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YUNG GRAVY & BBNO$ UNVEIL NEW SINGLE. | Today, BABY GRAVY, the most dynamic of duos Yung Gravy and bbno$ (baby no money), sink their teeth into a (not-so-)shockingly dope new single entitled “Nightmare On Peachtree Street” [feat. Freddie Dredd]. 

Listen to “Nightmare On Peachtree Street”—HERE. It pops off as the latest tune to be unveiled from Baby Gravy 3, which drops Friday, August 25th via IMPERIAL. Pre-order/Pre-save HERE


YUNG GRAVY & BBNO$ UNVEIL NEW SINGLE“Nightmare On Peachtree Street” [feat. Freddie Dredd]

The trio also dropped a lyric video, check it out HERE

On the track, eerie strings slide underneath skittering 808s as Gravy stalks the beat with a laidback flow. bbno$ and Freddie Dread match this energy with showstopping bars of their own living up to the final message of, “This right here is one-hundred percent certified slapper.

It lands as the final single before the highly anticipated album and in the wake of “You Need Jesus” which has already amassed 3.1 million Spotify streams and nearly 1 Million YouTube views on the music video. Meanwhile, VICE shared, “Life Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed From Yung Gravy and BBNO$” and hailed their “musical love affair.”

Listen to “You Need Jesus”—HERE

They kicked this season off with “Goodness Gracious,” which has already piled up millions of streams and counting. In addition to plugs from Spin, Hits Daily Double, and more, HYPEBEAST hailed it as one of its “Best New Tracks”

Be sure to catch the duo at the multiple state fairs that they’ll be hitting up across Michigan, New York, Utah and Washington. 

Baby Gravy 3 simmers this summer, see dates below!

07/30 – BABY GRAVY LIVE @ Ohio State Fair
07/31 – BABY GRAVY LIVE @ Monroe County Fair (Monroe, MI)
08/05 – Yung Gravy Live @ Lollapalooza Chicago
08/12 – BABY GRAVY LIVE @ Erie County Fair (Hamburg, NY)
08/30 – BABY GRAVY LIVE @ Minnesota State Fair
09/15 – BABY GRAVY LIVE @ Utah State Fair (Salt Lake City, UT)
09/22 – BABY GRAVY LIVE @ Washington State Fair (Puyallup, WA)

As legend has it, Yung Gravy and bbno$ first stirred up the simmering sauce at the heart of their union on the 2017 Baby Gravy EP. It’s an ever evolving love affair between these two best friends and musical soulmates who locked into a once-in-a-generation chemistry blown up widescreen on the likes of “Rotisserie,” which cranked out 80 million Spotify streams. In 2019, they reteamed on the gold-certified “Whip A Tesla” from Gravy’s Sensational album only to reheat their partnership to a boiling point on 2021’s Baby Gravy 2. The latter tallied over half-a-billion streams powered by the gold-certified “Welcome To Chilis” and “shining on my ex.” With countless memories, sold out tours, and one appearance on Family Feud under their collective fly designer belt, they are back with “Goodness Gracious” and a whole lot more heat in 2023.

Nightmare on Peachtree Street Lyrics

[Intro: bbno$]
Bro, I gotta get sponsored by elderberry bro, literal plant, you know what I'm saying?
I gotta call that shit guy of her self-defense, baby, got some money

[Chorus: bbno$]
(Freddie) Shows (Gravy)
Where they at? (Baby)
Sold out (Baby, yeah)
(dwilly, I'm scared)
Tour the world, get the bag (Yeah, yeah)
Get the money, pipe your mom (Yeah, yeah)
She's so lovely (Yeah)
Never wife a thot, I love the money (Woo)
Out in San Diego with some boys
Three days no sleep, can't keep poised (Uhh, hold up)

[Verse 1: Yung Gravy]
Real short, real stout, no tea cup (Woo)
I ain't even gon' fuck, no prenup (Nah)
Seed planter, Mr. Peanut
Got grass, ch-ch-chia
Fuck contacts, I don't wanna see ya' (No)
Splash, onomatopoeia (Splash)
I'm colder, I can guarantee ya'
My whole damn closet zebra
My bitch delicious, your bitch fictitious
Gravy so clean, you should see my dishes
Peep how I live think I got three wishes, endless ice, bread, bitches (Ooh)
I-I ain't never lackin', I be gettin' to the action, I'm finessin' with a passion
President of smashin', five time champion
Gravy came through and put fashion out of fashion
You might also like
Paint The Town Red
Doja Cat
Ez Mil & Eminem
Good Good
Usher, 21 Savage & Summer Walker
[Bridge: Yung Gravy, Freddie Dredd]
Da-da-da-da, da-da (Help!)
We pull up, they say "Ooh-la-la" (Help me!)
Da-da-da-da, da-da (Yung Gravy and bbno$ have me trapped here, forced me to do this song)

