemade, without preservatives and the texture may change slightly during the delivery process such as the high temperature in the courier truck and so on. It also has a shelf life of 24 months but is encouraged to consume within 3 months after opening from the original bottle.



Maajun Nenda uses spices mixed with honey and olive oil that will produce a soft texture like chewing gum.

1. Maajun Nenda is like other maajun that uses basic spices such as cumin, cloves, cinnamon bark, jemuju, cardamom, nutmeg but this majun also contains herbal herbs and additional herbal roots such as Gajah Beranak, manjakani, sekecut root, root Serapat, Twisted Chili, and others.

2. Maajun Nenda uses the best spices and herbs. The cinnamon bark used is Ceylon cinnamon bark. While the garlic used is Lanang garlic which is more nutritious than regular garlic. It is rare to use this source of garlic and cinnamon bark.

3. The honey used for mixing is natural desert, honey. While the olive oil used is extra virgin olive oil.

4. Maajun Nenda is not factory-made. It is special from Nenda's own kitchen, cooked in a copper pan.

Hence, the ingredients in Maajun Nenda are original and have been used since ancient times, not a newly created recipe, and not a high-value factory production product.


Maajun Nenda has many benefits to women's health, and it, of course, will depend on a woman's body. Some of the benefits are includes :

  • Dispel Wind in the body quickly
  • Shrinking Peranakan
  • Relieve bowel movements without constipation
  • Satisfying and Managing the body
  • Build a slim body
  • shrink the uterus in a neat position
  • the vagina is becoming more elastic and firm
  • Breast Tightening
  • solidify the meat
  • The body becomes fit and light
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Health the body by strengthening the nerves
  • Removes dirty wind from the body
  • Launching the journey of Menstruation
  • Treat menstrual problems
  • Treat vaginal discharge
  • Stay young, beautify and moisturize the skin
  • Eliminate body fatigue
  • Increase body milk
  • Very suitable for abstinent mothers (after 20,30 days of abstinence)
  • Treating the problem of 'dead buds' or low libido for women


Maajun Nenda review,

Maajun Nenda can be eaten by teenagers or those who are not married with menstrual problems or whiteness can be eaten in 1-2 large cloves of corn
Those who have problems with irregular periods or menstrual problems, can continue to eat as usual but it is recommended to stop when menstruation arrives.

High blood pressure patients can eat this maajun with the size of a corn kernel, do not take too much because this will make you dizzy due to the herbal ingredients themselves.

Patients who are in treatment such as taking high blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine and so on, need to leave 3 hours between maajun and medicine.

For pregnant women, it is appropriate to stop and store maajun in a chiller and continue eating again during the confinement period.

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Pinch a little maajun, as soft as a corn kernel and chew. Eat 1 pill a day before breakfast, but if you want to eat 2 times a day, you can eat it in the evening.

Make sure your hand is dry when taking the Maajun to prevent Maajun from getting moldy because it has no preservatives.

For those of you who eat it for the first time, don't worry about the taste of this maajun because you can swallow it with water but it's best to chew it for more effectiveness. It doesn't taste bitter but it tastes a bit hot but when you get used to eating it, it tastes like chewing chocolate.

If you have eaten consistently and this maajun is able to give you a feeling of fullness when you eat at night, you will feel full and may skip dinner.

In any case, make sure you drink enough water and this tip can help you lose weight if you are consistent.


Maajun Nenda Original,

Maajun Nenda Original,

Maajun Nenda Original,

Maajun Ayahanda Original,

Maajun Nenda Original,

Maajun Nenda also can help you to lose weight and they also will send you a guidebook when you purchase Maajun Nenda. It is great for you who wanted to be more healthy and fit.

For those of you who are interested in getting Maajun Nenda, it can be purchased on mynenda's Instagram, or phone or buy directly on  WhatsApp or Shopee


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