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AEON OFFER RM80,000 FOR RAJA VIRAL CHAMPION! | Nowadays information are really at your fingertips and things work fast you can ever imagine. The reality in life today, news spread like wild fire and we have to be ready to what action we going to do. 

This 'Viral' thing can be fun and may be harm to some people. But it's not easy to make viral content right? Hence recently, retail company and supermarket chain
leading Malaysian, AEON CO. (M) BHD. (AEON) collaborates with credible celebrities, Datuk Aznil Nawawi together with the popular social media application, TikTok to publish a series of interactive digital content entitled Raja Viral.

AEON x Aznil Nawawi Raja Viral Series

AEON x Aznil Nawawi Raja Viral Series.

Datuk Aznil is a popular host and actor, co-creator of the Raja Viral series
which will start broadcasting on AEON Retail Malaysia's TikTok channel and YouTube AEON Malaysia starts on December 2.

Raja Viral will witness a total of 12 TikTok influencers trying to complete the task given for 8 weeks to compete for a cash prize of RM80,000. Interestingly,
most of the participants started to tame in the world of TikTok during the Control Order Movement (MCO) implemented across the country by producing creative video content until it goes viral.

Throughout the competition, participants are required to create new video content according to the theme different every week such as editing, food reviews, inspirational recipes and even parodies.

AEON x Aznil Nawawi Raja Viral Series
Low Ngai Yuen, Mia from TikTok South East Asia and Datuk Aznil Nawawi

They will be guided by Datuk Aznil who is also Raja Viral's mentor and main judge for be a better brand ambassador. In addition, AEON will provide 3 workshop sessions which is run by TikTok Creative Lab for all participants.

According to Low Ngai Yuen, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer of AEON Malaysia,
"Through Raja Viral, AEON aims to reach out to consumers in the community the young generation who are very active online to obtain sources of entertainment and information. In addition, AEON is also determined to grow the community of digital creators which can turn the viral impact into a positive one on the public.”

The 12 TikTok influencers participating in this Raja Viral series are:

12 TikTok influencers participating in this Raja Viral series

1. Daing Iskandar Mohd Tahir -
2. Ahmad Safwan Abdul Malek -
3. Mohd Daud Suhaimi -
4. Nur Fatihah Kamal -
5. Mohammad Shohaimi @ Mr Wong -
6. Rusydi Sayuti Rosli -
7. Tunku Zarizah Tunku Zahrin -
8. Izzat Haikal Abdul Hakim -
9. Fazza Syahir Mohd Zulkifli -
10. Nur Salynata Salim -
11. Muniswaran Harirama -
12. Muhammad Khuzaimie Lemat -

Look forward to the Raja Viral series every Friday on AEON Malaysia's YouTube and AEON Retail's TikTok Malaysia from December 2. The Finale episode that announces the winner of the Raja Viral will be going live on TikTok in February 2023. The Viral King was succeeded by the support of Birds of Paradise and Carrie Junior as the main sponsor.

Definitely can't wait to see who will win this Raja Viral contest! 

For more information, please visit:

Facebook: AEON Retail Malaysia
Instagram: AEON Retail Malaysia
Twitter: AEON Retail Malaysia
LinkedIn: AEON Group Malaysia


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