[Verse 2: Freddie Dredd]
Stepin' on the bitch, I ain't wifin' no fuck hoe
What the Freddie needs is a goddamn gat-hoe
Lurkin' in the dark, I ain't need no sight
That fool on a goddamn bike
Boom from the Glock and I take his shit
What the Fred get, lil' money and a bic
Spark my dark, then I head into the park
Goddamn boy ain't got no heart
Miss my home, is it ever so deep?
Walking in the heat while I bump J's beats
I'ma hang you from a noose from Gravy height
Got no feel, bitch, better come and fight
Too dope, got rope in my backpack
Lil' bitch wanna suck on my nutsack
Got steeze, oh please, give me all that
Owe me money, I'ma need some fuckin' cashback
Bitch wanna suck on my goddamn peter
Understand hoe, I'm a goddamn leader
Slob on my knob, I'm gonna complete it
Turn around, baby girl, I wanna squeeze it
I'm cold in the club, got your bitch shiverin'
Stole your hoe like goddamn a Bling Ring
Backpack full of that loot
I'm so petty, I'ma thief your boots (Boots)
[Chorus: bbno$]
(Freddie) Shows (Gravy)
Where they at? (Baby)
Sold out (Baby, yeah)
Tour the world, get the bag (Yeah, yeah)
Get the money, pipe your mom (Yeah, yeah)
She's so lovely (Yeah)
Never wife a thot, I love the money (Woo)
Out in San Diego with some boys
Three days no sleep, can't keep poise (Uh-uh)

[Verse 3: bbno$]
Pussy boys buggin', I'm pesticide
Four billie streams like I'm bonafide (Bonafide)
MK-2, it's a joyride
She jeckle me off like I'm Mr. Hyde (Uh)
Boys in the stu', off the DMT, yeah, we quite
High got my dick and my balls in-er while I'm at Five Guys
Mayo with the fries, eyes on the prize
It's bag, bag, bag, bbno$ (Skr, skr, skr)
What you say, say, say?
Only ever tryna get paid, paid, paid
Pop it, bop it, lock it, fade
I don't know how I got laid, laid, laid
Got a lil' pump, she got a D and a rose
Ten like Ben 10, wrist on frozen
Merch seller, full name Jason clothes
Never sold out, but I sold out shows (Uh)
[Outro: bbno$]
Skr (Woah-woah-woah)
This right here, is a one hundred percent certified slapper


About Yung Gravy

Only the best things get better with age—wine, cheddar, 401ks, the list goes on. It turns out Yung Gravy gets better with age too.

When you think about it, the name Yung Gravy says a great deal. It’s perpetually youthful, and it oozes “sauce.” As such, Yung Gravy uses his own special recipe to bring originality and positivity to make his one-of-a-kind impact on the genre. Gravy flexes his passion for soul music and oldies in his production, sampling a wide range of musical styles dating from the 1940s to the present day. Nostalgic and often-jubilant melodies paired with heavy trap drums form the usual canvas for his signature baritone voice—reminiscent of Barry White. 

Showcasing effortless flows and endlessly quotable lyrics, Yung Gravy paints something truly unique while clearly having a good time doing so. In the span of six short years, Gravy has transformed from Soundcloud stalwart to platinum powerhouse. To date, his accolades include three platinum and four gold singles as well as 10 sold out tours of North America, Europe, and Australia. He has collaborated with his self-proclaimed musical heroes, including Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, Juicy J, T-Pain, and the late Young Dolph. 

