An Inspiring WAWASANITA 25th General Meeting.

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An Inspiring WAWASANITA 25th General Meeting. | Hi ladies! As a woman who loves business and has had many upsides and down experiences in the food business, I maybe still not give up if have another opportunity in entrepreneurship.

My mother and sisters are still in the fashion business and it is not easy to sustain in the industry. Having group support is important to help us have a positive circle and great momentum in doing our business. It is great to know about another NGO for women called WAWASANITA that is willing to help empower women out there.

WAWASANITA 25th General Meeting

WAWASANITA 25th General Meeting.

Association of Malaysian Visionary Entrepreneurs (WAWASANITA)
is a body NGO established on 13 February 1996 founded by Yang Berusaha Puan Hjh Noor Hayati Bte Ab Rahman and now led by Datin Norly Binti Hj Alias ​​as President WAWASANITA MALAYSIA who has led WAWASANITA for 6 terms. WAWASANITA Association has created a platform for entrepreneurs to patronize to enable IKS products to be marketed locally and internationally under the WAWASANITA MALAYSIA platform.

WAWASANITA has also created a network of cooperation with friends outside the country to introduce products to the Global to provide a return good for WAWASANITA entrepreneurs as well as being the main contributor to the national economy as well as stabilize the national economy so that this Malaysian product can be recognized by penetrating local and foreign markets. B2B (Business to Business) programs and several MOUs have been successfully held between WAWASANITA and Associations abroad.


WAWASANITA in Trade Expo Indonesia
WAWASANITA in Trade Expo Indonesia

WAWASANITA has organized business seminars, discussion sessions, and missions for domestic and international business successfully. In addition to that,  WAWASANITA has also organized various welfare and social events to help society. WAWASANITA also has provided the SME Go Global platform by organizing a Trade mission that brings members to various countries such as London United Kingdom, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, and more.

WAWASANITA has also drafted, and planned the journey for its entrepreneurs for the year 2023 not only at the global level but also at the local level where Trade Matching will be held in each state which will be launched soon. 

WAWASANITA President : Datin Norli Hj Alias

WAWASANITA President : Datin Norli Hj Alias
WAWASANITA President : Datin Norli Hj Alias

WAWASANITA's successful journey marks its 25th anniversary: ​​Relationships International and Special Initiatives were initiated by the president, Datin Norli Hj Alias ​​with claims of large-scale market inclusion until now. As the President appointed Datin Norli @ Norlaili Hj. Alias ​​since 5 years ago, she has a lot of experience involved in an effective Entrepreneurship Development structure.

Under her leadership and guidance, many have now succeeded in growing the business from the beginning to millions in annual sales through his effective business plan and excellent strategic planning, effective communication, creative sales techniques, and innovative marketing. 

WAWASANITA President : Datin Norli Hj Alias

Her experience, skills, and expertise in the Finance and Rehabilitation Sector Credit, Marketing Mix, Effective Communication, and Experts in Credit Analysis abound to help entrepreneurs in understanding each other's business again. She is a micro-entrepreneur catalyst and has experience in banking and financing for over 23 years (HYBRID). 

Bangkit Cigu Jamantori as of of the member in WAWASANITA
Bangkit Cigu Jamantori as of of the member in WAWASANITA

Not to mention, this AGM was attended by 70 members and also attended by Agencies such as CGC, SME Bank Division Financing, Exim Bank, and Maxis from the Digital Transformation unit. Presentation session by Supreme Council and Exco 2021/2023, activities throughout 2021/2022, presentation Finance and membership. 

WAWASANITA Website Launching
WAWASANITA Website Launching


WAWASANITA has also launched Wawasanita Portal (Soft launch) by Exco Digital Transformation. Other entrepreneurs also has the opportunity to build their own website and for the first 20 will get a 50% rebate from WAWASANITA. 
Puan Shamsiah receive helps from WAWASANITA 

Last but not least, the night was also blessed with a Donation to one of the WAWASANITA member who lost everything when her house has hit by a fire recently. Puan Shamsiah was blessed and stunned by the help from everyone that night. 

WAWASANITA also welcomes outside entrepreneurs who looking for opportunities to market products out of the country and locally together with WAWASANITA. Entrepreneurs also can find more information at the website InshaAllah, with the expertise and strength of WAWASANITA members and its experienced committee members WAWASANITA can step up and explore the international market.

me with Datin Norli

Thank you again for having me in this great AGM, if I made a product someday I'll definitely be one of the WAWASANITA members. ;P

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