Parrot Natural Body Wash is The New Popinjay!

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Parrot Natural Body Wash is The New Popinjay! | Popinjay Soap or also known as ' Green Soap with Parrot picture' are well known back in the '90s. This soap also reminds me of one of the scenes in Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah where Awie asks Ava how good her scent is, like a Popinjay soap. :P 

This Parrot Soap uniquely smells so strong! When I received the package and open it, the scents when all over my room. And at one time, when my kid places his towel on top of the box, the fragrant lingers on the towel. I was impressed!

parrot botanicals body wash review,

Proud Brand of Thailand

parrot naturals received award,

Hence, did you know that Parrot herbal soap has been on the market for 70 years? Parrot Herbal soap are known because this soap brings many benefits to the skin. It contains natural herbal ingredients that can help those with itchy skin, acne, and other skin problems.

It is also a proud brand of Thai people and has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry in the Beauty and Personal Care Category as a Premium Product of the Thailand Award

Parrot Natural Body Wash range

When talking about taking a bath, everyone has their own preference. My father still uses bar soap while others in my family love shower gel. And because of that demand, Parrot Natural also two types of soap we can choose from. 

Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap

Full range of Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap
Full range of Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap

Parrot Botanicals soap contains Citronella Oil that can kill bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin that cause dermatitis and acne. Citronella oil has a sweet, rich citrus and lemon-like aroma that acts as a deodorant.

✓No.1 Authentic Thai Botanicals Freshness
✓Unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Traditional Herbal Oil
✓Long-lasting freshness

parrot botanicals bar soap thai botanical & herbs,

Parrot bar soap has 9 fragrances on the market, and here are 5 of them that includes:

1. Thai Botanical & Herbs (Classic Series)

parrot botanicals bar soap thai botanical & herbs,

  • #1 Bestseller
  • A unique Thai Botanical fragrance with Clove oil and Citronella oil

2. Sweet Pink Roses (Classic Series)

parrot botanicals bar soap pink roses,

  • Sweet Romance Scent of Rose
  • Beautify the skin with the fragrance of Rose and Aloe Vera

3. Thai White Jasmine (Classic Series)

parrot botanicals bar soap White Thanaka,

  • Pure Whispering Sweet Scent of Thai Jasmine
  • Pamper the skin with extracts from and Tamarind

4. White Sakura (Pastel Series)

parrot botanicals bar soap White sakura,
  • Soft fresh with white cherry
  • Infused with brighter skin and a natural pink

5. White Thanaka (Pastel Series)

parrot botanicals bar soap White Thanaka,
  • Gives freshness with the benefits of "White Thanaka"
  • For brighter and longer-lasting fragrant skin

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream (Liquid Soap)

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream
Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream

The fragrance of Parrot shower cream is not the same as other brands in the market. The smell of flowers is from nature and it can stay on the skin for 8 hours or so. This is one of the reasons this product can be sustain in the market for several years. It also have it own and benefits of herbs in this bath.

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream

For Shower Cream I got to try the 3 fragrances, namely:

1. Thai Botanicals & Herbs

Thai Botanicals & Herbs,

Parrot's Signature scent is combined with rare Thai botanical ingredients, leaving skin fresh and fragrance long-lasting. The bottle is also green, the same color as the soap bar, only this one has a liquid texture.

2. White Sakura

parrot botanicals white sakura shower cream,

The refreshing fragrance of White Sakura is infused with the benefits of natural pink skin to help achieve brighter skin and a long-lasting fragrance.

3. White Thanaka

parrot botanicals white thanaka shower cream

White Thanaka can help to smooth and radiance your skin, and also can help to restore the freshness of the skin. For those of you who want beautiful skin, it's good to use this one because it has a thanaka extract.

Love at the First Smell

@shamieraosment Sabun Popinjay ni femes dulu kan? Siapa pernah pakai memang tau bau dia harum semerbak. Korang tau dia dah shower cream plak sekarang. Best wei wangi satu toilet! #popinjaysoap #parrotbotanicalssoap #sabunparrothijau #sabunantibakteri #fyppppp #vitamdedia #parrotnatural #parrotnaturalmalaysia ♬ Dj Pak Pong Vong Thailand Style - Sahrul Projectt

I actually don't have any good memory of using this Parrot Soap but the smells do remind me of my late grandmother's house. And when I received the package, it definitely catch my attention with the attractive fragrance it has.

Both of the shower range has great foam when you sing it. I love that you have to use a minimal amount of it to wash your whole body. a And after using this Parrot soap, I found out that it doesn't make me feel itchy as my skin is also quite sensitive. But this Thai Botanical & Herbs, not only makes my skin smooth it also smells great. I'll definitely buy it again when it is finished. 

PARROT NATURAL is NOW available in Malaysia!

Yes, don't forget to try the new Popinjay soap ladies! You can buy it on Shopee, direct link --> Parrot Natural

Also, there are many more Parrot Natural products in the market you can check out. Check them out on the Parrot Natural social page below:

IG: @parrot.natural
FB: Parrot Natural Malaysia

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