Gravy became the soundtrack, and unofficial second mascot, of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and was given an honorary Stanley Cup Ring. He starred in a worldwide commercial campaign with Martha Stewart, and weeks later performed for the VMAs and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not to mention, he partnered with Samsung and Jimmy John’s for campaigns. Tallying 6 billion streams and selling 5 million units thus far, he’s notched four entries on the Billboard 200, two in the Top 30 of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart, and two on the Top 20 of the Top Album Sales Chart. He’ll hit the stage at Bottlerock and Hangout Music Festival in 2023.
For all of the swagger and style he exhibited upon his arrival, he managed to become even smoother since his introduction in 2016. After streams in the billions, packed venues, and “side missions” with Martha Stewart, he stirred up his tastiest sauce yet on his 2022 third full-length opus, Marvelous [Republic Records] introduced by the chart-topping platinum-certified Billboard Hot 100 Top 30 single “Betty (Get Money).”

About bbno$ (baby no money)

Hailed by Rolling Stone as “A Viral Pioneer” and named one of 2020’s “Breakthrough Artists of the Year “, bbno$ (baby no money) is no stranger to producing addictive hooks, having released the first ever TikTok hit, “Lalala” with Y2K in 2019, which has gone multi-platinum across the globe. 2021 marked a breakthrough year for bbno$’ with the successful release of his fifth studio album eat ya veggies, the brilliant 12-track album featured hit singles “edamame” with 88Rising’s Rich Brian, “yoga” with Rebecca Black as well as audience favorites  ”i remember” and “wussup” with Yung Gravy and was streamed collectively over 1 billion times. 

“edemame” with Rich Brian has now gone 2x Platinum in Canada, Platinum in Finland, Platinum in Indonesia, and Gold. He had opportunities flow in from this with a performance at the JUNO’s, a guest appearance during Rich Brian's set at Coachella, a Capital Jingle Bell Ball performance in the UK, and a Late Night TV performance on Jimmy Kimmel.
Over the years, bbno$ has become a case study in how to succeed as an independent artist. The sheer success accumulated by the young artist is evidenced by the fact that his tracks have now been streamed more than 5 billion times. He has amassed more than 2.9 million TikTok followers, and over 1.2 million Instagram followers, and his tracks have been used in over 15 million TikTok videos which have been watched a total of 2 billion+ times. 

He has been featured in Billboard, Flaunt, tmrw, Rolling Stone, NME, LadyGunn, SPIN, Euphoria, i-D, Ones to Watch and many other publications. His work as an artist and songwriter has received praise and support from the likes of both Capital FM and BBC R1’s Jack Saunders (Tune of The Week + Jingle Ball performance), and Triple J. Previous headline tours in 1-2k cap rooms across North America, China, Australia and Europe have all been sold out.
In 2023 bbno$ plans to release his 8th studio album and 3rd album with Yung Gravy, Baby Gravy 3. He will also be returning to North America, Europe, and Australia on headline and festival runs throughout the course of the year. 



07/29 – Tailgate N’ Tallboys (Auburn, MI)
07/30 – Ohio State Fair (Columbus, OH)
07/31 – Monroe County Fair (Monroe, MI)
08/05 – Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL)
08/10 – West Virginia State Fair (Lewisburg, WV)
08/12 – Erie County Fair (Hamburg, NY)
08/28 – Alaska State Fair (Palmer, AK)
08/30 – Minnesota State Fair (Saint Paul, MN)
09/02 – The Great Allentown Fair (Allentown, PA)
09/03 – New York State Fair (Syracuse, NY)
09/09 – Worcester Parking Lot Party (Worcester, MA)
09/15 – Utah State Fair (Salt Lake City, UT)
09/16 – Music Midtown Festival (Atlanta, GA)
09/22 – Washington State Fair (Puyallup, WA)
09/23 – Live is Beautiful (Las Vegas, NV)


07/30 – Ohio State Fair (Columbus, OH)
07/31 – Monroe County Fair (Monroe, MI)
08/04 – Osheaga Festival (Montreal, QC)
08/10 – Feldkirch Poolbar Festival (Austria)
08/12 – Erie County Fair (Hamburg, NY)
08/17 – FM4 Frequency Festival (St. Poelten, Austria)
08/18 – Parkenfestivalen (Bodø, Norway)
08/19 – Findings Festival (Oslo, Norway)
08/26 – Riot Games VCT finals (Los Angeles, CA)     
08/30 – Minnesota State Fair (St. Paul, MN)
09/02 – The Great Allentown Fair (Allentown, PA)
09/03 – New York State Fair (Syracuse NY)
09/08 – MacEwan University (Edmonton, AB)
09/15 – Utah State Fair (Salt Lake City, UT)
09/22 – Washington State Fair (Puyallup, WA)

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