Celebrate New Year with Charity Concert Agungnya Cinta.

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Celebrate New Year with Charity Concert Agungnya Cinta. | This year marks a new beginning after the world was hit by the Pandemic of Covid-19. Despite the happiness to celebrate independence we have to remember the unfortunate people that still struggle to come back after the pandemic.

In Malaysia, we can see many charities working to support the needy and even the government itself gave many of help. But of course, there still plenty of people still need help and a Charity Foundation are needed to support this.

Charity Concert Agungnya Cinta

The UNITI Foundation, which is known for its various charitable works, is now collaborating with Afocus Media Ventures (AMV), a contemporary Islamic media producer, in organizing a charity fundraising initiative to generate various welfare activities managed by the UNITI Foundation, called Agungnya Cinta.

Charity Concert Agungnya Cinta

Among the welfare activities that are expected to benefit from this Agungnya Cinta initiative include:

• Feet 4 Life

Giving free prosthetic legs to more than 700 disabled Asnaf throughout Malaysia, in collaboration with Uniti Waqi Sdn. Bhd. and Kedidi Global Sdn. Bhd.

• 1 Family 1 Graduate

A series of educational programs that help ensure that at least one member from the B40 family is eligible to continue their studies at IPT

• Free Tuition

The free tuition program has been carried out since 2010 to ease the burden on families by financing part of the cost of education as well as being a driving force for students to continue to improve their potential in the academic field

• ASEAN Mall Cash Endowment

A shopping center that not only supplies halal food and daily necessities for the local community, but also acts as a gate for halal products in the ASEAN region
and various other activities that are constantly renewed from time to time.

Donations to the Agungnya Cinta initiative can be made through the website https://kac.amv.events/, either according to the package that has been offered or any free amount according to ability.

Agungnya Cinta Concert (KAC2022)

As an added value to this initiative, a dinner concert with a filling called Concert Agungnya Cinta : Menyusuri Sirah Baginda will be specially organized to celebrate the contributors.

Charity Concert Agungnya Cinta
Ustaz Don Daniyal as one the moderator that night

In this concert, the life story of the Prophet will be retold in the form of tazkirah by Ustaz Don Daniyal and Imam Muda Megat Mohd Zaid, interspersed with nasyid tunes about His Majesty's life and struggle by the group Raihan, UNIC, Mirwana and Naim Daniel, in addition to sketch performances by Man Raja Lawak and traditional poetry by Galuh Cendra Kirana.

Charity Concert Agungnya Cinta
Artist that will be performing that night

The donation packages that can be chosen according to each individual's choice are as follows;
  • Individual packages worth RM250, RM500, RM1,100
  • Bronze Package (RM10,000)
  • Silver Package (RM20,000)
  • Gold Package (RM30,000)
  • Platinum Package (RM50,000)

Concert Agungnya Cinta donation package,
Some of the pakej available

Concert details :

Name: Konsert Agungnya Cinta
Date: December 30, 2022
Time: 8.00 – 11.30 pm
Location: Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur


Due to popular demand, more affordable tickets have been opened. For those interested, you can go to  https://www.ticket2u.com.my/event/29465?r=kacblogger to buy tickets for as low as RM88.

In order to meet the demand of fans of Islamic entertainment, this concert will also be broadcast live online.

It will be a great night to witness this concert, and of course, it will be a good deed to help the unfortunate. It said that the hand that gives is better than the hand that received. 


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